The 5 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements To Boost Performance


Since muscle fiber tears are necessary for new muscle growth, the sooner your muscles can recover, the sooner you can start seeing real gains. This is why muscle recovery supplements are an important part of any balanced workout plan.

These supplements benefit your workout recovery by speeding it up, reducing fatigue and soreness, and reducing the risk of injury from high-intensity workouts. They also promote muscle protein synthesis and help your body to thwart lactic acid buildup.

There are several different kinds of supplements focused on recovery that achieve slightly different goals.

Keep reading because, in this article, we’re going to explore some of the best muscle recovery supplements on the market right now.

The Top 5 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements on the Market

There are a lot of different supplements for muscle recovery on the market right now. And because of this influx of products, it can be difficult for athletes to know which ones are worth their time and money.

Luckily, though, we’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into finding what we believe to be the best options.

After carefully testing and reviewing these products, we’ve found that the following five muscle recovery supplements are our top choices to recommend to you.

Below, learn about the highlighted features, ingredients, and benefits of each of these supplements. We’ll be sharing our reasons for choosing them as the best aides for your workout journey.

1. Huge Creatine Monohydrate


This supplement utilizes creatine to support post-workout muscle recovery and lead to stronger muscles, faster. Each bottle of 150 tablets (a month-long supply of daily doses) contains pure creatine monohydrate.

Huge Creatine Monohydrate Specs

In each 5-tablet serving of Huge Creatine Monohydrate, you get one key ingredient – 5g (5,000mg) of creatine monohydrate. The product comes in tablet form, making it very convenient to use. Other creatine products come in powder form, which can taste bad.

Features and Benefits of Huge Creatine Monohydrate

Huge Creatine Monohydrate features just one key ingredient, which is nice because it cuts out unnecessary and/or harmful fillers. It’s designed as a daily take-in-the-morning supplement, which you can stack with protein supplements, pre-workout supplements, and/or BCAA supplements.

The supplement utilizes a version of water + creatine (a naturally occurring compound in muscle cells) to help boost energy. It has the added benefit of enhancing recovery time, improving performance during high-intensity exercise and lifting workouts, and boosting muscle gains.

Pros of Huge Creatine Monohydrate

  • Contains the full scientific dosage of creatine monohydrate
  • Convenient tablet format
  • Affordable pricing
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility
  • Made in the US
  • Can be stacked with other workout supplements

Cons of Huge Creatine Monohydrate

  • Have to take five tablets at a time

Why You Should Buy

We recommend this supplement by Huge Supplements because it is a no-frills option that supports muscle recovery, growth, and performance at any time. You can take it for several weeks consecutively, or you can take it all year round.

It doesn’t use unnecessary ingredients but is versatile since you can stack it with protein and other supplements. It’s a must-have for any workout plan. You can buy Huge Creatine by clicking here. 

2. Huge BCAA


Huge BCAA supplement is a blend of branded-chain amino acids, L-glutamine, coconut water powder, and other important ingredients. The purpose of this supplement is to support high-intensity workouts and recovery afterward. The scoopable powder comes in a few exciting flavors, with 25 servings per $39.99 tub.

Huge BCAA Specs

In each one-scoop serving of Huge BCAA powder, you get the following:

  • 8g BCAAs
  • 5g L-Glutamine
  • 750mg coconut water powder
  • 500mg L-Lysine
  • 500mg L-Threonine
  • 300mg L-Tryptophan
  • 175mg L-Phenylalanine
  • 150mg L-Histidine HCL
  • 150mg L-Methionine

Features and Benefits of Huge BCAA

The main ingredients in this blend that support performance and recovery are the BCAAs and L-Glutamine. BCAAs (branded-chain amino acids) are essential in promoting muscle protein synthesis, muscle growth, and recovery.

L-Glutamine is essential in promoting muscle recovery by repairing muscle fibers and supporting glycogen repletion.

This supplement should be added to water for best results. It has added benefits via the nutritional content, including calcium (supports bones), coconut water powder (antioxidant properties), and more. And you can get it in three unique flavors, including kiwi blueberry, watermelon lemonade, and bomb popsicle.

Pros of Huge BCAA

  • Most stacked BCAA product on the market
  • Plenty of positive reviews
  • Comes in 3 amazing flavors
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility
  • GMP certified
  • Affordable for the value

Cons of Huge BCAA

  • May need to stack with a pre-workout and/or sleep supplement

Why You Should Buy

We recommend this BCAA supplement for muscle support and recovery due to its great value for the price and extremely high ratings. It comes in delicious flavors and contains essential, high-quality ingredients that are clinically shown to help promote muscle synthesis.

3. Huge Whey


Our next recovery supplement is a protein supplement. Huge Whey is a blend of whey protein powder and BCAAs to help you reach your macros and support muscles post-workout.

This low-calorie formula comes in a powder with four flavor options that you can mix into water, with a month’s supply (30 servings) for just $49.95.

Huge Whey Specs

In each single-scoop serving of Huge Whey powder, you get the following:

  • 120 calories
  • 25g protein
  • 5g BCAAs
  • 2g fat
  • 2.5g carbs

Features and Benefits of Huge Whey

This formula comes in Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla Milkshake, and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor options. It packs a high amount of protein per serving so that you can gain lean muscle mass without having to overeat.

The added branded-chain amino acids support muscle protein synthesis, as well as post-workout recovery. As a result, your muscles bounce back faster so that you can continue high-intensity training and meet your gains.

Pros of Huge Whey

  • 5 delicious flavors
  • High in protein
  • Easy to mix into water or milk
  • Low cholesterol
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility
  • GMP certified

Cons of Huge Whey

  • Contains common allergens (soy, dairy, and lecithin)

Why You Should Buy

This product is well-reviewed on Huge Supplements’ website for its great-tasting flavors and effectiveness when it comes to muscle recovery and growth.

We recommend buying it, as it easily integrates into your daily diet and workout regimen. The combo of quality whey protein and branded-chain amino acids is the perfect formula for muscle support.

4. Hibernate


Hibernate is another excellent muscle recovery supplement from Huge Supplements. This one targets workout recovery in the realm of sleep so that you can have higher-quality rest.

As a result, this supplement is supposed to boost your performance and speed up recovery from high-intensity workouts. The formula of nine ingredients comes as a powder that you add to water, with a 25-serving container costing $44.95.

Huge Hibernate Specs

Each one-scoop serving of Huge Hibernate powder contains the following:

  • 3g Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
  • 1g Kanna (Sceletium tortusosum)
  • 1g L-Tyrosine
  • 500mg L-Theanine
  • 250mg Mucuna Pruriens Extract (98% L-Dopa)
  • 225mg Valerian Root Powder
  • 150mg 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)
  • 150mg Passion Flower Extract (Passiflora incarnata)
  • 3mg Melatonin

Features and Benefits of Huge Hibernate

Hibernate is a daily, pre-sleep supplement that is meant to support muscle recovery, deeper sleep, and muscle growth. The melatonin content targets your rest and sleep by acting on certain receptors and encouraging your body to sleep.

The passionflower extract benefits you by tackling insomnia, alleviating muscle cramps, and naturally soothing pain. And further, the 5-HTP ingredient benefits you by increasing natural melatonin production so you can sleep better.

The supplement comes in a couple of different flavors – Passion Fruit and Peach Mango – that are well-reviewed by customers.

Huge recommends stacking Hibernate with their BCAA formula or Formula XII, although this is optional.

Pros of Huge Hibernate

  • Scientifically dosed ingredients
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility
  • Made in the US
  • GMP certified
  • Quality Premium Guaranteed
  • Can be stacked with other supplements
  • Contains zero useless filler ingredients

Cons of Huge Hibernate

  • Comes in a powder, which is less convenient than capsules

Why You Should Buy

We recommend trying out the Huge Hibernate supplement to stack with your post-workout or whey supplements.

It’s a great source of melatonin and other natural ingredients that can help your body to get better rest. As a result, you’ll notice that your muscles are rested and can quickly get back to work with more strength.

5. Huge Formula XII


Last but not least, we want to highlight the benefits of the Huge Supplements Formula XII supplement. This is advertised as an intra- and post-workout formula that targets recovery, muscle growth, energy, and power.

Each 30-serving bottle ($64.95) of supplement powder comes in a couple of unique fruity flavors to make it go down easier. It’s a top-rated product that’s well-loved by many customers.

Huge Formula XII Specs

Each one-scoop serving of Huge Formula XII contains the following:

  • 10000mg (10g) Cluster Dextrin
  • 5000mg (5g) Creatine Monohydrate
  • 5000mg (5g) Organic ModCarb
  • 3200mg (3.2g) Beta-Alanine
  • 3000mg (3g) Betaine Anhydrous
  • 2000mg (2g) L-Ornithine HCL
  • 1000mg (1g) D-Ribose
  • 150mg Potassium Citrate
  • 125mg Grape Seed Extract
  • 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • 40mg Magnesium Citrate
  • 5mg Bioperine

Features and Benefits of Huge Formula XII

This is one of our favorite recovery supplements because it combines some of the most essential ingredients for athletes.

Starting with the creatine monohydrate, your muscles cells can start making more energy for better performance. Creatine also produces proteins that lead to new muscle growth as you recover.

Second, the beta-alanine in this formula helps to reduce muscle fatigue. Third, the grape seed extract helps to fight tissue damage and inflammation. And to top it all off, the Bioperine content (black pepper extract) helps to increase the absorption of all of these nutrients in your body.

It comes in two fruity flavors – Tropical Blast and Candy Apple. The 12 scientifically-backed ingredients are just the formula that your muscles need to grow.

Pros of Huge Formula XII

  • Contains fast-acting, quality carbohydrates
  • Combines multiple ingredients like creatine, beta-alanine, ModCarb & more
  • All-in-one intra & post-workout formula
  • Makes use of natural extracts
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Made in the USA

Cons of Huge Formula XII

  • Contains some artificial flavors

Why You Should Buy

We recommend this supplement for both professional athletes and those just tackling everyday workouts. We like that it combines multiple quality ingredients to support muscle recovery and fight off the risk of soreness and injury. We also like that it supports energy during workouts, on top of promoting faster recovery.

Why Is Recovery Crucial for Your Performance

Many people wonder why it’s necessary to take muscle recovery supplements, on top of other muscle-building supplements. Although your body is designed to recover on its own and you can stretch, drink water, etc., if you want to gain new muscle mass, you need to recover at a faster pace.

Your muscles can repair themselves to grow stronger, but muscle recovery supplements make that process much more effective. Because in reality, recovery is a part of your workout regimen that may even be more important than working out itself.

Furthermore, without giving your muscles a chance to recover and heal, you’ll find that it’s a lot harder to jump back into those high-intensity workouts. If you go into your workouts sore, you’re probably going to end up in even more pain afterward. This could lead to multiple days off, which is detrimental to your muscle gaining journey.

Are Muscle Recovery Supplements Safe?

Yes, muscle recovery supplements are 100% safe. And the ones we have highlighted in this article are all-natural with no harmful or unnecessary filler ingredients. Many of these dietary supplements make use of ingredients that are already naturally-occurring compounds within your body.

For example, creatine monohydrate is a variation of creatine, which naturally gets produced by your muscles on a regular basis.

And although BCAAs aren’t naturally produced by your body, they are found naturally occurring within foods you eat. But taking them in supplement form is a more effective, faster way to get them to support muscle synthesis.

By taking supplements like the ones we’ve recommended, you don’t have to worry about facing side effects. Instead, you can focus on the benefits, including muscle support and lean muscle gains.

But if you do have concerns based on your medical history or any current medications you might be taking simultaneously, consult a doctor. They can advise you on which supplements from this list are the most effective and safe based on your personal health circumstances.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that every supplement you put in your body has a recommended daily dose. In order to stay safe, you should not waver from this recommended dose. Be sure to follow the directions on the labels of your supplements so you achieve maximum results.

How Long Do Muscles Take to Recover?

When you endure high-intensity exercise or intense weight-lifting workouts, your muscles will get micro-tears in the fibers. This is a natural bodily process that you shouldn’t worry about. However, if you want those muscle fibers to heal, regrow, and turn into stronger muscles, then they need the chance to recover properly.

Without muscle recovery supplements, your muscles will take a lot longer to recover, and you’ll notice it when you feel sore. Generally, muscles take about 24 hours to recover from a regular workout.

But if you’re focusing on muscle gains and doing intense workouts, it could take up to 2-3 days to achieve full recovery. And in some cases, when you’re packing on the strength training exercises, it could take even longer (up to a week for your muscles to fully recover).

That’s why muscle recovery supplements are so good at helping to facilitate this process. They allow you to maintain a daily workout schedule, even if you’re intensifying your regimen. Before, you might have had to rest for a day before lifting weights again, thus keeping you from truly gaining muscle mass.

But supplements let you get back in the gym each day so that you can meet your goals.

Should You Use Muscle Recovery Supplements?

Yes, we wholeheartedly believe that you should be using muscle recovery supplements alongside your workout regimen. And here is why: these supplements are extremely effective in speeding up the muscle recovery process, which helps you gain muscle and strength at a faster pace.

Many athletes believe that there is a 100% organic way to achieve the kinds of gains that you see in professional athletes and bodybuilders. But this is simply not true. Your body has its limitations, which is where supplements come into play. Also, note that everyone’s body is built differently, so some people need extra help when it comes to the muscle recovery process.

Further, these supplements are safe to use with natural ingredients to help give your body that extra nudge that it needs.

We especially recommend trying out the sleep and rest recovery supplement (Hibernate). You should never underestimate the importance of deep and restful sleep cycles when it comes to exercise performance. Without meeting sleep quotas, you could end up sore and un-energized when it comes time for your next round of strength training.

What’s nice about our compiled list is that you can even stack all the above products together to take your recovery to the next level. Branded-chain amino acids, creatine, whey, and other key ingredients are essential when it comes to muscle support.

Can You Stack Supplements for Muscle Recovery?

If you aren’t aware of what stacking is, it’s when you combine multiple workout-based supplements at the same time. This often includes a combination of protein powder (vegan or whey), creatine, beta-alanine, melatonin, BCAAs, or others. And the answer is, yes, it’s completely safe to stack supplements like the ones mentioned on our list.

In fact, it’s even recommended to do so, as they’ll all work together to boost recovery and performance in the long run. Since they contain natural ingredients, they’re both effective and safe when you follow the suggested doses. However, you do have to watch out for supplements with what is called “proprietary blends” of ingredients.

Proprietary blends are listed on ingredient labels, but they don’t disclose the exact amount of the ingredients listed. When this is the case, and you combine multiple supplements like this, you can’t really monitor the dosage adequately. Luckily, though, none of the muscle recovery supplements on our list here have proprietary blends, so you don’t have to worry.

And keep in mind that if you start stacking supplements, you may need to watch how much of certain nutrients you’re ingesting.

For example, multiple supplements combined might supply more than the recommended daily value of calcium. When this is the case, you should monitor your diet and mold it around those calcium amounts.

Other Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

While muscle recovery supplements are highly effective and give your muscles the outside support that they need, there are still ways to boost recovery. Without adding on more supplements, you can naturally speed up recovery and protect your muscles from getting fatigued or sore by getting good rest, enough protein in your diet, and enough water per day.

Get Enough Rest

First of all, we recommend that you try to get a decent rest every night. This means that you need to start monitoring your sleep schedule and trying to stay consistent with how many hours you sleep and what time you go to bed/wake up each day.

For example, if you work out in the afternoon each day, then you should go to bed around the same hour each night.

Sleep is crucial for recovery, and that extends to not just your muscles, but your mind and your whole body. Your body also grows when you rest and sleep. It’s recommended that you get a minimum of seven, but preferably eight, hours of rest each night. Some experts even recommend getting up to nine hours of sleep each night if you’ve had particularly hard workouts.

Some tips to help you get better rest include:

  • Eliminating or reducing screen time and blue light before bed
  • Setting alarms for when to go to bed and when to get up
  • Reducing distractions in the space where you sleep

Consume Enough Protein

Next, we recommend that you focus on consuming enough protein in your diet on a regular basis. If you want your muscles to recover and grow faster and stronger, then protein is key. Although supplements like whey protein powder and BCAAs can boost protein and synthesis, you might still need to eat more protein.

An ideal protein intake is somewhere around 1.5-2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight. On average, women should be consuming about 46g of protein each day, whereas men should be consuming about 56g of protein each day.

Protein supplements are really the most effective and quick way to meet daily protein macros. However, if you prefer not to use protein supplements, you can get healthy protein from eating whole grains, nuts, lean white meat, and eggs.

Stay Hydrated

And finally, we can’t stress enough the importance of staying hydrated for your muscles to recover and grow properly. In fact, hydration is important for nearly every bodily process you undergo on a daily basis.

Getting enough water mainly helps your muscles by promoting growth and healing. But it also helps to relieve soreness and tension that your muscles face as a result of high-intensity exercise.

We recommend making sure that you are drinking enough water. The ideal amount is at least two liters per day. If you’re having trouble staying properly hydrated, consuming electrolytes can help you out.

You can often find electrolyte powders to mix into your water so that you boost your hydration significantly.


If you’re serious about gaining muscle mass, strength, and power, then you need to be focused on muscle recovery just as much as working out.

This is why we highly recommend the use of muscle recovery supplements alongside your other workout supplements, a balanced diet, and high-intensity workouts.

Muscle recovery supplements help to reduce muscle soreness, boost muscle energy, and speed up recovery so you can continue working out harder. They can even be stacked together or with other supplements, such as pre-workout supplements.

Hopefully, our list of the top five muscle recovery supplements on the market right now has given you some good choices. We’ve done extensive research, testing, and investing to find out which Huge Supplements products are the best options for you.

This creatine monohydrate, melatonin, whey protein, BCAA, and other ingredient mix target muscle support in ways your body can’t do on its own.

Try them out to see real, effective results when it comes to your workout journey and meeting your strength training goals. And make sure to always follow the recommended doses and consult with a doctor if necessary before use.

This article was supplied by Huge Supplements, a paid advertiser. Content has not been independently verified by Los Angeles magazine.