Best Website to Get Your ESA Letter Online


Want to protect your pet as an emotional support animal (ESA) by using an online service? Make sure you get an ESA letter that actually works because failing to get proper ESA documentation can have major consequences.

If you have a legitimate ESA letter, you and your ESA are protected against housing discrimination and exempt from no-pet policies and fees. But if you qualify for an ESA the wrong way, your housing provider could evict your pet, and you may even violate federal and state rules.

Fortunately, there is an online company that follows current rules for ESAs, and where you can get an ESA letter that actually works. This is especially important as ESA rules change all the time — for example, did you know in 2022 new rules are going into effect in California?

To get an ESA letter online, you can’t do better than Here are 5 reasons why:

1. ESA Doctors Works with Actual Licensed Healthcare Professionals

An ESA letter is the only document you need to prove your need for an emotional support animal. The U.S. Department of Housing’s (HUD) guidelines state that only a licensed healthcare professional can write an ESA letter.

A licensed professional must evaluate whether you have an eligible condition to own an ESA. That can include health issues like depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, phobias, and other emotional or mental health conditions.

Licensed healthcare professionals include therapists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and registered nurses. ESA Doctors works with healthcare professionals licensed for your state. Every ESA letter is issued directly by the provider on their letterhead, with their signature and license number.

2. The Professionals that Work with ESA Doctors Understand ESA Rules

There are specific requirements for ESA letters, but many doctors and therapists are unfamiliar with ESA rules. The professionals that work with ESA Doctors know how to write ESA letters that are compliant and effective.

In addition, to write an ESA letter, the healthcare professional must have personal knowledge about your need for an emotional support dog, cat, or another animal. That means the healthcare professional must evaluate your mental health before writing an ESA letter.

You can’t use an ESA service that provides instant approvals and letters without the assessment of a licensed professional. The professionals that work with ESA Doctors conduct an independent evaluation of whether each client qualifies for an ESA letter.

3. ESA Doctors Works with Caring Professionals 

The licensed professionals that work with ESA Doctors understand why emotional support animals matter and offer compassionate service to their clients. They know it can be intimidating to talk to a new person about your mental health and emotional support animal needs.

ESA Doctors works with providers who are true mental health and ESA advocates. They provide non-judgmental service and believe in the importance of having an emotional support animal for mental and emotional health.

4. ESA Doctors Has a Proven Track Record of Success

There are many ESA scams to look out for. You can rest assured that ESA Doctors is not only one of the most experienced ESA websites but also the most trusted and reliable. Clients love ESA Doctors because they get an ESA letter that works.

ESA Doctors has a 4.9 Star rating with stellar reviews from over a thousand verified clients on Shopper Approved and is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

5. ESA Doctors Has Your Back  

While most tenants breeze through the ESA accommodation process with their ESA letter, the reality is that some landlords are difficult. They will stonewall you, feed you misinformation or impose illegitimate demands.

That’s where ESA Doctors goes the extra mile. Their support team will help you every step of the way to make sure your landlord doesn’t take advantage of you.

When getting an ESA letter, the most important consideration is whether it will actually work. After all, the entire point is to make sure your precious ESA has a home. With ESA Doctors you can be confident that you will have a legitimate ESA letter if you qualify and a team to have your back if anything goes wrong.

Can you actually get a legitimate ESA letter online from a company like ESA Doctors?

Part of the U.S. Department of Housing’s (HUD) recent guidelines caused some confusion about the status of ESA letters obtained online. HUD specifically rejected websites that “sell certificates, registrations, and licensing documents for assistance animals….”

This means that ESA owners can’t qualify for an ESA with certificates, registrations, and licenses purchased from companies online (or any other source). However, HUD specifically approved the use of healthcare professionals that provide ESA letters online: “many legitimate, licensed health care professionals deliver services remotely, including over the internet.”

In fact, due to the pandemic, most new ESA letters have come from a telehealth provider.

ESA Doctors is a platform that connects you directly with a healthcare professional that is licensed for your state and capable of writing an ESA letter under HUD guidelines.

If you are approved, your ESA letter will be issued directly by the healthcare professional and contain their licensing information and signature.

Will an ESA letter always work?

Even if you have a legitimate ESA letter, you should keep in mind there are some circumstances where a landlord can still legally disallow your emotional support animal. The major exemption is if your ESA poses a health or safety risk to others. Your landlord must have a basis for their claim — for example, they can’t deny your ESA just because it is a certain breed or size.

However, some smaller landlords do not have to comply with ESA rules, such as owner-occupied buildings with no more than four units and single-family homes sold or rented by the owner without using an agent.

You should also be aware that ESA letters no longer work for air travel due to regulatory changes in 2021. Psychiatric service dogs are now the only type of assistance animal allowed to travel in the cabin free of charge.

Final Thoughts

Will your ESA letter obtained online work? If you submit a legitimate ESA letter, then yes, your landlord must reasonably accommodate your ESA unless they have a valid exemption.

That’s why you want to use an online service like ESA Doctors. Their focus is on making sure their clients are able to live with their emotional support animals. The licensed healthcare professionals that work with ESA Doctors specialize in ESA recommendations and know how to write effective ESA letters and deal with housing provider inquiries.

Once you have an ESA letter, you’re entitled to the following benefits:

  • Ability to live in buildings with a no-pet policy.
  • Exemption from pet fees and deposits.
  • Exemption from restrictions on breed, size, and weight of the animal.

If you believe an emotional support animal may help with your emotional or mental illness, don’t hesitate to connect with a real licensed healthcare professional through ESA Doctors.

Get your official ESA letter now through ESA Doctors.

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