Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites: Top 3 Services for Relationship & Career Insight

Of all the different forms of mysticism that exist to attempt to give individuals some kind of information about what they can expect in the future, tarot card reading is the most interactive. Whether you believe in it or not, a proper tarot card reading can give you information that can enable you to make better decisions regarding any area of your life. There are a lot of misconceptions about mysticism as a whole, but there seems to be even more misconceptions about tarot card reading in and of itself. It has been criticized as being too far from reality to create even a slightly accurate vision of anybody’s future. However, there is a big misunderstanding between the exaggerations made about tarot card reading and it actually promises.

In no way does tarot card reading make decisive predictions about the future. There is no way that you should expect a tarot card reader to completely map out your future in any area of your life. However, a solid tarot card reading can give you just enough information about your future for you to make a better decision about your future. This is what they actually promise.

Exploring the world of tarot card reading is not only very enjoyable, it will also give you very good insights into areas of your life that were a complete mystery to you. The following four mysticism services all provide accurate tarot readings and will ensure that you have an experience that is not only enjoyable, but also enlightening. Enlisting the services of a tarot card reader from any of them will prove to be a valuable investment of your time.

Top 4 Tarot Card Reading Sites in 2021  

  1. Keen: Editor’s Choice – Provides an extensive group of different psychic practitioners and tarot card readers in different life areas
  2. Kasamba: Offers a broad selection of well-established, premier psychic practitioners
  3. Mystic Sense: Has a fairly large network of cost-effective psychic advisors and tarot card readers
  4. Asknow: The most diverse psychic offerings in terms of pricing

Our Criteria for the Finalists

There is a lot of cynicism surrounding not only tarot card reading, but other mystic crafts related to it. Because of its supernatural nature, there are plenty of organizations out there that promise too much and deliver too little when it comes to their services. This is the very first thing we considered when coming up with our list. We needed to make sure that each of these organizations has a proven track record with practitioners who all have very high ratings with genuine reviews on other publications such as Washingtonian.

Another thing we thought about when coming up with this list has to do with the variety of services in and of themselves. While there is an emphasis on tarot reading here, we made sure that each organization offered diverse services. This is important because in most cases, tarot card reading combines with other psychic services to give you an even greater insight on your future than you could ever think possible.

We also made sure that the online psychic services we selected used all 78 cards in the tarot deck in their readings. A lot of mystic organizations do not do this, often claiming that using all 78 cards is not necessary. This is not true, and we are well aware that tarot cards in the minor and major arcana sets are both important to a proper and accurate reading.

The last thing we knew was going to be important was that these organizations provided both online and offline services, tarot readings included. It is more important than ever to have access to remote readings as that could be a safer option for some.

The 4 Best Tarot Card Reading Sites – Our Ratings & Scores

1. Keen: The most diverse and extensive psychic advisor group you’ll find


  • Dozens of tarot readers who specialize in different tarot readings as well as different topics
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Good variety of services offered
  • Solid amount of free informational content


  • Cycling through all the options can be overwhelming

Look no further than Keen if you are looking for online psychic services that provide any form of psychic advising that you could possibly be interested in. You’ll be able to use it to find a psychic for any important area of your life.

Keen is also valuable when it comes to tarot card readings, as well. They have dozens of the best online tarot card readers who specialize in a multitude of readings, from basic 3 and 4 card spread types of readings to the most complicated readings.

Learn more at

2. Kasamba: Features very established tarot readers and psychic advisors


  • Advisors and readers are highly established, with even the cheapest featured advisors containing several thousand ratings and reviews
  • Hundreds of different advisors and readers
  • Dozens of different topics among different life areas are covered
  • New customers enjoy 15% off initial readings lower than $50


  • Limited free informational content

Anyone experienced with receiving psychic advising and tarot readings who were let down by other services that were not established enough will enjoy everything that Kasamba offers. Even the cheapest psychic advisors and tarot readers contain thousands of reviews; more reviews than even the most expensive psychics in other databases.

Kasamba has an emphasis on providing psychic services in love and relationships as well, making it a top choice on Juneau Empire and for those interested in a reading in that particular area. While most other services contain only one or two different topics in the love and relationships field, Kasamba features seven!

Learn more at


3. Mysticsense: Combining cost effectiveness with abundant options


  • Most cost effective psychic advisors
  • Free trials are 5 minutes instead of 3
  • Psychic professionals specialize in multiple life areas
  • Dozens of different searching and browsing filters on the website


  • Can be difficult to narrow a search down to a specific advisor or tarot card reader

Most of the time, psychic advisors and tarot readers who are cost-effective in their rates do not allow for a lot of options. This is a common challenge facing many who are interested in psychic sessions or tarot readers who specialize in certain areas.

This is not an issue at all when using Mysticsense. Not only does the service provide you with a broad selection of tarot experts and other psychic advisors who specialize in nearly any area you could possibly think of, most of them are cost effective. One of the better features about Mysticsense is that their free trials last 5 minutes instead of the 3 that most other services provide.

Learn more at


4. Ask Now: Features different “tiers” of advisors and readers


  • Allows you to select between different tiers of advisors
  • Two different packages that are very cost effective
  • Separate grouping of featured advisors and readers that you can learn about


  • Meetings are by phone or online only

A lot of psychic services aren’t nearly as organized as they need to be when it comes to the levels of their advisors. Oftentimes, you’ll need to filter your search a lot more times than you want in order to schedule a call or a meeting with an advisor or reader that you know will truly help you.

One of the best features of Ask Now is that it allows you to filter not only through availability, categories, and their reading type, but you can also select between top rated advisors, elite advisors, and master advisors. No other psychic advisor service provider does anything like this.

Learn more at


How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Tarot card readings are designed to give you insight into the future in different areas of your life. The purpose of this is to create a semblance of certainty. This is an easy way to reduce anxiety levels, as uncertainty is at the core of anxiety. Tarot card readings revolve around a question you have about an area of your life that you want answered. For example, you can do a tarot reading if you are curious about whether you are going to find a partner in the future or if you are going to get a raise at your job or a better job opportunity in the future.

What a good tarot card reading will do is give you just enough insight into the future surrounding a given topic to either lead you to pursue whatever opportunity has been shown or show you what a better decision could be.

There are actually two commonly used types of tarot readings: 

  1. Three-Card Spread Readings
  2. Four-Card Spread Readings

Each of these is designed to give you not only a different insight to your topic of interest, but also a different perspective. Let’s explore the three-card reading first.

1. Three-Card Spread Readings

A tarot reading that utilizes three cards is perfect for anybody unfamiliar with tarot readings because of its simplicity. These kinds of tarot readings are also effective if the topic you want explored is fairly general. Indeed, a three-card tarot reading will show you what you should do in the future if you are wondering if there is someone interested in you or if you will run into a decent job opportunity in the future.

In a three-card reading, the reader will shuffle the deck and split it into three different decks. You’ll then take a card from each deck and place it face up. These cards all symbolize what you should expect to see in regards to the topic. Your history associated with the topic is what the card on the left represents. The card in the middle represents the current scenario when it comes to the topic. The card on the right represents the possible future of the topic.

Whoever is doing your tarot card reading should be explaining what all of this means as you take cards from the decks, as well. Keep in mind that a tarot deck has minor arcana and major arcana sets of cards which can be confusing for anyone who isn’t too knowledgeable about tarot cards.

2. Four-Card Spread Readings

You’ll want to get a tarot reading that uses four cards if you have a decent knowledge of tarot cards and want specific insights on certain areas of your life. Four-card spreads do this better than three-card spreads because four cards tell a much more detailed story about the topic you want to know about. A four-card spread reading will give you insight when it comes to knowing more about a certain person in your life, what exactly will happen at your job in the near future, exactly what other kinds of opportunities you’ll run into, or anything else that requires specific insights.

Different from three-card spread readings, four-card spread tarot readings add information about the topic in the past. This is represented in the far left card. Believe it or not, this gives you much better insight because both you and the reader will be able to make stronger connections this way.

Popular Specialized Tarot Reading Spreads

There are also tarot spreads that specialize in different areas of your life. These are reserved for those who are truly knowledgeable of tarot cards and intend to use tarot readings to gain insight about exactly what to do in these areas of their lives. When you learn more about tarot cards, you’ll want to pursue these specific kinds of spreads as they will give you insights that you know will be extremely valuable to you. There are five of these spreads that are very popular among those who are experienced with tarot cards.

You’ll find the following tarot reading spreads valuable when you are ready to go beyond the common three or four-card spread. All five of these address different areas of your life and specific issues you may have in these areas of your life.

The Love Spread

This is a six-card spread that evaluates your relationships as to how strong they are and how happy you or your partner is in them. The love spread will also evaluate future relationships with someone you have in mind. You will get a lot out of the love spread if you have just ended a relationship, if you are encountering issues with your current partner, or even if you are unsure about the future you may have with your current partner.

The Success Spread

Although this five-card spread is largely situational, it is valuable when you are facing a challenge and don’t know what to do about facing or overcoming the challenge in front of you, whatever it may be. Consider getting a success spread reading if you feel stuck in a certain area of your life. In many cases, it will guide you to make decisions regarding the area of your life you are most concerned with that you would never have come up with yourself.

The Career Path Spread

It may appear similar to the success spread, but the career path spread is different in that it solely revolves around your vocation and nothing else. This is the perfect tarot reading for you if you feel lost in your career. You’ll even get a lot out of the career path spread if you simply want to acquire a better job or even if you want to change careers but don’t know what is in store. The career path spread is a seven-card spread that tells you whether the job you have right now is the ideal job for you, what kinds of skills you might need to develop to get a better job, your chances for advancement, among other information you’d need in that area of your life.

The Spiritual Guidance Spread

You might be interested in the spiritual guidance spread if you find yourself unimpressed with how your current faith coordinates your relationship with your given supreme being. As unfortunate as it sounds, this is common, given that most religions coordinate this relationship around guilt. It does not need to be this way, and the spiritual guidance spread can help improve your relationship with a supreme being to where you can love your supreme being, not fear it. Get a spiritual guidance spread if you want to practice spirituality on your own terms.

The Celtic Cross Spread

The last of these readings is by far the most complicated, however, it provides a clear insight to nearly any given topic you could ever come up with. The Celtic Cross spread uses a whopping ten different cards pointed in different directions that will show you a clear and direct strategy or solution to your topic. Indeed, the Celtic Cross spread is reserved for those who know all about tarot cards, what they represent, what the different placement of them means in different spreads, and the meaning behind the combinations of these spreads.

Now that you know about how tarot cards work, let’s explore what these cards represent. Being armed with this knowledge will not only help you interpret readings faster, they will also allow you to detect whether a tarot reader is being genuine or not.

How Many Cards Are in a Tarot Deck?

The short answer to this question is 78. Typically, there are 78 cards in a tarot deck. Although any tarot reader who argues that there are less or more than 78 cards in a deck may not be completely wrong. 78 card tarot decks are easily the most common and it is very rare that any given tarot card deck has less than 78 cards.

The long answer to this question is that it depends on the variation of tarot card decks. For example, tarot cards that are derived from early Italian or Spanish decks often contain less than 78 cards. However, these cards are rare in that they were the first form of tarot cards to ever be used. These decks are several decades old and exist more as antiques than for function.

A tarot deck is split into different sets or “arcanas”: minor arcana cards and major arcana cards. This is what makes them different from standard playing cards. The minor arcana contains cards that are numbered from 2 to 10 in four different suits, as well as symbols that resemble the jack, queen, king, and ace.

Minor arcana cards are fairly easy to understand as they possess a straightforward value just like playing cards do. However, the minor arcana cards are often secondary to major arcana cards, which represent symbolic elements in a tarot reading. Some of the more popular cards used in the majority of tarot readings are:

  • The World
  • The Empress
  • The Emperor
  • The Devil
  • The Fool
  • The Moon
  • The Lovers
  • The Sun

The World Tarot Card

The World card has two different meanings in most readings. It typically represents concepts like assured success or recompense. It can also refer to travel, such as an upcoming voyage, different routes, emigration, or a change of place. However, when the World card is reversed, it represents stagnation or inertia. All of this depends on what kind of reading you are getting and how this card appears in the particular reading. While this applies to other major arcana tarot cards, it is especially relevant for the World card.

The Empress Tarot Card

In most lore, an empress represents a forceful ruler, but this is not so in the world of tarot cards. In the world of tarot, the Empress card actually represents a mother figure in that the card itself represents creation or any kind of concept that is in its infancy. When the card is reversed, the Empress represents the unraveling of involved matters or public rejoicings. Seeing a reversed Empress card in a reading that involves others might mean the possibility of a confrontation or some semblance of closure, depending on what the reading is about.

The Emperor Tarot Card

Historical lore would have you believe that an emperor is a symbol of absolute power, and this is also true when it comes to tarot lore. It represents what you think it does: Stability, power, protection, and anything else you could possibly come up with when you think of an absolute ruler. However, the Emperor card represents a few other concepts as well, especially when reversed. When the Emperor card is reversed, it will usually represent benevolence, compassion, or the act of giving credit to another. A forward facing Emperor card in a reading that revolves around relationships could tell you that the relationship is problematic, since most relationship issues arise when one party has significantly more power over the other party.

The Devil Tarot Card

Of all 21 major arcana tarot cards, the Devil card is the one that is the most straightforward. The Devil literally represents what you think it would: Violence, fatality, or excess force. A reversed Devil card represents the root of all those concepts: Weakness and pettiness. It can also represent evil fatality. Seeing the Devil card in most readings marks the indefinite end of something, no matter what the topic of your reading may be. Again, it is the most straightforward of the major arcana tarot cards.

The Fool Tarot Card

The fool is also fairly straightforward. In most readings, it represents concepts that revolve around being chaotic. It is associated with concepts like folly, mania, delirium, or even frenzy. This is even more demonstrative when it is reversed, as it will represent negligence and apathy, which are usually inward manifestations of chaos. Seeing a reverse Fool card in a tarot reading usually means that you might have lost sight in whatever endeavor you were interested in. Apathy is usually a response to being overwhelmed or anxious since being overwhelmed or anxious takes away from your brain’s energy budget. You might be dealing with this if you see the Fool card.

The Moon Tarot Card

The moon is closely associated with nocturnal images or phenomena. This somewhat reflects itself in tarot cards as well, but it also carries other meanings in tarot. The card itself depicts a wolf and a dog both howling at a moon, and these represent fear. Because of this, the Moon card will typically represent feelings that revolve around fear, such as danger, terror, or deception. When it is reversed, the Moon card represents feelings that revolve around instability and inconsistency. Receiving the Moon card in your tarot reading usually means that there is some inner dialogue that you are telling yourself in regards to the topic that you are afraid to confront.

The Lovers Tarot Card

Another straightforward major arcana tarot card, the Lovers card represents exactly what you think it represents: Anything that revolves around fondness. It can even represent trials that you have overcome and are particularly proud of. When it is reversed, the Lovers card represents the exact opposite: Failure or even frustration. Although you should not be alarmed if you receive a reverse Lovers card in your reading, it does mean that there might be some resentment towards another that you’ll need to address.

The Sun Tarot Card

As you might suspect, the Sun card represents nothing but positive mindsets or outcomes, so much so that it doesn’t even have a reverse side to represent any kind of darkness. Good fortune awaits you no matter what if your tarot reader draws a Sun card. However, just because you get a Sun card in your reading does not mean you can’t take action. All it means is that good results can come your way if you were to take action on the topic at hand.

Offline vs Online Tarot Readings

Because recent events have placed more incentive on handling procedures that used to take in person electronically, online tarot card readings are more and more common. It was not always like this, and for good reason. Tarot card readings are very interactive and this is why they were only conducted in person for years and years. However, it is now not only possible to get an online tarot reading, but the experience can be just as interactive as any given offline one. Nonetheless, the differences between an offline and online tarot reading should still be explored.

Offline tarot card readings

You’ll want to pursue an offline tarot card reading if you prefer a card reading that is highly interactive and intimate in nature. The environments that these kinds of readings take place in speak to this, as they usually fall directly in line with what you would expect from a tarot card reading. This kind of environment tends to enhance the experience of the Reading.

Something about offline tarot readings is that because they are so interactive, the sessions can take a little longer than their online counterparts. Because of this, offline tarot readings tend to favor some of the more complicated and more specialized spreads when it comes to the readings themselves.

Online tarot card readings

Pursue an online tarot card reading if you are looking for a reading that is streamlined. The mystic environment is obviously lessened when not conducted in-person, and the reading itself is not nearly as interactive.

Three and four-card spread tarot readings are practically built for being conducted on a tarot card reading site, but other more complex spreads can also be conducted very effectively from a distance. Expert psychics will tell you that for a gifted reader, physical presence is not the key to an accurate reading; it is the ability of the seer to connect and perform their craft.

What Questions Should I Ask My Tarot Reader?

Tarot readings are only as good as your involvement in them. You should actually approach a Reading like you would a meeting with a counselor in that there are certain questions you can ask that will ensure that you can get the most out of a session. 

  • Topic questions: Ask how the cards themselves affect your progression in the topic at hand. Ask how the sequencing of the cards in the spread influences events that surround your topic. A competent tarot card reader will be able to not only answer these questions, but they will also be able to tell you about other card combinations and how these affect your topic.
  • Card combinations: Questions about different card combinations are something else you should ask your tarot reader. One different card can change the entire complexity in any given tarot card reading. Not only should you know this, your reader should also know this. A good tarot card reader will be able to tell you what happens when one card changes in a reading.
  • Length of the session: If you go to a tarot reading for an area of your life that you have a lot of different questions about, chances are good that you’ll need to go to multiple tarot readings. Ask your reader upfront if all your questions can (or should) be covered in one session.

Final Observations About Tarot Card Readings

Just like with any other kind of psychic art or form of mysticism, it is perfectly normal to be apprehensive since tarot card readings aim to achieve some degree of clairvoyance. However, once you familiarize yourself with tarot cards and readings, you’ll understand that tarot is not only a fun way to determine certain aspects of your future, but also an accurate way. Don’t forget that tarot readings are in no way a means to directly predict your future; the goal is to give you a decent amount of insight to allow you to make better decisions in the future. 

Tarot card reading may be intimidating and overwhelming when you are brand new to it, but it is easy to address this by being patient with yourself. Start with the basic three and four-card tarot spreads when getting your first readings. Then you can move up to the more complicated readings. That is how to get the most out of your tarot card readings.