Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces are Befitting of LA’s Best Chefs


Internationally-renowned master chef Ludo Lefebvre owns several highly-acclaimed L.A. restaurants and has authored two popular cookbooks. The charismatic chef is beloved by critics and foodies alike for his inventive cuisine and innovative pop-up concept, LudoBites.

But when it comes to his home kitchen, he’s just like the rest of us who want a multifunctional space that brings everyone together, prepping surfaces that are long-lasting, durable and low maintenance, and a stylish room with modern appliances where extra elements and personal touches add visual variance.

This is where Caesarstone comes in. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are befitting of a top chef, which is why Chef Ludo chose to outfit his personal kitchen countertops with their popular surface colors—Blizzard and Calacatta Nuvo.

Just as Chef Ludo has been pioneering and revolutionizing the culinary world, so has Caesarstone the surface industry.

Most recently, the original quartz manufacturer recognized how consumers are always looking for new and fun ways to re-energize a space in both home and restaurant design. This is why Caesarstone put together the Perfect Pairings Guide, to demonstrate how the 2017 Pantone trending colors coordinate with their most popular surface colors.

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

The concept of color in interior design is re-emerging in a big way. Bold, beautiful tones paired with neutral bases are replacing bright white spaces. Black, grey and white kitchens are getting a luxurious upgrade with a synthesis of colors. The easiest way to communicate your personal story and infuse personality into your home’s interior is by adding color.


2141 Blizzard

Caesarstone surface colors and each year’s trending colors work in unison to bring a room together without losing its timeless appeal. This year’s palette mixes bright and vivid colors with earthy hues.

Design a natural ambience by adding Kale accents to Caesarstone browns like Woodlands. Add pops of the vibrant Primrose Yellow to Caesarstone’s super popular London Grey. Go with a more laid-back vibe as Niagara relaxes alongside one of Caesarstone’s newest colors Georgian Bluffs.

White Attica is a dramatic counterpoint to bright, crisp hues. The contrast of black, white and grey with these color pairings seamlessly merges modern and classic design elements.

Colors: Greenery, Primrose Yellow, Pink Yarrow, Flame, Island Paradise
Cabinetry: Walnut, Black, Birch

Flame: While tones all along the spectrum will work, the best way to fan Flame is to go Blizzard light or Concrete dark.

Pairs with: Rugged Concrete, the first ever quartz material that accentuates the look of real concrete through its unique imperfections and textural gradients of grey. Symbolic of urban environments and the converted loft aesthetic, this design blends well with neutral palettes that soften its raw edge, yet welcomes vivid pops of color.

4033 Rugged Concrete

Caesarstone presents these color pairings to help heighten your creative expression. Trending colors excite us as they come and go, but Caesarstone’s lasting surface colors are here to stay.

Be like Chef Ludo. Choose Caesarstone for your home.


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