Best Online Palm Reading Services: Reveal Your Fortune Accurately

Have you ever held a baby’s tiny hand, marveling at the miracle of life; have you ever sat beside one of your elders while cradling their palm in yours, noticing the deep grooves across their fingers and hands; have you spent time lovingly tracing the lines on your lover’s palm? Have you taken the time to look at your own palm, and wondered what messages are kept there, and what secrets are held? Do you know about your life line, your head line, your fate line, or your heart line? How about how your middle finger and your index finger length dictates your character traits? Palm lines are unbelievably telling and when you work with a palmistry expert, you gain massive insight into your life. 

Palm reading has been around for centuries. Imagine this – your own palm holds the answers to the many questions you have about your life, including your love life, your health, and your successes and failures. It’s like a roadmap that was printed during gestation that would detail your destiny. Certainly, you’ve been curious about your life’s choices and have wondered if you made the correct moves. When you work with a palm reader, they can decipher exactly what each of those lines on your palms mean and can help you gain clarity about your past, your present, and your future. A curved line or a straight line, a deep line or a light line – all of these subtle pieces of information can help you understand your life path. 

Below we present three of our favorite palm reading websites and detail what year experience might be like on each of them. By the end of this article, you’ll know more about palm reading, you’ll understand how each website works, and you’ll know which one you are most pulled toward. A little guidance goes a long way, and we hope you find what you’re looking for.

Top 3 Palm Reading Services

  1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice
  2. Keen – Psychics with a Personal Touch
  3. Mysticsense – Best for Video Calls 

How Did We Select Our Top Palm Reading Services?

To create this list of best palm reading sites online, we took a few factors into account. First, we wanted to make sure that we were only recommending reputable websites. Therefore, how long they’ve been in business really stood out to us. The websites we list below have been around for decades, proving their dedication to providing people like you with a network of psychic and spiritual advisers located throughout the world and who can be available at any time of day or night. 

Second, we make sure that the website takes responsibility for properly vetting each psychic and spiritual advisor. They only host advisors who are seasoned professionals and who have honed their craft, so you get the most accurate reading possible. Finally, we look for websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly. When you have a burning question, the last thing you need is a confusing website. The three we highlight in this article are all super easy to use, have an intuitive interface, and can get you connected with an advisor in no time.

Reviews of Our Top Palmistry Services

1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice


  • Over 4 million 5-star ratings
  • 20+ years of quality service
  • Best match guarantee
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Live video chat unavailable 

About Kasamba

Kasamba has been around for two decades, helping people just like you get the answers to all their burning questions in real time. From love inquiries to life purpose inquiries, Kasamba has created a team of advisors to guide you and provide you with the information you need to make the next best decision for your life. They prioritize honesty and their team of psychic advisors genuinely care for your overall well-being. They provide a variety of services for all your needs, from astrology to dream interpretations and of course, palm readings. Their list of happy clients is in the millions, proving time and time again how well they vet their psychic advisors, choosing only the cream of the crop. 

They have created a strict set of guidelines to ensure every psychic they hire meets their high standards. Even psychics that are new on the Kasamba platform are seasoned – so you can rest assured that you’re only going to be connected with someone who truly knows what they’re doing and knows how to deliver the information in a way that’s perfect for you. No matter when you need to call on Kasamba’s expert for help, there is always someone available because their top psychics are located throughout the world and available to speak with you 24/7. Their website has a clean interface and can be easily navigated – plus, you can download the Kasamba App so you always have access to the answers you seek, even when you’re on the go. 

Kasamba is set apart from other services through its Best Match Guarantee. When you connect with a new psychic, your first three chat minutes are completely free, which allows you to test the waters with a new psychic before committing to a per-minute rate. All you need are three minutes to determine if it’s a good match – your intuition will let you know right away if the psychic you’re speaking with is someone you feel comfortable receiving answers from. If it’s not a match, simply move on to someone who is better suited to you and who you feel at ease with. When you’re feeling calm and connected, your reading gets even more accurate.  

Palm Readings

Kasamba connects you with palm reading advisors who can look at your palm lines and provide you with a host of insights that detail your personality and tell of your future. Your palm has a health line and love lines, a life line and sun lines, and only a palmistry expert can decipher exactly what story they tell. Just like every individual has unique fingerprints, so too is each palm unique. For millennia, it’s been believed that your hands are an extension of your heart – they are what you use to reach out and embrace another, what you use to heal yourself and others, and your hands hold your heart’s innermost truths. The lines on your palms tell the entirety of your life story, including your past, your present, and your future. With a palm reading, you’ll learn what the life line, head line and every other line represents and gain a deeper understanding of your purpose and your destiny, which can help you make wise decisions for your future. 


When you reach the palm reading page, you will immediately see a grid of different psychics whose expertise is palm readings – each square has a photo of the advisor along with their psychic name – though some choose to use their actual names, you’ll notice many advisors use pseudonyms to express their gifts through their names. Each small square is a snapshot of the advisor and includes a brief introduction, their fee per minute, their overall rating out of five stars, and the total number of reviews they have received.

If they are currently available, you’ll notice that there is a status next to their photo which states “Online” and you have a “Let’s Chat” button you can click to connect right away. If the psychic that piques your interest is unavailable, you’ll notice their status states “Away,” and you can click a button that says “Notify me” to declare your interest in connecting with them at a future time. 

When you come across a psychic advisor you would like to learn more about, simply click on the snapshot of their profile and you are taken to their main profile page, where you can read through additional details, like their experience and qualifications. These tidbits are written directly by the psychic advisor and they each share what their services are like – here you can discover if the psychic has a more straightforward approach or if they prefer to deliver nuggets of truth in a more gentle and compassionate manner. 

From this main profile page, you can also read through their other specialties and can get a feel for what their previous customer experiences were like. The written reviews are written in a column on the left-hand of the screen and from that same column, you can request a reading, chat right away if they’re available, or request an email reading (if that’s something they offer). If you prefer to connect with your psychic advisor by phone, simply click on the telephone icon and your page will refresh to connect you with palmistry experts who are available to provide a reading by phone. 


Pricing is set by each advisor – some advisors offer affordable readings at around $3/minute while other advisors charge upwards of $20/reading. This variety in pricing benefits you as you can dwindle down the right psychic for you based on their expertise, how well your personalities mesh together, and what your budget is for your reading.

Learn more at

2. Keen – Psychics with a Personal Touch


  • First three minutes free
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • 20+ years in service
  • Multiple ways to connect


  • Video chat unavailable 

About Keen

Keen is a network of trusted and talented spiritual advisors who are committed to helping people like you feel empowered with answers that illuminate and light a path for forward momentum. They are dedicated to helping you find your life purpose, helping you reach closure, and helping you find peace amidst the many twists and turns you encounter throughout your life. They celebrate personal touches as presented by their spiritual advisors, and they highlight experts who have developed their intuition and made it their life’s mission to provide spiritual support in service to others. They recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, proving that their method of connecting people to their spiritual network has brought forth many happy customers. 

Their network consists of thousands of spiritual advisors who offer services including tarot readings, life questions, mediumship readings, and palm readings. It’s a one stop shop for all your psychic and fortune-telling needs. They offer three main ways for you to connect with their advisors whether you’re completely new to their platform or you’ve worked with one of their psychics in the past. If you prefer to have a conversation over the phone, they have a toll-free phone number you can dial – all you need is the extension of the psychic you’re interested in connecting with. 

If you prefer to make an appointment or request a call back, you can reach them at any time throughout the day – even the middle of the night! Simply set up your appointment online and you will be connected with your preferred psychic advisor. You don’t need to keep checking back to see when your chosen Keen advisor is ready – simply use this method to create a future appointment that fits your schedule. Once you’ve found someone you really connect with, and you feel their insights are goosebump-level on point, simply set up your own personal account with Keen and keep that person at your fingertips. 

Palm Readings 

Keen has spiritual advisors ready to provide you with the guidance you need, all through the lines on the palms of your hands. Palm reading, also known as chiromancy, has been around since ancient times and Keen connects you with spiritual advisors who use their unique methods of interpreting the lines on your palms – how deeply embedded into your palm they are and how they crisscross with others feeds your spiritual advisor with the intel they need to provide you with an interpretation that matches up with your life. 


When you click on any one of the available categories, you will be presented with the different advisors available to connect with you. You’re provided with a quick snapshot of each advisor which includes their photo, their name, a brief description, and two of four buttons: “Call Now” or “Arrange Call” and “Chat Now” or “Chat Later.” When the advisor is available at the same time as you, you will be able to connect with them right away. However, if they are not currently available, you will be able to set up a time to connect with them at a later time or date. In their profile snapshot, you will also see their star rating and see how many reviews each advisor has. Some newer advisors may only have a few reviews, while others that have been on the Keen platform longer will have hundreds of reviews. 

Though the total amount of reviews signals how new an advisor is to the website, this number is not indicative of their experience. Keen vets their spiritual advisors carefully and only connects you with advisors who have a wealth of experience under their belts. Your first three minutes with any advisor are free and you can see what each advisor charges per minute directly on the profile preview. When you find an advisor that resonates with you, you can click onto their main profile to learn more about them. Here, you’ll also find their extension which you’ll need if you choose to have a phone reading. 

Each advisor’s profile has a space for them to share about themselves in their own words and below this space, their specialties, skills and methods, and languages are highlighted. They then share their background with you and explain their approach to different topics. Toward the bottom of the page, you will find their reviews, which can help you make a final decision about who to connect with. 


Pricing is set by each advisor and toward the top of the page, you can filter the pricing based on your budget. Some advisors charge within the range of $3/minute while others charge over $20/minute. 

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3. Mysticsense – Best for Video Calls 


  • Hundreds of psychics online 24/7
  • 5 minutes free
  • Rigorous checking process for all advisors
  • Multiple ways to connect, including video calls


  • Palmistry is listed as a specialty, not a category 

About Mysticsense

Mysticsense hosts a network of hundreds of psychic advisors who can provide readings tailored to your needs. Anything from future predictions to deepening understanding of relationships and to palmistry, their advisors are trained and ready to help you gain the clarity you long for. Mysticsense takes great care in highlighting only seasoned professionals, and it’s why they require any psychic looking to join their network go through a rigorous checking process.

They uphold high standards in all psychic-to-customer interactions and only allow psychics who are qualified to create a profile on their platform. They aim to be flexible in their offerings, so they host psychics with different gifts, like love psychics, clairvoyants, and tarot readers alike. Aside from proving their experience and qualifications, Mysticsense only has one final condition for their advisors: that they be sensitive with their energy-reading abilities so that you are supported as you navigate your relationships and your emotions – the goal is to help you make responsible decisions for your future. 

Palm Readings

Palmistry is listed as a specialty for different advisors, and you can find someone to connect with all from the comfort and safety of your favorite piece of furniture – whether that means cuddled in bed with your favorite comforter or snuggled onto your couch with your dog. When you find a psychic that you’d like to speak with, check their specialties to confirm palmistry is one of their specialties and get ready to learn more about your life line, your head line, and what life path they and other unique features of your palm indicate. 


Each advisor has a profile, and when you access the Mysticsense website, you’ll see a rolling gallery of top-rated available psychics. Their main specialties are highlighted along with their names, their total number of reviews, and their per minute rates. When you click on over to their main profile page, you gain access to their additional specialties, and can learn more about the tools they use and their reading style. There is an “About Me” section where each advisor shares more about themselves in their own words, which gives you insight into the type of person they are and if they’re a good match for you. 


Some advisors have rates as low as $1.99/minute, while others charge more for their time. Some of the rates change depending on the type of service: chat, call, or video call. 

Learn more at

How Does a Palm Reading Work?

Palm reading, also known as palmistry, has been around for thousands of years. Each human hand is loaded with information about that person’s life. From the point of hand formation in early gestation and well into adulthood and senior years, hands are a unique blueprint of your entire living existence on this earth. 

Research has proven that the ratio between your ring finger and your index finger is associated with certain traits. For instance, men with an index finger that is longer than their ring finger may be more prone to early heart disease and are less likely to have attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). 

As you are probably aware, symmetry in faces depicts beauty and is often a sought-after trait; similarly, hands that match up perfectly demonstrate a sense of contentedness, as men whose hands don’t match up in a symmetrical manner tend to exhibit symptoms of depression more frequently. The hands hold information that permits psychic advisors to tell your fortune. This is why they must look at your hands, to view the length of your fingers and the lines splayed across your palms – each line, depending on how deep it is and how it crosses with others is like a clue or a puzzle piece – only a trained professional can fully decipher the meaning your hands hold. 

They put each puzzle piece together, figuratively spinning pieces to create meaning and to unveil a bigger picture. When a palm reading is performed, it’s not just infused with scientifically-backed studies, it is also an art form and the psychic you choose is the artist. This is why it’s vital you choose someone with whom you feel a kindred connection, as this ease of flow between your energies helps the psychic create a more accurate picture for you. 

Different Types of Hands

Palmistry advisors perform different types of readings and may engage with different types of palmistry. Depending on the type of palmistry and reading being conducted, they will look at a couple of different factors that make up your unique hands. For instance, the size and shape of your index and middle finger and the lines of your palms will be major considerations as your palmistry advisor begins your reading. They may also delve deeper into the size of your knuckles, into the texture of your skin, and even the color of your fingernails. 

Though there are different types of palmistry, for most modern practices, hand shapes are classified into four main categories. Since the shape of your hands is believed to be correlated with your personality traits, you’ll notice that the categories listed below are each associated with matching personality descriptors. The four main categories include:

  • Earth

These types of hands are usually quite broad and have square palms. The fingers tend to also be broad and squared and the skin is often rough. The length between the wrist and where the fingers begin with these hands matches up with the length of the fingers, creating some symmetry from palm to fingertips. This type of person is generally a great caregiver and is known to be generous and nurturing. 

  • Water

These types of hands have long palms, often shaped like ovals. The fingers are long and flexible and the length between the wrist and the bottom of the fingers is usually about the same length as the fingers. This measurement between the wrist and the bottom of the fingers is also usually shorter than the width of the palm. This type of person is generally introspective, a smart thinker, autonomous, and great with words. 

  • Air

Those with air hands typically have square shaped or rectangular shaped palms. Their fingers are long, and some may have protruding knuckles. The skin on these types of hands is often dry. Between the wrist and the bottom of the fingers is often the same length as the fingers. This type of person is generally analytical, highly intelligent, and probing. They tend to communicate well and often follow through with actions after a period of deep thinking. 

  • Fire

These types of hands, like air hands, also have square shaped or rectangular shaped palms. The fingers, however, are shorter and the skin is usually a flushed pink color. The space between the wrist and the bottom of the fingers is often longer than the fingers. This type of person is usually very creative and passionate, often moving into leadership positions as they have an authoritative nature. 

Major Lines: Heart Line, Head Line & Life Line

There are three major palm lines that are found on nearly all hands and are generally addressed as primary points during a palm reading. Those lines include:

  • The Heart Line

This is often the first of all palm lines that your palm reader will identify. The heart line represents your romantic life, including attraction and love. The heart line is believed to represent the person’s emotional life and it provides insight into the way a person responds and reacts to different events throughout their lifetime. Some believe the heart line holds information about intimate partnerships and can indicate how a person handles love when it comes their way. Aside from pointing to the emotional life, the heart line is also indicative of heart health and a palm reading can often determine whether the person has high blood pressure. This line can be found at the top of the palm, just beneath the fingers. It can be read from left to right or from right to left depending on the palmistry advisor. 

  • The Head Line

The head line is often interpreted as the representation of how a person’s cognitive function is expressed; this includes how the person communicates, what their learning style is like, and how they go about discovering new knowledge. The head line is also believed to determine the person’s innate approach to new information, whether they tend to be more creative or whether they tend to be more analytical. The head line can be found at the edge of the palm just beneath the index finger and can be traced toward the outside edge of the palm. Sometimes, the head line crosses paths with the life line. 

  • The Life Line

The life line carries with it some controversy, as it is believed to represent the person’s overall physical health and vitality. Along the life line, a palm reader can find major life events, including those that may be unpleasant, such as accidents and dips in physical health. In the past, the life line was also believed to be related to length of life; however, modern palm readers don’t believe that the length of the life line is actually tied to the person’s length of terrestrial life. The life line can be found just above the thumb at the edge of the palm and can be traced down in a curved line toward the wrist. 

Minor Lines: Sun, Mercury, Travel & More

Just as there are major lines that palm readers will navigate toward first, there are also several minor lines that hold much significance if you have them. They include:

  • Sun Line

The sun line can be found parallel to the Fate Line just beneath the fourth finger and is believed to be related to fame and/or scandal – basically, the sun line is an “all eyes on you” type of indication. Think of the Sun Line as a shining spotlight. 

  • Girdle of Venus

This line begins between your fourth finger and your little finger and casts a curved line just beneath the ring and middle finger, ending between the middle and index fingers. It is thought that this line represents the ability to manipulate with acuity, having a strong emotional intelligence. 

  • Union Lines

These lines are short and can be found on the edge of the palm, in the space between the Heart Line and the little finger. This straight line, which is horizontal, is thought to represent close relationships, romantic and otherwise. 

  • Mercury Line

This line can be found originating from the bottom of the palm close to the wrist and reaches upward toward the little finger. This line is believed to represent chronic health conditions, business knowledge, or communication skills. 

  • Travel Lines

These lines can be found between the wrist and the Heart Line – they lay horizontally across the palm, and they are believed to represent important trips taken by the person. 

  • Fate Line

The fate line is believed to represent the life path of a person, including anything from educational choices to career choices. The fate line tells of both successes and failures and sometimes the fate line is believed to represent some items that come across a person’s path that are beyond their control. The fate line can be found toward the bottom of the palm, just above the wrist. The fate line travels upward toward the middle finger. 

Which Hand Do You Use for Palm Readings?

For the most comprehensive reading, both palms should be read as they tell a different story. The left hand identifies your life’s potential, illustrating everything you are capable of achieving in this life. The right hand shows you what you have accomplished thus far – it is a snapshot into the effort you’ve put forth toward achieving your dreams and heart’s desires.


We hope that with these recommendations, you get closer to living a life of your design and your dreams. A little insight into your past can help you understand your present and can equip you with the knowledge you need to forge a strong future path that aligns with your goals. You have more power than you know – work with a palmistry expert to gain access to the information to unlock what’s hidden within you.

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