Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale: Buy Weed Seeds in USA 2022


It seems like people cannot get enough cannabis in their homes. Well, what if you could grow cannabis plants right in your home? This would be a dream for many people who want to have their own supply. To make this happen, you need to get marijuana seeds for sale from top seed banks in the market. 

If you have no idea where to start with seed banks, continue reading this guide. We give you a detailed list of top seed banks to buy cannabis seeds and more tips on identifying quality seeds. In the end, you should have all the details to get you started on growing cannabis strains. 

Editor’s Choice

I Love Growing Marijuana

  • Monthly promos and deals 
  • Free standard shipping 
  • Growing resources available

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in USA

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Editor’s Choice
  2. CropKingSeeds – Best for Worldwide shipping
  3. Herbies Seeds – Best for Convenience 
  4. Seedsman – Best for Variety 
  5. Marijuana Seeds.NL – Best for Timely Delivery
  6. Weedseedsexpress – Best for Customer Support
  7. Ministry of Cannabis – Best for Dependability 

1. I Love Growing Marijuana


  • Free shipping 
  • Germination guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support 


  • Shipping with tracking is expensive 

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ships to: All U.S states

Seeds offered: Blue Dream Autoflower, Super Mix, Bruce Banner, GG4, Granddaddy Purple, White Widow, Super Skunk, Super Silver Haze

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The founder of ILGM Robert Bergman has over 25 years of experience in dealing with cannabis seeds. Such experience is what anyone needs if they are going to start growing cannabis right now. Right now, you will come across a company that delivers on high-quality cannabis seeds with an impressive germination guarantee. 

What are the options available? Well, the top pick for most people would either be feminized or auto flower seeds. That is not all, as you will also come across other types such as the high THC strains, beginner cannabis strains, medical marijuana, and so much more. 

You will like the free shipping option for those buying in the US. Since there is daily shipping to the US, you should expect the shipping time to be one of the best. Buyers are also assured of delivery. This is because if the package is lost, ILGM will send another package for you to always get what you paid for. 

2. CropKingSeeds


  • It offers free seeds on orders
  • It has germination guides for the best results
  • Global shipping is available 


  • Shipping time could be faster 

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Ships to: Worldwide 

Seeds offered: Dwarf Low flyer, White widow, Trainwreck, Sour Girl, Revolver, NYC Diesel, Northern Lights, Lambs Breath, Jack Herer.

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Crop King Seeds is one of the easiest seed banks to use. An easy-to-use website design should make it stand out, unlike other seed banks that might have clunky sites. It also appeals to the younger growers who are new to using cannabis seeds. The germination and growing guides on the site make it easy for buyers to start growing cannabis once they get their seeds. 

The good germination guarantee also makes a top pick. You will find it has a minimum guarantee of around 80%. Some reviews claim that users can get 100% percent germination. This is enough to tell the buyers that they are getting high-quality seeds worth their money. You will also like the kind of variety that comes with the website. 

The website features filters key in helping you find what you need. The best part is that you can filter based on price. So, it becomes easier to find seeds within your price range. Those spending over $300 can get free shipping on their orders. 

3. Herbies Seeds


  • Easy to navigate website 
  • Reliable shipping 
  • Features top-quality seeds


  • The customer support is not the best 

Location: United Kingdom

Ships to: Worldwide

Seeds offered: Apple Betty, Dessert Mix, Za-Za OG, Indica Mix, Purple Lemonade, Trippy Gorilla, Monster Bruce Banner, Orange Sherbet.

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This will be another top pick for marijuana seeds for sale because of the large inventory. The website layout is also easy to go through, making it easier to find the seeds you want. Unlike some marijuana seed banks, it updates its inventory more often so that you know what is available and that is out of stock. 

The company often adds new strains to the seed bank so that you can come across new and fresh seeds. The fresh seeds will offer a better germination guarantee compared to some of the old seeds. Also, the shipping is reliable and fast. This would make it a great pick for those who need to start growing cannabis as soon as possible

4. Seedsman


  • Offers global shipping 
  • Massive seed variety 
  • Great blog section


  • Customer support can be slow at times 

Location: Spain and United Kingdom

Ships to: Worldwide

Seeds offered: Mama Thai, C99 x Blueberry, Jack Herer, Lemonchello Haze, White OG, Armenia, Alaskan Purple, Zkittlez.

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You will mostly like Seedsman for having a wide range of options in terms of seeds variety. The weed seeds available from this seed bank are also top quality. This means the germination rate is even better. You will definitely like the options such as feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and rare cannabis seeds

Like other seed banks, Seedsman also offers free seeds with each purchase you make. Those buying in bulk will get the most in terms of free seeds. With worldwide shipping available, it is possible to get your seeds from anywhere in the world so long as it is allowed in your state. 

5. Marijuana Seeds NL


  • Comes with fast and discreet shipping 
  • Offers many promos 
  • It features a solid strain variety 


  • The support team response could be faster 

Location: London, UK

Ships to: Worldwide

Seeds offered: Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, Forbidden Fruit, Wedding Cake, Tropicana Cookies Purple, Purple Hulk, Gelato, Acapulco.

Click here to get the best deal on MSNL

MSNL has been in the industry for a while now. Experience comes with a certain level of the best pot seeds you will ever need. So, when you want to buy weed seeds online, MSNL can be a great pick. Most people love it for offering fast processing and shipping times. You can have the seeds ready for planting in the shortest time possible. 

Those who want to buy cannabis seeds online would also consider it because of the many promos it offers to the customers. With more promos, it means saving more on your favorite seeds. Expect to also come across a huge range of pot seed strains to use in your ambitions to grow cannabis. 

6. Weedseedsexpress


  • Often comes with promos
  • Delivery guaranteed
  • Secure and private website 


  • It could use more variety in the seeds

Location: Haarlem, Netherlands

Ships to: Worldwide

Seeds offered: Black Jack, Purple Punch, Lowryder, Humboldt, Big Bud, Black Domina, Blue Cookies, Blueberry CBD, Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple.

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There is nothing wrong with buying feminized seeds or any other type from a new seed bank. If you are interested in buying cannabis seeds online from a new seed bank, then consider this one. Even though it is new compared to the others mentioned above, it still stands out for its high-quality seeds and variety too. 

The company has invested a lot in keeping your information discreet. The same applies to the shipping of your seeds. Talking of shipping, you will like how you can get fast shipping. At least you are assured of getting the seeds in good time. Delivery guarantee is another feature to like about the seed bank. 

7. Ministry of Cannabis


  • Offers superior quality seeds
  • It has fast worldwide shipping
  • Discreet packaging and billing available


  • A few complaints on the unclear return policy

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ships to: Worldwide

Seeds offered: Big Bud XXl, Auto Blue Amnesia, Autopilot XXL, Auto Blueberry Domina, White Widow, Cannabis Light, God’s Glue, Mamacita’s Cookies.

Click here to get the best on Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis includes feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, CBD seeds, and more. There is also the category known as a mix of seeds where you get the best of all the categories combined. This is for those who want more variety so that they can grow different types of cannabis at once.

The company has been involved in genetic development so that the resultant seeds are also high quality. You can check out its official website and social media accounts to see how well the brand has served people over the years.

Fast worldwide shipping is available too. Most people get their packages within 48 hours. With a guarantee of delivery, at least you know that seeds will be delivered even if the first package is lost. With discreet shipping available, you are assured of high confidentiality always buying from the seed bank.

Why Buy From A Seed Bank?

There is the option of buying the best cannabis seeds from a local marijuana dispensary. However, more people tend to go for the seed banks because of a couple of things. One is that seed banks have the right conditions for storing the seeds. This makes the high-quality seeds remain viable for germination for a long time. 

The best online seed banks also will have a learned customer service team that can guide you better to identify the best weed seeds and cannabis strains to buy. You will always get what the seed bank claims to sell, unlike when buying from a marijuana dispensary. 

The seed banks tend to offer a germination guarantee. It will be around 80% in most cases. As such, you may also get free seeds on top of your order. These free seeds are meant to be surplus and supplement those seeds that may not germinate.

Seed banks also often offer a delivery guarantee. This means that even if the seeds are not delivered within a specified timeframe, the seed bank will dispatch a fresh package to ensure you always get your cannabis seeds. 

Beginner’s Guide to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Once you have gone through the list of top seed banks above, your next question in mind is how to buy cannabis seeds for sale near me. For most people, the choice would be to buy cannabis seeds online, but how do you pick the best ones? Here are some tips for a beginner to use when picking marijuana seeds. 

Marijuana Seed Types

Cannabis seed banks will have several options to consider as the seed types. You can come across auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, beginner seeds, high THC seeds, and so much more. Each seed bank may have different ways of categorizing its seeds, so take the time to understand what each seed type means. 

The choice to own cannabis plants may also be based on gender. Buying marijuana seeds, male or female might need the advice of the support team. Those who want the big buds are advised to consider the feminized seeds. The male seeds would be best for seeds meant for the continuity of the lineage. 

Different Strains Of Marijuana

Different strains of cannabis will have different uses. Some are known for their high THC content, thus they will be good for recreational purposes. However, the medicinal strains would be high in CBD and very low in THC. 

Consider going through the profile of each strain that you want to identify all that makes it a great pick. The good thing is that some seed banks may have hundreds of strains making it easier to find one that is close to your needs. 

Legality Of Purchasing Cannabis & Marijuana Online

Cannabis seed banks will often send you the seeds without confirming whether they are allowed in your state or not. It is your job to find out more about the legality of buying cannabis seeds online and have them shipped.

Even when you find that cannabis seeds purchasing is allowed, look at the quantity of cannabis you are allowed to have at any given time. Having too many seeds can at times lead to an arrest or fine.  

Payment Method

One thing you should check is that the cannabis seed banks have the payment methods you can use generally. Most reputable seed banks will have payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency

The rise of cryptocurrency has made it a lot easier for people to buy cannabis seeds without their transactions being logged or monitored. This has always been a great idea for those who want to keep their purchases private.

Look at Customer Service

Look for a seed bank with responsive customer service. If you cannot get your queries answered in a short time, then it makes no sense to buy from such a seed bank.

The same goes for the returns if you have to. At times the seeds might not germinate and you need to get a refund. The customer service should be helpful to get you the refund that you need or replace the seeds with a fresh batch. 

Do the Paperwork

Different states would have different paperwork for you to fill in case you want to grow cannabis. So, take the time to find out what you need before ordering the seeds. Without proper paperwork, sometimes the seeds may be confiscated by customs. This means more delays for you. 

Paperwork might be needed for those who desire to grow cannabis on a large scale. If you can have it handled soon the better for your cannabis growing activity. 

How To Identify Quality Cannabis Seeds

Even if you just got access to an ILGM coupon, you still need to buy high-quality cannabis seeds. This might mean doing more research to understand what it means to quality cannabis seeds. Here is how to identify the quality cannabis seeds;

  • Color and appearance: The high-quality seeds will mostly have a brown, black, or tan color. The immature seeds would have lighter colors such as pale green, yellow, and white. 
  • Size and shape: If the seeds are large with an almost symmetrical round or an even teardrop shape, then it is high quality. Immature seeds will often be small and also have an irregular shape.  
  • Durability and hardness: Expect to find the best seed banks to have a hard but smooth and uncracked surface. The low-quality seeds would often have a crinkled or cracked surface. 
  • The age: If you can find out the age of the seeds the better. Since seed viability degrades with time, it is important to go for newly harvested seeds. 
  • Perform the float test: This is a simple test you can do at home. Place the seeds in distilled water and give them an hour or two. If the seeds sink, then they are of good quality. If they float, they are low quality. 

As you can see, it should not be hard to identify some of the best quality seeds in the market. 

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: The Takeaway

So far you can see just how important it is to get your weed seeds from the best seed banks as mentioned above. Of course, the ILGM reviews and that of other seed banks can give a detailed analysis of which seed banks offer great options as marijuana seeds. One source is never enough, so make it a habit of getting your information from top-ranking review sites also. 

If you are ready to buy high-quality marijuana seeds, consider getting them from the top 7 options mentioned above. At least you will have an easy time finding the right strains and seed types you are looking for at the moment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to order seeds?

It should be safe to order the seeds to your location. So long as the state you live in allows for the purchase and growing of weed seeds, then it should not be a problem. Make sure to check the local marijuana laws first. 

  1. Which cannabis seed bank is the best?

You can consider buying from ILGM seed bank. It offers you many options to consider plus the growing kits you need to get started on growing cannabis. 

  1. What seed banks are legal?

All the seed banks we have mentioned above in the guide are legal. You can still get others but make sure you do more research to find out more about their legality. 

  1. What do marijuana seeds look like?

Expect most marijuana seeds to have a whitish to brownish color with some black spots too on them. As for the size, it can range from 0.5mm to 2mm. 

  1. Do marijuana seeds go bad?

They will not go bad if they are stored at the seed bank under the right conditions. Once you buy them, you will have only a couple of months to plant them before they go bad. 


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