Best Psychic Readings Online: Top 3 Psychic Reading Sites for Love, Career and Life


Psychic reading services have an incredibly diverse range of offerings. Finding the right service can often be a challenging experience if you are not sure of where or what to look for. Would your needs best be filled by a tarot card reader? Or perhaps a psychic medium is more along the lines of what you are looking for? It can be tough to know which one is which if you have had no prior experience with psychics.

Luckily we are experienced in helping people find exactly which psychic reading service is right for them, and we have put together this helpful guide to ensure you are going into the process with as much basic information as possible. In this article, we have narrowed down the thousands of psychic services out there to just three. These three are the very best that are currently operating and all three are ready to take your calls, texts, or emails today.

In addition to giving you key info on these standout services, we have also put together a helpful guide that will explain the many aspects of an online psychic reading, what you can expect, and how you can best prepare for one. By the end, you should be well equipped to decide on a psychic reading service that is perfect for what you are hoping to accomplish.

The 3 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites in 2021

  1. Keen: A Huge Selection of Psychics
  2. Kasamba: The Most Experienced Psychics
  3. Mysticsense: Great for Specific Psychic Needs

How Did We Choose the Best Psychic Services?

Narrowing down our list to only three services out of the hundreds and thousands of companies and freelancers working today was a real challenge. We spent a considerable number of hours reading reviews, talking to experts, and testing services in order to make an informed decision on what to include here. By the end, we settled on three sites that not only give you access to accomplished, proven professionals for online psychic readings, but that also offer standout customer service, prices, and user experience.

Our 3 main criteria for choosing quality online psychic reading sites:

  • Friendly, experienced, and proven online psychic reading service.
  • A great website experience.
  • Fair rates and elite customer service.

Once we were able to weed out the majority of sites by these three guidelines we still had a lot of websites to work through. From there, we needed to take a much closer look at customer reviews, as well as the track record of the sites over the last few years. The three online psychic reading sites we have chosen are not only offering a great service today but have for years. 

In-Depth Reviews of Our Top Psychic Reading Services

There are a huge amount of psychic services out there, but we took the time to find for you the very best. These three are truly amazing, and you are able to contact any of them today!

1. Keen: A Huge Selection of Psychics


  • A large number of popular services, a horoscope section, as well as rarer arts that are hard to find.
  • A very experienced company that has used customer feedback to build a great working site.
  • A large selection of psychics with powerful filter options lets you find just what you need.
  • This large selection means that there is a huge price range for you to be comfortable with.


  • Though they have powerful filtering options, there are some lesser-known psychics with fewer reviews to sort through.

Keen has a tremendous network of psychics, and they have just hit the 20th-anniversary mark. Yes, Keen has been operating fantastic online psychic reading services for over twenty years! Over time, they have used their vast experience to build out their offerings and provide a superior product for their users. On Keen, you can find thousands of trained psychics working across a number of disciplines. Some of their most popular psychic services revolve around direct distance readings, life questions, and tarot reading. They also have a dedicated horoscope section that is quite popular.

While the site is home to literally thousands of working psychics, you can quickly sort through them using some powerful filtering tools. Arrange your options by category, price, reviews, skillset, and availability. They also offer you the first three minutes you use Keen for free, allowing you to test the service risk-free.

Some very unique psychic reading options on Keen include Mayan Astrology from Gaia Mystique and over twenty psychics who are skilled at working with pets.

Why we love it: Keen provides a very big variety of spiritual and psychic reading services that come from an equally diverse set of people. They have some truly rare offerings, and thousands to choose from when it comes to the more popular types of psychic readings. If you take the time to sort through your options on Keen, you are sure to find a psychic service you absolutely love.

Learn more at

2. Kasamba: The Most Experienced Psychics


  • Very selective in who they offer on the site.
  • Have great options in even more rare psychic disciplines such as numerology.
  • Over two decades of experience that really shows.
  • Easy to use with responsive customer service.


  • Prices can be a bit higher than other online psychic reading sites.

Kasamba, amongst all of the psychic reading services we’ve presented here, is perhaps the most selective in the online psychics they allow to operate from their site. They still offer you a vast selection of services, from Cheating & Affairs Advisors to career forecasts, but are a bit more careful with who gets to represent their names. Of course, you always have ratings to go by if you are hesitant about a particular psychic. Many of the options on Kasamba can show off thousands of five-star reviews, which should tell you something about their quality. 

Part of the reason for the top quality of their online psychics is that they have also been in the online psychic reading business for over twenty years. Kasamba has used their vast experience gained over the years to build up a pool of very talented seers that provide a superior product for their users. Part of their success is also based upon great customer service, and a very accessible website.

Some of the best services found on Kasamba include relationship advice, dream interpretations, tarot readings, astrology, and career insights.

Why we love it: Though Kasamba covers a lot of ground in the services they offer, with even more rare selections like astrology, and numerology, they are still meticulous about the quality of their psychics. Their customer service and user interface also match this level of quality. This site has been operating for over twenty years, and you can see that this great amount of experience has really paid off. This may be the best choice for a first-time user who is not sure exactly what service they want and needs to be sure of a fun and helpful experience. 

Learn more at

3. Mysticsense: Great for Specific Psychic Needs


  • A great selection of services with very specific and personalized search features.
  • A large number of articles and supplementary media to inform you on psychic topics.
  • Some of the best rates you will find when it comes to psychic services.
  • Offer a free 5-minute reading to help you get acclimated risk-free.


  • They do not have a mobile app available yet, although they are in the process of developing one.

Mysticsense may not be as sleek as other sites and doesn’t have the same two decades of experience that our other two online psychic reading sites can boast of, but they offer a large number of very highly rated psychics as well as an intuitive search feature that allows you to look for psychic reading experts based upon the tools they use, such as crystal balls readings, as well as by the way in which a psychic communicates. You can easily look specifically for a medium that is very direct and expressive. For those who are very particular about who they are able to open up to, this can be an extremely useful toolset.

Mysticsense also has a wide range of specialties, such as lost objects and the seeking of a soulmate, that can be hard to find on other sites for an online psychic reading. The really impressive part is that they are able to find a large number of professionals who can garner amazing reviews for even these very niche needs – meaning they really take the time to not only find diverse seers but to also vet them ahead of time. If you are having a hard time finding someone you mesh with or that provides a service you need on the other psychic reading sites, Mysticsense will likely be able to help you out.

Why we love it: This is another network of highly-rated and rare seers that is built around you finding the exact psychic reading service, and temperament, for you. They do what they can to help you work with someone you can really open up to, which in the end, should provide for a more effective and accurate reading.

Learn more at

Common Questions About An Online Psychic Reading

While incredibly popular, there is still a lot of confusion about online psychic reading services and what they provide, as well as how they provide them. The vast array of cultures that have given us our modern psychic forms has led to their putting a huge range of different formats, styles, and outcomes for a psychic reading – not to mention the unique style each individual brings to the table. To help you understand these arts better and get more out of your online psychic reading session, we have decided to answer some of the most common questions regarding psychic readings, the forms in which they take place, and what you can expect.

How Can a Psychic Reading Help Me?

When a psychic reading service uses their sensitive abilities, they are able to glean a large amount of information and insight not readily available in the material world. These insights can be used to great effect under the proper circumstances and have been utilized for centuries by people from all walks of life. Some of the most common reasons for using a psychic reading include the following areas.

  • Insights into relationships, family, and personal affairs

Many different psychic reading companies specialize in helping people through their family life, as well as what (or where) they should be looking for in a romantic relationship. Some are able to help you make better decisions for a happier future, while other experts can give you deep insights that will help you to understand why something in your personal life is the way it is. The form that this takes place will often revolve around your personal energy, circumstances, and the medium in which you get a psychic reading (e.g., numerology, palm reading, tarot reading).  

For example, at Mysticsense, there are whole categories of seers who specialize in romantic relationships, including breakups and divorce, LGBTQ relationships, finding your soulmate, and many more.

In many cases, such advice may overlap with your career decisions, where you choose to live, etc., and it can be hard to know exactly what type of reading to aim for. Having a psychic reading that can provide greater clarity regarding your general life priorities may be preferred in such cases.

  • Health and general well-being

Positive energy, talking about your issues, and knowing that there is more that surrounds all of us is sometimes the best medicine. While a psychic reading will have no real control of the way your body expresses itself in this lifetime, psychics can provide you with much-needed clarity and understanding. In many cases, this simple release of tension that comes from taking away the unknown can be the best salve possible. 

With that said, there are a number of psychic reading providers who offer ritual cleansing practices, such as energy healers, made to help ward away bad energy – something that many have found to offer physical and mental improvements. In fact, today there is quite a bit of movement back towards traditional medicine and energy healing from indigenous communities

During the pandemic, we also saw an increase in those seeking spiritual guidance, which has caught the attention of a large number of intellectuals. While many scientists are skeptical, of course, hopefully, this new interest in psychic services by the public can lead to further breakthroughs in overall wellness.

  • Life path, career and money insights

For many, choosing a career or a single path through life can be incredibly difficult, nerve-wracking, and fraught with second-guessing oneself. A medium that is able to help you either understand your choices or the impact of your decisions can bring peace of mind and much-needed surety. 

The same goes for making big financial decisions and investments. While a seer performing an online psychic reading may not be able to tell you which stocks to invest in, they will be able to help you understand the possible ramifications of your choices.

How are Online Psychic Readings Different from Local Psychic Readings?

While it can be hard to understand the ‘hows’ of psychic readings, the results speak volumes. Online psychic readings have become incredibly commonplace, and for trained seers, the distance is only a small barrier compared to the mental walls many have erected around themselves. While some services, such as physical energy healing, are not as possible to conduct from a distance, many other types of readings like astrology or tarot readings can be just as effective. In fact, many psychics say that since many people are more relaxed and at ease in their own homes, their energies are less defensive and easier to read. 

While everyone will have their preferences, the consensus seems to be that for many, online psychic reading services are just as (if not more) effective. 

Another advantage of an online psychic reading is your ability to be more selective than you would be with local providers. You are able to read reviews on sites such as Philly Mag and Juneau Empire as well as “shop around” for those who are truly amazing at what they do. Many online service providers also offer an initial free psychic reading session to test the waters. Although most services that provide psychic readings online (including our top 3 choices) limit a free psychic reading to just a few minutes, it’s worth taking advantage of. 

How Do You Prepare for a Psychic Reading?

There is a lot of diversity when it comes to the style and format of a psychic reading. Preparing for one is often somewhat specific to the type of reading you will be receiving, though there are some general tips we can all follow. 

  • Be open and free with your feelings

While skepticism is normal, you need to be open to the energies around you. Much like in meditation, a clear and open mind is key to melding with the spiritual world – and in this case, having someone take a reading from you. The more closed off you are the harder time the psychic will have and the less accurate a reading may be. 

  • Have a clear goal or question in mind

While some types of readings do not require a specific question to be asked, others more or less require you to have a well-thought-out question in mind. For psychic mediums and those trying to answer a specific query, the clearer you can make your question, and the more you are able to focus your energy around it, the easier a psychic reading and the inevitable answers will be.

  • Don’t look for a preconceived outcome

Much like clearing your mind ahead of time, do not try and force a specific answer; the more open you are to other outcomes, even those you may not want, the more accurate a prediction or reading will be. Having an open mind means being open to all the truths that may be in store for you at an in-person or online psychic reading.

Why Are People Scared Of Getting a Psychic Reading?

For many, psychic readings are linked to many religions which regard things related to the “occult” as something evil, or dangerous. While such powers can be unpredictable, they are almost never harmful, especially when done with good intentions. Many of the biggest fears stem from when the church regarded anything outside of their dogma as the work of demons, failing to understand that there are many supernatural forces working around us at all times. If you go back to indigenous practices, East Asian beliefs, or even early European paganism, you will see physic abilities used for all forms of tasks – most of which were completely benign.

Today, you should have no fear about tapping into the psychic world, especially when you are under the guidance of a trained professional. 

In some cases, people may be afraid of the information they will receive from an online psychic reading. This trepidation is entirely understandable, and for those individuals, they should consider that psychic readings come in many forms and only a handful deal with divining the future. It would be a shame to waste an opportunity to better understand yourself due to fear. 

What are the Major Forms of Psychic Readings?

Generally speaking, psychic ability can be thought of as the ability to utilize a higher plane of perceptive abilities that go beyond, or are an increased variation of, our natural human senses. These extensions of ability can manifest in a number of ways from clairvoyance (the ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal vision) and clairsentience (the ability to perceive the energy between yourself and others) to claircognizance (the ability to know facts and information that one has not been physically introduced to). There are also psychic mediums who are said to have the ability to speak to spirits, as well as shamans with a deep insight into ancient astrology and the secrets of our hidden world. 

In many cases, there is little in common between the many forms of psychic readings other than the fact that they do not fall comfortably within the general scientific understanding of things. Such a large umbrella term allows for huge variations within the practices between individuals.

  • Astrology

Astrology is an incredibly ancient art that predates our written languages. Specialized and trained experts will divine critical information about human affairs and possible events by simply studying the movements and positions of celestial objects. 

Interestingly enough, recent science has shown that gravity waves can directly affect our brain waves in various ways. We know crime rates and other such events rise in prominence during a full moon, and it is easy to imagine that other, larger, celestial objects are exerting forces onto your world. With a resurgence of interest in this topic, even top universities are offering courses in its study.

Trained astrologers in ancient practices are trained to look at these patterns and make predictions about events on earth due to their positions.

  • Cartomancy or tarot reading

Both typical cartomancy and specialized tarot readings have a similar origin and purpose. In both cases, cards are used to represent different aspects of life, as well as themes and meanings. In either case, a question is presented to the cards, and one allows their energies and intuition to guide the pulling and laying out of the cards. From there, a trained cartomancer is able to decipher meanings from the way that the cards are laid out and how they work in tandem with one another. The idea is that higher powers interact with the subconscious to help guide one to finding a message in the cards. 

This is a practice that dates back hundreds of years, but is still in the news and finding popularity in many circles, including the business world.

  • Energy or aura reading

Energy readings by trained energy consultants are becoming increasingly popular, though this power also dates back thousands of years. One’s energy will display the inner emotions, intentions, and wants of someone, even if they themselves are not aware of it. Energy readings are a direct bridge to our greater subconscious and can be incredibly useful in helping someone learn something important about themselves. In many cases, the way that one’s energy is interacting with the wider universe can also be a sign of things to come, and highly trained energy readers can possibly make predictions about one’s future based on these readings.

  • Distance readings

“Distance readings” is a general term that refers to a large number of practices that can be conducted without being in the same physical room as the person. Many providers of online psychic readings specialize in these forms of psychic services. Typically, traveling clairvoyance or remote perception can be conducted over the phone, via texts, email, or other remote mediums. Since the metaphysical world does not play by the same rules as our physical world, a close connection can sometimes be made with one’s energy even over technological sources – it simply requires the seeker to put the proper amount of emotion and intention behind their correspondence.  

Many of the other forms of psychic readings can be done in tandem with a distance reading.

  • Cleromancy

Cleromancy is an incredibly old form of sortition, also known as casting lots, that can be found in countless ancient civilizations. This practice is done by choosing a set of spiritually charged items, such as bones or even dice, and casting them into a predetermined area. What to many would be a random scattering will become a clear, if a somewhat coded, message to a trained cleromancer. The idea is that these items are guided by a higher power in order to reveal hidden truths. 

  • Mediums

Mediums are those who are able to get into contact with spirits and energies beyond the physical realm. Some of the most successful mediums are even said to be able to contact those who have passed from this world such as relatives or loved ones. Many mediums say this is done through energy vibrations, where a medium is able to raise their vibrations in order to come into contact with spirits who make the decision to lower their own vibrations – allowing the two planes of understanding to meet somewhere in the middle. 

  • Dream and symbol interpretation

Many believe that our dreams occasionally connect us to other realms of understanding, including a spiritual one. It is through these experiences that we can begin to understand more about our lives and the forces that are affecting us. Like cryptic poems, dreams are not always clear, and the symbolism involved with them will rely greatly on the context and timing of a dream. A skilled dream interpreter will be able to take these meanings and form a more cohesive structure and purpose around them. 

  • And many more!

There are many more forms of psychic readings but it would take whole books to cover them all. From numerology and crystallomancy to the many forms of divination found in countries like China, there is always more to learn and discover. Hopefully, by seeing how so many of these popular forms of psychic readings work, you can begin to understand what to expect and what to look for in your own journey.


Getting a psychic reading can be both fun and life-altering. Feeling a part of something larger than yourself is something that can be hard to return from in a normal fashion, and everyone should at least give it a try at least once in their life. With services for online psychic readings, this is made easier than ever. Luckily, every website we listed here today is fantastic, and they all offer a few minutes of a free psychic reading to see if they’ll be able to help you. There’s no reason not to try them out today.