Breathe Easy with CastleGrade’s Silicone Face Masks


The built-in air pocket in this form-fitted reusable mask improves breathability.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep ourselves and others healthy, it’s essential to wear a face mask—but which mask is the best choice? The ideal mask not only protects you, it’s comfortable and reusable.

This week CastleGrade’s innovative G-Series face masks passed the NaCl filtration test exceeding the NIOSH requirement with a 98% filtration efficiency score. These high-quality masks are made from medical-grade silicone. This is important, because COVID-19 can live on fabric masks, and people touch their face many times an hour, often without being aware of it.  The ability to easily wipe down a CastleGrade mask helps to limit the coronavirus’ spread. Disinfecting fabric masks requires laundering, a much more time-consuming process.

Face masks come in a variety of styles, and most of them will create a buildup of heat and moisture against your face. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can fog up your glasses and make it harder to see. CastleGrade’s form-fitted silicone mask forms a seal against your skin, so your glasses will stay fog-free.

CastleGrade’s unique silicone design also includes an air pocket so that customers can breathe easily. In a company survey, customers listed “breathability” as a top reason they love the design. 

During the pandemic, the average person using disposable face masks will throw away 200 or more in a year. (For physicians, the number is far higher—about triple that number.) Disposable masks are bad for the environment, and they’re more expensive, too.

A disposable N95 mask costs $5. Contrast that with a CastleGrade reusable medical-grade silicone mask, which costs $39.99 and should be the last mask you ever have to purchase. CastleGrade’s filters are approximately $2 with subscription pricing, and can be replaced after 36 hours of breathing time or about a week, whichever comes first.

Not only are CastleGrade’s reusable masks better for the environment than the disposable version, the brand prides itself on being plastic free. The masks are packed in “stone bags” that completely biodegrade in 14 months.

CastleGrade’s form-fitted face masks come in two adult sizes. Most adults prefer size G9. Size G8 is recommended for teenagers and women with small facial features. The company’s newest offering is a kids’ size mask, G7 for ages 7-12, perfect for heading back to school.