5 Best Magnesium Supplements – What To Look For & Top Picks


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to human health: not far after calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Magnesium is crucial for muscular health, nerve health, cardiovascular health, and much more while also helping regulate blood sugar, metabolism, and chronic inflammation.

Despite its importance, magnesium deficiency is a widespread issue according to experts with nearly 50% of American adults not getting enough magnesium in their diets. For this reason, health professionals are quick to recommend supplementation of magnesium to just about anybody— and a high-quality supplement is vital to this.

In this article, we explore our top picks for the 5 best magnesium supplements (our #1 is BioEmblem Triple Complex Magnesium).

Best Magnesium Supplements – What To Look For

How do you determine high-quality supplements from the rest? It helps to have a checklist of key things to look out for— and be critical of— when shopping for a top magnesium supplement.

What Is The Best Form Of Magnesium

There are many different forms of magnesium, and it’s important that you choose a product with the right forms that you need since not all are equal. Each form may offer slightly different benefits. In general, you want a bioavailable or chelated form of magnesium meaning our body can better absorb and utilize it as according to one study. Here are some common forms you’ll see:

  • Magnesium glycinate
  • Magnesium citrate
  • Magnesium malate
  • Magnesium L-threonate
  • Magnesium aspartate
  • Magnesium oxide


Overall price of product can be judged by how many pills or capsules are included, what dosage they provide, and the breakdown of price-per-dose compared to other magnesium supplements.

Dosage – How Much Magnesium To Take

The National Institute of Health recommends a daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium between 310-420mg for teens and adults, with men and pregnant women on the higher side of that range. You may be familiar with RDAs as they’re used for the Daily Value percentage calculations you see on supplement labels.

However, did you know that the NIH also has a recommended upper limit (UL) of 350mg for magnesium intake from supplements and medication? This smaller number is because there is already some magnesium that’s naturally found in food and drinks — meaning you should be careful not to take more than 350 mg/day in supplemental form.

Sometimes you’ll see brands that offer much higher than recommended doses, but those might be extremely low absorption forms of magnesium (like oxide), or you may want to be wary about potential side effects like upset stomach.

Testing and Manufacturing Quality

It’s crucial to find products made and tested in a safe and reliable manner. Look out for products made in a facility that follows GMP guidelines as laid out by the FDA. This ensures potency and promotes safety due to requirements for testing of pathogens and heavy metals. Other things to look out for are products that have 3rd party testing, work with low-allergy ingredients, and minimize using unnecessary fillers and binders in their formulas.

Our #1 Pick – BioEmblem Triple Complex Magnesium

BioEmblem Triple Complex Magnesium ranks as our #1 choice, hitting all desired marks for quality and potential for effectiveness. It comes from a highly reputable and trusted supplement company that has been positively appraised by other major wellness authorities. Here’s why BioEmblem Triple Complex Magnesium is a high quality, reliable magnesium supplement:

Forms of magnesium

BioEmblem Triple Complex contains three reliable high absorption forms of magnesium:

  • Magnesium malate – Shown in studies to stay the longest in the body and is the most bioavailable – known to help with muscle function and energy
  • Magnesium glycinate – This form is bound to amino acids making it more quickly absorbed into the intestinal wall – known for sleep and anxiety support
  • Magnesium citrate – One of the most plentiful forms of magnesium – known for providing general magnesium benefits


BioEmblem Triple Complex has the lowest price relative to capsules while including multiple magnesium forms.


BioEmblem Triple Complex contains 300 mg of its three magnesium compounds per serving, a safe and effective daily dose for the average person with assured high bioavailability. It delivers this amount in just two capsules meaning you can reach maximum magnesium intake for more effectiveness in fewer capsules when compared to other magnesium supplements.

Testing and Manufacturing Quality

BioEmblem Triple Complex goes through four rounds of testing during the manufacturing process to meet Good Manufacturing Practices. The manufacturing facility is inspected and approved by the NSF, plus the product undergoes annual 3rd party testing by Labdoor. It has a clean formula with certified organic rice hull extract and plant cellulose as the only other additional ingredients in BioEmblem’s product.

#2: FarmHaven Magnesium With Vitamin D

Our #2 selection is FarmHaven Magnesium with Vitamin D, a close front-runner behind BioEmblem Triple Complex.

FarmHaven contains two highly bioavailable magnesium forms: magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate, both shown to have powerful bioavailability and lasting action in the body. Glycinate can help with calmness and sleep, while malate supports muscle and nerve function.

With 250 mg per serving of two capsules, consumers can stay well within the recommended daily intake level set out by the NIH. Customers can opt for therapeutic doses with one capsule if need be.

The price point is incredible: just under $30 for 120 capsules, FarmHaven Magnesium with Vitamin D is an economical way to meet daily magnesium needs and at incredible quality standards.

One thing we also like is that FarmHaven includes vitamin D3 in their formula, another nutrient that many US adults are deficient in. Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, and Organic Broccoli are additional health-boosting ingredients, while the only other ingredients are allergen-free Organic Rice Hull Extract and plant cellulose.

The supplement is free of gluten, corn, sugar, and other common allergens.

#3: Pure Encapsulation Magnesium Glycinate

We recommend Pure Encapsulations’ magnesium glycinate supplement as our third pick due to its reputation for quality manufacturing.

Their smaller serving size of 120mg per capsule offers 29% of the daily value of magnesium and allows for people to try out a smaller dosage if they prefer. However, this also means a higher overall cost per mg of elemental magnesium when compared to the other options in our list.

#4: NOW Magnesium Citrate

Number four is the NOW Magnesium Citrate supplement from a reputable brand and company known for quality and reliability.

120 capsules are included at a good price, with three capsules recommended for serving 400 mg per day— but only of magnesium citrate, which on its own is shown to have lower bioavailability rates in the body compared to other forms of magnesium.

#5: Nature’s Life Magnesium

Last, we have Nature’s Life Magnesium, a high-potency compound supplement great for therapeutic doses. However, these may go over the upper limit if used daily with no way to split the dose, and it contains poorly absorbed magnesium oxide.

Includes 275 capsules at 500 mg each, with ingredients of magnesium citrate, malate, and oxide plus vitamin B6.


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