Best Kratom Capsules of 2022 – Top 4 Maeng Da & Bali Kratom Brands


Kratom is an herbal substance made from the leaves of the Mitragyna spinosa tree. This tree is part of the coffee family, and indeed, coffee and kratom share some similarities. Both substances are often used for energy and alertness. Kratom is usually consumed orally, and today, you can find kratom powders, capsules, teas, and elixirs for sale. There are many different brands on the market, but the best kratom capsules are consistent and reliable.

Shopping for kratom isn’t always easy since there are so many different strains and products. To make things easier, we did a deep dive into the market. After trying and reading about many different brands, we settled on four top kratom capsule brands that are well worth trying.

Top Four Brands for Kratom Capsules 

  1. Kingdom Kratom: Top Pick – Best Kratom Capsules
  2. Super Speciosa: Runner Up – Rave Reviews
  3. Kat’s Botanicals: Large Selection & Informational Website
  4. Top Extracts: Worthy Mention

Each one of these brands is easily a top contender in the kratom industry. They all go above and beyond when it comes to product testing and quality assurance. Customers don’t just like their kratom capsules — they love them, and so do we. 

Keep in mind as you read our reviews, that each brand offers at least a few different varieties of kratom capsules. Luckily, all of these brands have really well designed, informative websites where you can read about their kratom capsules and select the variety that best serves your needs.

Reviews of the Best Kratom Capsules

1. Kingdom Kratom: Top Pick – Best Kratom Capsules

Kingdom Kratom jumped out at us immediately. This company was founded in 2017, and since the very beginning, they have been focused on quality. They tested kratom from dozens of Indonesian farms before deciding which growers to work with. They also test every one of their products for potency and impurities, which gives customers peace of mind.

Kingdom Kratom sells almost 25 different strains in capsule form. This is great news for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of kratom powder, but needs a specific strain. (If you are a powder fan, though, they do offer options in powder form, as well as extracts in liquid, gummy and even caramels!).


  • Good selection of potent strains, including Maeng Da and Red Borneo
  • Same-day shipping available
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A perfect 5.0 rating on Google
  • Generous, 60-capsule jars


  • On the pricier side

Top Products to Try:

One of Kingdom Kratom’s top products to try are the Red Elephant kratom capsules. This strain is named for its extra large leaves. Customers say it helps them feel energetic, but not jittery. It fades into a nice sense of contentment throughout the day. Another top choice is the Red Maeng Da capsules. This is one of the most potent strains of kratom, and it works as both a mood lifter and energizer. Customers also report that Red Maeng Da capsules are good for pain relief.

Other options from Kingdom Kratom include their Super White Borneo capsules, Gold Bali capsules, and an excellent selection of extracts.

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2. Super Speciosa: Runner Up – Rave Reviews

Super Speciosa receives rave reviews from their customers. We were also impressed by their dedication to the kratom industry, overall. They’re an American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Brand, which means their products meet the highest standards. They offer a wide range of different strains in capsule form, and they submit their products for rigorous third-party lab testing. Customers can easily access the lab results for their product via a QR code on each package. Super Speciosa goes above and beyond to ensure the potency and safety of their products, testing every batch of product rather than relying on randomized samples.

Super Speciosa puts thought into the ingredients they use. Not only do they source their kratom carefully, but they also encapsulate it in plant-based, earth-friendly capsules. Their prices are affordable, and you can get 10, 60, 180, 320, or 1000 capsules per bottle. Buy a small bottle to sample a new strain, or a large bottle once you’ve found a favorite.

Additionally, if you’re looking for the convenience of capsules, but want the fast-acting nature that kratom powder offers, Super Speciosa uniquely offers kratom in tablet form, too.


  • Gelatin-free, vegan capsules made with tapioca starch
  • Lab certifications available for customer review
  • Most kratom capsules include fillers known as “flow agents”, but Super Speciosa fills their capsules with only kratom leaf
  • Multiple bottle sizes
  • AKA GMP Qualified Vendor


  • Not the widest strain selection on the market

Top Products to Try:

One of the top Super Speciosa products to try is their Signature Reserve capsules. This is one of the most powerful green kratom strains, made exclusively using batches of kratom that test at a minimum of 1.4% mitragynine. It should give you a powerful boost of energy at any time of the day.

If you’re on the hunt for the best kratom capsules, you may also want to try Super Speciosa Green Bali or Green Maeng Da capsules.

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3. Kat’s Botanicals: Large Selection & Informational Website

Kat’s Botanicals does a great job of educating customers on kratom and its benefits. The company’s website is a wealth of knowledge on these topics. We also found Kat’s Botanicals to be clear and concise with their product description; you know exactly what you’re going to get. The company is committed to quality. They heat-pasteurize and lab test their kratom prior to packaging, and they stand behind their products with a 30-day guarantee.

What really impressed us about Kat’s Botanicals was their strain selection. Their top-quality kratom comes in common strains, like Red Maeng Da and White Bali. However, they also offer some rare strains, along with their own proprietary blends. To be able to blend various strains of kratom together and create a capsule with a specific, desired effect is a real skill.


  • Heat-pasteurized for safety
  • Lab tested for purity and potency
  • Unique, multi-strain blends available
  • American Kratom Association member


  • Smallest bottles contain 90 capsules

Top Products to Try:

One of the truly unique Kat’s Botanicals products to try is their Above the Waves premium kratom capsules. These capsules contain a blend of two red vein kratom strains with smaller amounts of white and green vein kratom. The result is a balanced, transcendent experience that’s perfect for afternoon use.

Digital Buddha kratom is also worth trying. Digital Buddha capsules contain a blend of 50% white vein, 30% green vein, and 20% red vein kratom powder. Customers report feeling comforted and settled after taking this product.

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4. Top Extracts: Worthy Mention

Top Extracts is a member of the American Kratom Association, and also of the American Herbal Products Association. Their products are made with zero fillers. They are all lab-tested, and you can review the results on Top Extracts’ website. In addition to testing for potency, they test their kratom for the presence of mold, Shigella, E. coli, and heavy metals.Top Extracts also participates in 100% Indonesian Fair Trade.

Top Extracts has a selection of capsules in many different kratom strains. They sell full-size bottles, but also travel packs of 10 capsules, which are great for on-the-go use. A travel pack is also perfect if you want to try a new strain without committing to a whole bottle.


  • Multiple package sizes
  • Detailed, informative product labels
  • Free from binders and fillers
  • Capsules created in small batches


  • Smaller strain selection than some other brands

Top Products to Try:

If you’re looking for a classic, try the Red Maeng Da capsules from Top Extracts. This well-known strain delivers balanced energy at any time of day. Top Extracts sources their Red Maeng Da from Indonesia, and each capsule contains 600 mg of it.

Another good product is the White Borneo kratom. The capsules come in a jar of 120 and the kratom inside is harvested directly from the Island of Borneo, off the coast of Indonesia. This strain delivers a sense of calmness, but is also useful during the afternoon slump. Reviewers love the consistent results they get from this strain. 

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How We Chose These Brands for Premium Kratom Capsules?

With so many kratom companies out there, how did we select the top 4? We took a systematic approach, which started by ranking companies based on these characteristics.

Professional Organization Involvement

There are a number of professional organizations in the kratom industry, the best-known of which is the American Kratom Association, or AKA. We looked for companies involved with one or more industry organizations for two reasons. 

First, involvement shows a dedication to the growth of the kratom industry as a whole. Second, these organizations set standards for their members. So, if a company is a member, that means their products meet some of the strictest standards for purity and potency. Not only does that give us peace of mind, but it reassures customers.


Kratom is grown all over Southeast Asia, but not all kratom is the same. We looked for companies that did their research before choosing a grower or supplier. Companies that have relationships with and source from the same growers again and again tend to offer better kratom.

Lab Testing

Lab testing was a must. We only selected companies that submit their products to independent third-party laboratories for testing and make the results available to customers. For the most part, customers can see lab testing results for any strain when they visit these companies’ websites.

Product Selection

Some companies offer a huge selection of really great kratom powders and capsules. Other companies offer a somewhat smaller selection, but exceptional quality. We didn’t have a set number of products that a company had to offer to be considered for our list. However, we did give preference to companies that offered a reasonable selection of strains. Since each kratom strain can be widely different, we felt this was important to ensure that any customer could find what they needed.

Product Descriptions and Reviews

Lastly, we read product descriptions – thoroughly. We only chose companies that offer clear, detailed descriptions of their products. After all, you deserve to understand what you are buying.

We also read reviews. We compared what reviewers had to say about a product to the product descriptions. If reviewers really seemed to like a company or product, we took that into account.

What to Consider When Looking to Buy Kratom Capsules

Whether you’ve settled on a specific company or are still wondering which company to buy from, here are the key qualities to consider as you decide which product to buy.


There are a lot of different strains of kratom. Read the product descriptions of ones you’re considering to get a better idea of their individual effects. Generally, kratom strains fall into three different categories with similar characteristics.

  • Red Vein

Red vein kratom strains have, as the name suggests, red veins. These strains kick in quickly, and they tend to be strong. They are good at relieving pain and promoting sleep at higher doses. Red vein is better for experienced kratom users. If you’re new to kratom, make sure you start with a low dose when using red vein kratom.

  • Green Vein

Green vein kratom is known for its balanced effects. Green vein strains are stimulating and energizing, but not dramatically so. They can also help you feel more balanced and related when used later in the day. Green vein strains are popular with new users.

  • White Vein

White vein kratom tends to be relaxing. It also has good pain relieving qualities. People take it in small doses in the morning to improve concentration, but not make them overly wired. 


Pay attention to how much kratom each capsule contains. Some capsules, for example, may contain 300 mg kratom. Others contain 600 mg or 1000 mg. 

If you have trouble swallowing large capsules, you may want to purchase smaller capsules. New kratom users also tend to prefer smaller capsules since it is easier to adjust the dose. On the other hand, if you know how much kratom you need to take and don’t want to swallow multiple capsules, larger capsules may be ideal.

Capsule Material

Most capsules are made from gelatin. Gelatin breaks down easily in the stomach and is safe to consume. However, if you follow a vegan or plant-based diet, you may instead want to look for capsules made with a plant starch, such as tapioca. Several brands make vegan kratom capsules, so you still have a good selection.

Lab-Test Results

Reputable kratom brands publish their lab testing results. Before buying a specific kratom product, look at the lab testing results. Do they show the kratom to be as potent as the label suggests? Do they show that the capsules are free from heavy metals, bacterial contaminants, and pesticides? Don’t settle for less here. Lab results ensure your safety.

Package Size

Finally, look at what size packages the company offers. If you’re trying a new type of kratom capsule, you probably want to buy a smaller package. On the other hand, if you know you like a specific strain already, a larger package of those capsules is often a better value.

The Benefits of Kratom

Kratom is a natural substance. It’s widely available, and there are a lot of strains to choose from. Taking it in capsule form makes it easy to swallow and very portable. Here are some of the more specific benefits of kratom.


A lot of people take kratom in the morning as a replacement for coffee or other caffeinated beverages. It wakes up the mind and helps you feel more energized and euphoric. However, it does not have the same jittery effects as caffeine. 

When taking kratom for energy, you often want to choose a green vein or red vein strain. You also want to stick with a lower dose, such as 1 gram or 2 grams. Taking much more than this may have the opposite effect: sedation.


Kratom is really unique in that it can be relaxing or energizing, depending on how you take it. If you take a larger dose, such as 5 grams or more, then you will likely feel more relaxed, sedated, and at-ease. Some people take kratom before bedtime because it helps combat anxiety and insomnia so they can fall asleep. 

When taking kratom for relaxation, you typically want to choose a white vein strain. Some green vein strains are also pretty relaxing at higher doses.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is a really potent herbal pain reliever. Most people find it to be even more potent than CBD. It interacts with your opioid receptors, which helps mask many kinds of pain. Another advantage of kratom as a pain reliever is that it is far less addictive than other opiates. It’s also natural.

When using kratom for pain relief, red vein stains are usually the best choice. Green vein strains can offer moderate pain relief for less intense symptoms. 

The ideal dose for pain relief is usually somewhere between 5 grams and 10 grams. You may need to do a little experimentation to discover the best dose for you.


If you are looking for a natural way to increase your sex drive, kratom is a good choice. Several studies have found it to have aphrodisiac properties. 

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can keep you from enjoying life and participating in activities you love. While there are many treatments available, one natural option to explore is kratom. Kratom can calm your mental and physical symptoms of anxiety. Most people find white vein strains most effective for anxiety treatment.

How to Use Kratom Powder or Capsules

The most traditional way to use kratom is to mix kratom powder into water or another drink and then swallow the mixture. However, kratom does not have the best flavor. It can be a little bitter. If you don’t like the taste of kratom, then capsules are a great alternative to powder.

You take kratom capsules like any other capsule. Put the capsule or capsules in your mouth, then take a swig of water or another drink. You should start to feel the effects of kratom within 15 minutes or so, depending on your metabolism.

Choosing a Kratom Dose

One of the most important aspects of taking kratom is choosing your dose. The dose that is right for a friend or relative may not be the dose you need. Your ideal dose depends on the symptoms you’re taking kratom to treat and the benefits you hope to achieve. 

Here are some basic dosing guidelines to keep in mind:

  • New kratom users: 1 – 1.5 grams
  • Energizing effects: 2 – 6 grams
  • Sedating and pain relieving effects: 6 – 12 grams

Most people take kratom twice a day, at most. You may want to only take it in the morning if your goal is more energy. If your goal is to relax, you may only want to take it at night.

Side Effects of Kratom

There is a potential for side effects with any dietary supplement, including the best kratom capsules. However, it is important to know that most people do not experience any side effects at lower doses. If you do experience side effects from kratom, this may indicate that you’re taking a little more than necessary. Consider either reducing your dose or switching to a strain that’s less potent.

Here are some of the more common side effects of kratom.

Nausea and Diarrhea

Some people feel a bit sick to their stomach after taking kratom. You may also experience loose stools. Sometimes, taking your kratom capsules with a snack helps prevent this.

Low Libido

While people often take kratom to improve their libido, high doses can lead to loss of libido as a side effect. This should go away within a few days if you cut back on your dose or take a break from using kratom.

Dizziness and Low Blood Pressure

It’s rare, but sometimes people feel dizzy after taking kratom. You may feel most dizzy after standing up after a period of sitting. This is often related to low blood pressure, which can be dangerous. Get checked out by your doctor to see whether your low blood pressure and dizziness are due to kratom or an underlying condition you were not previously aware of.


Constipation is a side effect some people develop after taking kratom continually for a longer period of time. If this happens to you, eating more fiber and drinking more water can help ease the constipation. Taking a break from kratom can also help. 


Kratom is pretty energizing at low doses, so it makes sense that insomnia would be a side effect. Luckily, this is a side effect you can easily get rid of. If you are taking kratom later in the day, try taking a little more. At higher doses, the effects are more sedating and should better help combat your anxiety. 

If you are taking a red vein strain, this is likely the cause of your insomnia. Try switching to white or green vein strains, which are more relaxing and better for late-day use.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is federally legal in the United States, and in most countries for that matter. The DEA has been looking into the substance, but has not taken any major action on it. The FDA also has not taken action; the agency has not approved kratom for use as a supplemental dietary product or for any other use. The regulatory posture of the federal government, however, is not favorable to kratom.

Kratom activist groups have become more common over the past few years. They are working to raise awareness regarding the benefits and relative safety of kratom. One of their goals is to ensure the plant remains legal in the United States.

There are some states that have banned kratom, along with other states that restrict its use or sale. At this time, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and New Hampshire have banned the herb, but the legal situation in many states is in flux. Always be sure to double-check the legal status of kratom in your area before making a purchase.


Will kratom cause you to fail a drug test?

Since kratom works, in part, by interacting with your opiate receptors, you might be worried about kratom causing you to fail a drug test for opiates. Here’s the good news: it won’t. While kratom does act like an opiate in some ways, and there have been reports of mild kratom withdrawal symptoms, its active compounds are different from the ones measured in standard drug tests.

Kratom would cause you to fail a drug test for kratom. However, since kratom is legal in the United States on the federal level, it is highly unlikely that an employer or other party would administer a drug test for kratom. Basically, drug tests are not something to be concerned about when taking kratom. 

How long does kratom last?

Kratom’s effects tend to remain at their peak for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours after you take the capsules. However, the half-life of kratom is about three hours. This means after three hours, you will still have half the kratom you took in your bloodstream. After another three hours, you will have a quarter of the kratom in your bloodstream. So, the larger the dose you take, the longer the effects of kratom will last.

Many people find that kratom initially makes them feel energized and uplifted. Then, after a few hours have passed, the effects fade out into a more mellow, comforting feeling.

What are the active compounds in kratom?

Kratom contains several active compounds. They are classified chemically as alkaloids. The most prevalent active compounds found in kratom are:

  • Mitragynine: In most kratom strains, more than 60% of the active alkaloids are mitragynine. This chemical binds to opiate receptors and is responsible for the plant’s pain relieving and energizing qualities.
  • Paynantheine: Most strains also contain a decent amount of paynantheine, which is a smooth muscle relaxer.
  • Speciogynine: Present in smaller quantities, this substance promotes relaxation and can ease anxiety.

Different strains have different effects because they contain varying ratios of these active compounds. Some strains also contain small amounts of other alkaloids that moderate their effects.

Can you overdose on kratom?

Technically speaking, it is biologically possible to overdose on kratom. Scientists are not sure what dose of kratom is needed to cause an overdose, but they do know that dose is very high. It is unlikely to be a dose that you could reasonably reach by taking an oral kratom product. Swallowing a couple more kratom capsules than you intended to swallow will not cause an overdose, though it may cause unpleasant side effects like nausea and dizziness.

Is kratom safe to use while pregnant?

The use of kratom during pregnancy has not been well studied. So, pregnant folks are urged to err on the side of caution and avoid using kratom while pregnant. There is some concern that kratom could cause side effects such as low birth weight in infants.

If you are using kratom and find out you are pregnant, stop taking it, and reach out to your OBGYN for more specific guidance.

What other kratom products are available?

If you do not like the idea of swallowing capsules, there are many other options. You could try stirring loose kratom powder into your morning beverage. Orange juice and tea tend to hide its flavor well.

Some companies have also begun making gummies and other candies that are infused with kratom. These allow you to get the benefits of kratom in the form of a sweet treat.

Another option is kratom tea. It comes pre-loaded in tea bags, which you steep in hot water to create a drinkable beverage. Kratom tea works well for those who suffer an upset stomach after taking kratom capsules since it doesn’t contain as much fiber.

Can you develop a tolerance to kratom?

Yes, some people who use kratom do find that they develop a tolerance. In other words, they feel like they need to take larger doses to get the effects they desire. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to reduce your chances of building up a tolerance. You can take days off from the substance. Maybe, for instance, you can use it only on weekdays and take a break on weekends. Some also feel that rotating strains helps them avoid building tolerance, although others don’t find this as effective.

If you do find that the dose of kratom you’re taking no longer feels like enough, that means it is time to cut back. Take a couple of days off, or simply take a lower dose for a few days. This break should allow your receptors to reset so you can enjoy the desired effects from a lower dose of kratom once again.

Final Words of Advice

Kratom has been used as a therapeutic herb for centuries in Southeast Asia. It is only recently becoming more widely available and sought-after in the United States. While there are some side effects to be on the lookout for, it is generally safe when used responsibly. Take it for your pain, your insomnia, your low energy levels, or even to improve your libido. Kratom capsules provide a convenient way to get your daily dose without the bitter taste.

Since products made with kratom are considered supplements and are not prescription medications, the market is not really regulated, so it is important to make sure you buy from a good, reputable company. Any of the four top kratom brands listed above would be a great choice. But don’t just take our word for it! Read reviews, check product descriptions, and don’t hesitate to reach out directly to kratom companies if you have any questions. The best companies will be happy to answer any questions you may have and direct you towards the best kratom capsules for your unique needs.


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