The Best 7 People Search Sites: People Search Reviews

Reconnecting with your high school friends isn’t always easy, but the best people search sites can help greatly where social media fails.

Petpedia’s search reviews are of search engines designed specifically for searching for individuals. They are designed to go through billions of public records to locate contact information for them.

Keep reading and see what Petpedia’s most trusted choices are.

Top 7 Best People Search Sites at a Glance

  1. Intelius – Best People Search Website Overall – $39.95/mo
  2. TruthFinder – Best Site To Find People With Little Information – $27.78/mo
  3. BeenVerified – Best People Search Engine For Background Checks – $26.89/mo
  4. Instant Checkmate – Most Accurate Search Site – $34.78/mo
  5. Spokeo – Best Way To Find Someone On A Budget – $13.95/mo
  6. USSearch – Best Reverse Lookup – $19.86/mo
  7. PeopleFinders – Best People Finder App – $24.95/mo

Petpedia’s People Search Sites Reviews

If you want to know what is the best search engine to find a person and search it online, many websites pop up offering their tools.

Here are the best people finder website options we’ve found and reviewed. Take a look, and you’ll hopefully find the best search engine for your needs.

Intelius Review – Best People Search Website Overall

  • Social media check: Yes
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: No
  • Pricing: $39.95/mo

The Washington-based company with nearly 20 years of experience has proved, time and time again, to be the best in this business. Whether you need just a simple address lookup or a complex people directory, Intelius is the best people search site there is.

One of the main reasons for so many positive Intelius reviews is the sheer number of various search options such as public records, people searches, background checks, social media, etc.

Intelius also has a massive database with more than 20 billion records. This means its results are comprehensive, deep, and very precise.

All that would hold much weight if the service wasn’t as user-friendly as it is, which is perhaps most noted in reviews. It’s effortless to initiate a search.

There is no need to dig through bothersome menus or tweak complicated settings; just input a parameter and hit the search button.

Among the best people search sites, Intelius might not be the most affordable one, though. On the other hand, as per Intelius premier reviews, you get unlimited searches and very detailed reports, so it’s well worth its price.

You can also order individual searches, but the price varies on your search criteria, and you’ll need to contact Intelius’s sales team for the exact pricing. That’s really the only downside of this service.

Intelius has proven its reputation repeatedly, especially for customers looking for the best website to find people and regularly use these services.


  • Billions of records
  • Fast search algorithm
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent UI


  • Can get pricey

TruthFinder Review – Best Site To Find People With Little Information

  • Social media check: Yes
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: Yes
  • Pricing: $27.78/mo

People search engines like TruthFinder really raise the bar for everyone else. As its name implies, the site is all about finding current information about people, and reviews of TruthFinder show customers love it.

But is TruthFinder legitimate?

The searching process starts with entering a name and initiating the USA people search. This is also the quickest of searches you can run at TruthFinder.  They also have the best reverse address lookup as well as email and phone numbers search options.

Another feature TruthFinders reviews seem to love is the dark web search. You can use it to see whether your email address, passport, social security, phone number, or other personal information that has leaked out onto the dark web.

TruthFinder is one of the top people search sites that offer trial search. These are just basic people lookup tools with simplified results.

However, they’ll answer the question, how accurate is TruthFinder, and whether their premium option is for you.

When you do decide to go with the paid plan, you’ll find that the pricing model is similar to what other big-name companies offer. Granted, if you don’t mind, some egregious marketing tactics the site employs, even while its people search engine is running the search.

Scare tactics aside, it’s a really well-made website with one of the most comprehensive search engines available on the market, with all the positive reviews of TruthFinder to prove it.


  • Property ownership and criminal records
  • Free email lookup
  • Simplified UI
  • Scans for data breaches


  • Strange advertising tactics

BeenVerified Review – Best People Search Engine For Background Checks

  • Social media check: Yes
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: No
  • Pricing: $26.89/mo

BeenVerified was launched in 2007, and it’s now the best search engine to find people and do background checks.

Its reputation comes from the fact that it offers a streamlined search process and presents the results in a visually pleasing format.

There is no need to be a data analytics expert to figure out the search results, something we found in many BeenVerified reviews as a great benefit of the site.

The best people search sites often start the search process from several different points. BeenVerified instead asks you for two pieces of information – a person’s first and last name.

Once the search starts, the site will pop some questions, trying to narrow down the results and, ultimately, present you with precise data.

Of course, you can use the reverse lookup method if you wish or enter a license plate number to initiate the search. Reviews of BeenVerified reveal how customers love that the results are neatly organized.

You can export them into PDF or set up notifications, so the site automatically notifies you when there’s any change to your search results.

Aside from being one of the fastest people search sites, BeenVerified is also affordable. At least, if you get its monthly or 3-month plans with unlimited search.

The plans don’t cover absolutely all information the site can provide. Especially for one-time inquiries, you may be asked to pay extra for the so-called premium reports.


  • Reverse lookup
  • Vehicle search
  • Export results in PDF
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Incurs additional charges

Instant Checkmate Review – Most Accurate Search Site

  • Social media check: Yes
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: No
  • Pricing: $34.78/mo

Instant Checkmate is one of the most common sites you’ll hear mentioned on the lists of the best sites to search for people, and for a good reason.

This site, launched in 2010, is a trusty sidekick for anyone looking to find a person or conducting a background check on their new neighbors.

Reviews of Instant Checkmate reveal that the similarities to TruthFinder aren’t a coincidence either. Not only do these two sites share the design, search engine, and databases, but the companies are actually partners.

Still, the sites are not carbon copies of each other. The search process is even further simplified by asking just for the first name and then branching out. You’ll have to go through it if you want an account here, though, which is not something other top people finder sites do.

There really isn’t a regular sign-up button anywhere on the homepage, which is truly strange. Other reviews on Instant Checkmate share our opinion.

Instant Checkmate also offers its services on a subscription-based plan. It’s a bit more expensive than its sister site, especially when considering various upsells like deep web search and PDF exporting.

On the other hand, some of the features are completely free, so the site is still helpful if you want to just take it for a test spin instead of committing to a subscription. It’s one of the best free people search sites for that purpose.


  • Various criminal record databases
  • PDF exporting
  • Quick and precise results
  • Data analysis tools


  • Signing up can take too long

Spokeo Review – Best Way To Find Someone On A Budget

  • Social media check: Yes
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: No
  • Pricing: $13.95/mo

Spokeo has been around for 15 years, and it has evolved incredibly over time. When launched in 2006, the site only allowed you to find people on social media.

Now, its database spans more than 12 billion records, and it’s one of the largest ones in the business.

To search people online with Spokeo, you just pick one of the premade searches and enter a single piece of information – a name, email, phone number, or physical address.

Spokeo reviews share our opinion that the interface is very clean. Everything thus works snappily, without unnecessary stuff to clutter the view or slow down the site.

Even better, it doesn’t nag you about any “dangers on the internet” like you may have seen some sites do. Spokeo’s developers know you’re smart like that.

It’s not just the site that’s fast, but the search engine, too. Depending on the complexity of your search, Spokeo can generate results in as little as 20 seconds. We can safely say it is the fastest people search site we have had the pleasure of using.

According to reviews of Spokeo, quality of information isn’t sacrificed for speed, either (except for criminal records that don’t provide a lot of valuable data).

Spokeo also creates a list of your searches and updates them for you (if you wish it to) for as long as you’re a member, i.e., sign up for a recurring subscription.


  • Automates updates for its reports
  • Inexpensive
  • Court records database
  • Statistics on neighborhood safety


  • Limited criminal reports

USSearch Review – Best Reverse Lookup

  • Social media check: Yes
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: No
  • Pricing: $19.86/mo

USSearch is pretty self-explanatory in its name alone. It’s also one of the best people finders on the market.

Founded more than two decades ago, it was one of the pioneers of people searching over the internet. Owned by the same company as Intelius, according to USSearch reviews, the site is reputable and very detailed with its results.

Initiating a real people search is easy, thanks to the streamlined UI. You can search by name, email, address, go through social networks, or conduct a background check of your person of interest.

The results are shown in a sort of dual screen with the main search results and two additional suggestions that allow you to narrow the search further. It also offers the best way to look up phone numbers.

Aside from being the best people search, USSearch also offers insights into the criminal database and property records as part of its background checks.

No matter what you searched for, the reports will always be presented with many details, including information like relatives and spouses, residences, lawsuits, and more. This makes it the best way to find someone online as it offers plenty of options.

If you need access to previous searches, the site generates a handy database just for you. Each report is available for up to a year. All the data is protected by industry-grade SSL encryption, so the information stays truly private and for your eyes only.

You can try this service at just $1.99 for the first week and check for yourself whether it’s the best people finder for you. After that, a subscription is available for less than $20 a month, granting access to an unlimited number of searches and reports.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Intuitive interface
  • SSL encrypted reports
  • Unlimited reports


  • Detailed searches come at a premium

PeopleFinders Review – Best People Finder App

  • Social media check: No
  • Criminal background: Yes
  • Free check: No
  • Pricing: $24.95/mo

Sacramento-based PeopleFinders is another long-running people finder that sports a vast database and many nifty features to stand above the rest of the pack.

How extensive is its database? Forty-three billion strong and growing, and the majority of PeopleFinders reviews are positive. This is why it’s among the top people finders around.

Search is conducted by name, address, email, or phone, and it takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Phone searching is the fastest method, and the site presents a report within a minute of starting your search query.

According to reviews, the vast database contains public records, court, property, and historical records, so it’s very comprehensive and detailed.

Surprisingly, there is no way to search social media with PeopleFinders, which is a significant misstep as the competition typically offers these search tools.

Even without paying, you can get a short preview of all the results at PeopleFinders. But, you’ll want to purchase a subscription to make this the best site to search for people on your phone.

Doing so gives access to the Android and iOS app IdentityWatch, and according to reviews on PeopleFinders, people love it.

With it, you can run quick reverse lookups, real-time phone searches on incoming calls and manage your reports. It can even block spam callers.

Since we’re already talking about the pricing, PeopleFinders offers quite flexible payment options. You can purchase single reports, subscribe for unlimited basic reports or background checks, and get a 3-day trial for under a dollar. It’s really worth every penny.


  • Database of 40+ billion records
  • Fast searches
  • Free previews
  • Great smartphone app with extra features


  • Can’t detect social media usage

How to Pick the Best People Search Websites

While people searching isn’t new (it has existed since the dawn of the internet), figuring out which websites to choose is a whole different story.

That being said, there are certain features and criteria you can look for when deciding on the best way to find someone online.

FCRA Compliance

First of all, the sites have to be FCRA compliant*. They cannot provide their services for commercial use, like screening and evaluation.

You can only take advantage of these search engines for personal use, like finding old friends or checking your new neighbors.

Search Speed and Databases

The best people finders have to be fast. These kinds of searches tend to drag on and on, so websites with quick algorithms that can churn out results faster than others will get our attention.

Aside from sheer speed, the amount of data the sites have at their disposal makes a huge difference, which is why these are two key factors when looking for the best people search.

Public records, criminal records, social media, and more databases have become the standard. Without a few billion records, we wouldn’t even look at a site’s search engine.

Quality of Results

Results absolutely matter when it comes to the best sites to find people. After all, that’s why we’re looking for the people search sites in the first place. The amount of data and its presentation are what we’re evaluating in this category.

Ideally, the website should provide social media profiles, addresses, and criminal records in its results. Of course, the data has to be current.

Good Value

Whatever site we choose has to provide good value for the end-user.

On the surface, these websites may look like free tools. But, they quickly raise more than a few paywalls, which is fine if the prices aren’t exorbitant.

Pricing models and transparency affect our ranking significantly when it comes to the best US people search sites.


* Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The sites listed on this page can’t be used for employment, credit or tenant screening, or related purposes.


What is the best free website to find a person?

Whitepages should be your first destination for searching through public records, but it’s limited in scope.

Most websites that offer people lookup aren’t free, or they offer just some basic features for free. To find someone, you may have to pay for the best people search engines.

How can I find a person for free?

Using the best people finder sites we listed in this article is your best way to find people.

Unfortunately, most of these sites put their services behind a paywall, but you can still perform a basic search or two for free.

TruthFinder is well-known for its free search tools and is our recommendation if we had to pick one company.

What is the best search engine to find a person?

According to many users, Intelius is the absolute best site if you’re looking to run a people lookup.

It quickly processes the search query through a vast database of public records, always providing the most recent and precise results, hence being the best search engine for people.

Is Intelius free?

No. Intelius might be the best US people search site, but it doesn’t offer its services free of charge.

You’ll either need to pay for an individual report or subscribe to unlimited monthly reports. The pricing is fair for the tools you’re getting with your purchase.

How can I find someone with just their name?

A name is usually more than enough to conduct a search online. All of the people search reviews that we’ve featured today offer a name-based search.

Of course, it’s better to know more information about the person you’re looking for, like the state or the city in which they reside, so that the sites can narrow down the results.

Wrapping Up

As you’ve seen, many great websites can help you find people online. The search engines are more than impressive, and some of them operate with billions of records when running their searches.

With variable pricing and lots of features, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the search site that’ll become your day-to-day tool among our best people search sites options.

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