Best Home Warranty Companies in 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best home warranty companies.

We hope that this list will help you not only learn more about what to look for, but aid you in selecting a trusted company that fits your needs and budget.

Our Editor’s Picks

  1. American Home Shield – Long List of Add-Ons
  2. AFC Home Club – Benefits for Club Members
  3. Cinch Home Services – Pre-Existing Condition Coverage
  4. First American Home Warranty – Coverage for improperly installed appliances
  5. Liberty Home Guard – Highest BBB rating
  6. Choice Home Warranty – Comprehensive programs
  7. American Residential Warranty – Most affordable
  8. Select Home Warranty – Roof coverage is included

Top 8 Companies in Detail

Now that we’ve had a quick look at which companies we will cover in our reviews, continue reading to find more about each in full detail.

1. American Home Shield – Long List of Add-Ons

  • 8 million members
  • Customer service is available online or via phone
  • No need for maintenance records

American Home Shield warranty reviews reveal that this is one of the top-rated home warranty companies. This is mainly because of its 50 years of existence on the market. Their offer includes tiered plans that provide flexibility.

However, if you pay this warranty in full, you won’t receive a discount. Still, its coverage includes improper installation and repair coverage. AHS also has generous coverage caps.

American Home Shield is available in all states except Alaska, and the Electronic Protection Plan is not available in California.

This company offers three plans, with the leading coverage option being ShieldPlatinum. The plan includes major systems, appliances, plus a warranty for roof coverage and more.

Pricing plans are as follows:

  • ShieldSilver – Covers 14 major systems
  • ShieldGold – Covers everything in ShieldSilver plus nine more appliances.
  • ShieldPlatinum – Covers 23 systems and appliances + roof leak repairs.

The price depends on your location and mostly ranges from $50 to $60, with service fees starting at $75.

One of the best things according to customers is that it offers add-ons that you can include in your warranty. This allows you to expand your home protection plan for your appliances.

There are several benefits and limitations regarding American Home Shield. This is one of the companies that does not require maintenance records and lets customers choose several levels of service fees.

On the downside, the repairs are guaranteed for only 30 days, and there were over 14,000 customer complaints in the last three years.

Regardless, we included AHS on our list because of a long list of add-ons, 50 years of experience, and flexible pricing plans.


  • Excellent add-ons to expand coverage
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Includes roof leak repairs
  • Covers appliances regardless of their age


  • Coverage not available in Alaska
  • Prices are not transparent


American Home Shield is among the top companies available today. You’ll enjoy excellent add-ons, and your appliances will be insured regardless of how old they are.

In addition, customers all share the same opinion that a three-tier policy provides more flexibility. Plus, you can even purchase a package that includes roof leak repairs.

2. AFC Home Club Review – Benefits for Club Members

  • Longest work guarantee in the industry
  • You can choose your technician
  • Good discounts

AFC Home Club is more than just a home warranty company.

Besides offering the agreement to fix your home systems and appliances when they malfunction, AFC Home Club provides additional benefits to its club members. These benefits include free credit monitoring and ID protection.

AFC Home Club is among the few companies available in 46 states, excluding California, Hawaii, Nevada, and South Carolina.

Plans are divided into two sections, Silver and System and Platinum and Gold plans. Platinum and Gold plans have the most coverage and can help you protect up to 18 appliances and systems.

However, the cost of these plans depends on:

  • The square footage of your home
  • The plan you select
  • The service fee
  • Any additional coverage

Based on our research and price comparison, the cost of plans ranges from $43 to $60, with service fees as low as $75 and as high as $125, which is more affordable than other companies.

If you have any kind of home monitoring system, you might be eligible for a discount as well.

AFC Home Club customer support is available 24/7. Still, you should submit a service request within one day after noticing a malfunction.

When it comes to additional coverage, these include:

  • Sump pump
  • Septic system
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Pool and spa
  • Stand-alone freezer
  • Tankless water heater

Being among the top home warranty companies, AFC Home Club provides excellent service. With membership, you’ll enjoy a lifetime guarantee, the ability to choose your licensed technicians, and constant access to the in-house service team.

However, if you want to cancel, you’ll have to pay a $75 cancellation fee.

We included AFC Home Club because of its long list of add-ons, great coverage plans, and additional benefits for club members.

AFC Home Club also has a lifetime repair guarantee something that consumer reports all point out as one of their most-liked features.


  • A long list of add-ons
  • Excellent plan options
  • Affordable coverage
  • Benefits for club members


  • $75 cancellation fee
  • Short deadline to submit the claim after the malfunction


We included AFC Home Club in our list because of its excellent offers to club members.

Every plan includes the most extended repair guarantee, 24/7 access to selected technicians, and a guaranteed coverage rate in the next five years.

3. Cinch Home Services – Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

  • Covers pre-existing conditions
  • The longest repair guarantee
  • Offers discounts on new appliances

Cinch Home Service has been in business for over 40 years. It’s among the most established companies in Florida. Its plans are suitable for homeowners or tenants so that anyone can enjoy living in their home.

This company utilizes modern tools and a powerful customer support network to provide quality service in preventing, diagnosing, and solving issues.

Cinch Home Services is not available in Hawaii and Alaska. However, if you live in any other state, you can select one of three programs, out of which the Complete Home one offers the most value.

Several add-ons are available and can be included in any plan you select.

Unlike many other companies in America, Cich provides coverage for some pre-existing conditions and rust and corrosion.

You can submit a request online, and its customer support is available 24/7 via online form or phone.

These are the plans, and the prices start at:

  • Appliances – $27.99/mo, covers only appliances
  • Build-in Systems – $32.99/mo, covers only home systems
  • Complete Home – $39.99/mo, includes complete coverage

Keep in mind that the cost varies by region. The usual service fee is about $150.

What we loved most about Cinch is that it covers some pre-existing conditions and rust, which many other companies don’t include in their plans. Still, the service fee might be too much for some customers.

Cinch is on our list because its warranty includes pre-existing condition protection. Plus, its plans are suitable for tenants as well.


  • 40 years of experience in the industry
  • Suitable for homeowners and tenants
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • 180 days repair guarantee


  • Not available in Hawaii and Alaska
  • Higher than the average service fee


If you’re looking for warranty insurance that can help you cover more than you believe you could get covered, Cinch Home Services is the way to go.

With its Complete Home Plan, you’ll enjoy full coverage of home systems components and appliances.

4. First American Home Warranty – Coverage for improperly installed appliances

  • Some pre-existing conditions may be fixed
  • If contractors can’t repair, the item will be replaced
  • No limit to the number of service requests

Our guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the First American Home Warranty company.

It serves affordable and comprehensive coverage to over 590,000 customers. It covers even the items that were improperly installed. This company will replace the items that can’t be fixed.

Unfortunately, it’s available only in 35 states. If you’re lucky to live in a location where you can purchase its home protection plan, you’ll have two options, but know that the Premier Plan is a top seller.

These are the prices:

  • Basic Plan – $37/mo, covers the essential appliances
  • Premier Plan – $49,50/mo, covers everything in Basic Plan plus home systems

To see the complete list of covered items, you’ll have to pull a quote. You can sign in to place the request online or start the claims process via phone. Overall, the service fees should be average.

First American has been in the industry for over 35 years.

You can expect simple repairs to be done during the first appointment. Some items that broke before the start of warranty coverage may be repaired. The definitive downside of this affordable home warranty is that it’s not available nationwide.

First American deserves the place on our list because it covers systems and appliances regardless of their age and offers comprehensive plans.


  • Insures appliances regardless of their age
  • 35 years of experience
  • Simple repairs are done in the first home inspection
  • Covers improperly installed items


  • Available only in 35 states
  • No coverage for roof leaks


This company will serve you in 35 states and provide comprehensive coverage, even for some items that broke before you purchased the plan.

5. Liberty Home Guard – Highest BBB rating

  • Liberty Home Guard covers normal wear and tear
  • It has the highest BBB rating
  • Decent cost of service fees

Even though Liberty Home Guard is new on the market, it still offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. It even provides coverage for everyday wear and tear damage, something that many home warranties consumer reports look for.

With a long list of add-ons, you’ll enjoy some of the best coverage available. Liberty Home Guard is in our guide since it’s also the highest-rated BBB company.

When it comes to state availability, Liberty Home Guard serves 46 states. If you live in the area where it’s available, you’ll have access to three plans with add-ons.

Prices and add-ons:

  • Total Home Guard – The most popular home protection plan insurance starts as low as $1.5/day and covers both appliances and home systems.
  • Systems Guard – Starts as low as $1/day and covers home systems.
  • Appliance Guard – Starts as low as $1/day and covers only appliances.

Add-ons include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Pool and spa
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Ejector pump
  • Generator
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Wine cooler
  • Limited roof leak
  • Pest control, and more

Coverage limitations are related to human misuse. As with other warranty companies, customer service is available 24/7. The final price of the plan you select will depend on your location, but you will enjoy a competitive service fee of $60.

We found that Liberty Home Guard reviews reveal that it is one of the most trusted companies for high-end appliances.


  • The highest-rated BBB company in the industry
  • Excellent selection of add-ons
  • Ideal for high-end appliances
  • 60 days repair guarantee


  • Not available nationwide
  • Prices vary based on location


Even though it’s new on the market, Liberty Home Guard earned the highest BBB rating. It will help you protect high-end appliances and even cover for everyday wear and tear.

6. Choice Home Warranty – Comprehensive Coverage

  • Covers most states
  • Any plan you select is good
  • One of the most affordable options

Choice Home Warranty is among the top picks for many home owners. It can help you insure the essential appliances and major systems. Plan options are quote-based but still very affordable, and you can use the quotes online tool to find out the price.

They operate in every state besides California and Washington, making them one of the leaders in the industry.

This company has two basic plans with multiple add-ons to help you enjoy customizable coverage. The add-ons include but are not limited to pools, spa, sump pump, and similar items.

You can get a free quote by using the company’s online tool and purchase your favorite home protection plan. If you pay in full, you’ll also get the first month free.

Like we previously mentioned, there are two plans available, Total and Basic.

The Total plan covers:

  • AC system
  • Heating system
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Plumbing stoppage
  • Water heater, and more

The Basic plan covers all this, except the AC system, refrigerator, and clothes washer or dryer.

Excluded items are:

  • Cosmetic items like knobs or handles
  • AC maintenance
  • Sediment build-up or reservoir tanks
  • Damage caused by acts of God

In case of a malfunction, you can sign in to submit a new service request. Customer service is available 24/7, 365 days. Choice customers reveal that correspondence is fast and easy.

The warranty from Choice is affordable, and the prices range from $36 to $44 per month, with the service fees ranging from $60 to $85. Add-ons are charged extra.

Choice Home Warranty is the highest-rated company and offers comprehensive, affordable plans. It also has low service fees and nationwide availability, making it suitable for many homeowners looking to invest in a warranty in the US.

On the downside, we believe that the prices should be more transparent.

We selected this company because it’s a cheap alternative to competition but still has high ratings. The Choice Home Warranty consumer reports also reveal its comprehensive coverage and great customer service.


  • Super affordable
  • No need for a home inspection
  • No need for maintenance records
  • Both plans provide excellent coverage


  • Poor customization options
  • You can’t choose a technician


Customer feedback for Choice Home Warranty reveals that you can help you secure most of your appliances regardless of the home protection plan you select.

Being among the cheapest options, with low service fees and decent add-ons, customers share that they are definitely worth considering.

7. American Residential Warranty – Most affordable

  • Competitive pricing
  • Free quote online tool
  • Excellent discounts

ARW focuses on providing customers with home warranty service contracts that cover repairs or replacements of home appliances and systems.

ARW is partnered with The Warranty Group, which allows it to offer customizable insurance. A. M. Best ranks it with an A+ rating, providing excellent service.

Regarding the availability of its programs, American Residential Warranty is available in 44 states.

Unfortunately, if you’re located in California, Texas, US Virgin Islands, Florida, Iowa, or Washington, you won’t have access to ARW services.

Besides the Platinum Premier package, ARW has six more packages to choose from.

The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Platinum Premier – $59.99/mo
  • Platinum – $49.99/mo
  • Kitchen Plus – $34.99/mo
  • Heating and Cooling – $39.99/mo
  • Ultimate electronics protection – $24.99/mo
  • 4-in-1 bundle – $124.99/mo
  • 3-in-1 bundle – $109.99/mo

American Residential Warranty reviews all share the same opinion that their plans are excellent.

These can help you protect new and old home system components and appliances with a service fee that starts at $55.

You’ll also enjoy 24/7 access to customer support, of course, something that all American Residential Warranty customers share is very important when selecting a company.

Still, there are several exclusions:

  • Built-in microwave
  • Ceiling fans
  • Garage door opener
  • Garbage disposal, etc

Regardless, we listed American Residential Warranty among the top companies because of its excellent features, always available customer support, and decent service fees.


  • Fully customizable plans
  • Available electronic protection
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Available in 44 states


  • Hard to find what’s excluded
  • Not ideal for large homes


Based on our comparison of top companies, American Residential Warranty has one of the neatest websites among similar companies.

You’ll be able to purchase a plan or instantly pull a free quote to find the ideal option for you. The prices start at $25, but you might also score a discount.

8. Select Home Warranty – Roof coverage is included

  • By paying in full, you receive a discount
  • Free roof coverage
  • 90-day repair guarantee

Besides the standard services, Select automatically includes $99 worth of free roof coverage in all its plans. You’ll also enjoy two extra months of protection for free if you pay a total annual fee.

Select Home Warranty is available in most states, excluding California, Nevada, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.

There are three plans available:

  • Gold Care – $36/mo, covers six systems and appliances.
  • Bronze Care – $42/mo, covers eight systems and appliances.
  • Platinum Care – $36/mo, covers 17 systems and appliances.

Several add-ons can help you protect sump pumps, pools, lawn sprinklers, and similar systems, placing this offer among the leaders. Customer support is available 24/7, 365 days.

There are also some exclusions. They depend on how you maintain your appliances, home systems, and their locations.

These are the appliances and systems they consider:

  • Ceiling fan lights
  • Portable pools
  • Storage tanks
  • Any system repairs related to hazardous materials, etc.

With Select, you’ll avoid expensive repairs, enjoy affordable prices, and have great discounts. Just a few of the reasons why they are on our list.

You’ll also have the option to submit a claim online. The downsides of Select Home Warranty are that you might be charged multiple service fees for multiple repairs and low coverage caps.

We placed this company on our list because it offers free roof coverage with any plan.

The company also has several discounts and occasional promotions to help you save on their servicesreview.


  • Generous discounts
  • Free roof coverage
  • Flexible plans
  • Affordable packages


  • Some maintenance records required
  • A long list of exclusions


Select is known for its affordable plans and unique offers. Its services and plans are available in 46 states. It has excellent customer support with the option to submit warranty claims online.

Add-ons let you customize your coverage, so you get only what you need.

How to Choose a Company

It can be tricky. Some of the leaders in the industry aren’t transparent with pricing. In contrast, others don’t offer the coverage that you need.

For this article, we focused on several essential features of home appliance warranty companies:

  • Coverage – A residential warranty should cover the most essential home systems and appliances. It can be used regardless of the age of appliances and systems. It can be a better choice than the extended warranty.
  • Availability – Not all warranty programs are available in all states. We researched the availability of each company.
  • Fees and pricing – Generally, it all comes down to price and your budget. Make sure you get value for money and can afford the monthly fees.
  • Waiting period – We also explore how long you have to wait for your coverage to become effective. This way, the companies can protect themselves against dealing with pre-existing conditions.
  • Customer service – Everyone needs their appliances fixed quickly, and customer service plays a crucial role in the process.

To find the most suitable company for your needs you first have to think about what kind of coverage you need.

Sometimes the coverage will depend on your location, so you’ll have to research which work in your region.

Usually, you’ll enjoy the insurance for:

  • Clothes dryer and washer
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Icemaker
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • AC, and similar appliances

The usual coverage includes heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and water heaters when it comes to home systems.

However, the coverage will depend on the residential home warranties company and the home protection plan you select. You should contact customer support if you have any doubts about exclusions and coverages.

Make a list of what you need to insure before purchasing to know what appliances and home systems components you need covered. Once you’ve got your list, look at reviews of companies to find one covering what you need.

The second thing to consider before finalizing your purchase is the cost. The cost may depend on your location, discounts, deals, and seasonal offers.

In addition, many of the cheapest home warranty plans may have specific limitations. For example, you might be refused service if you lost your maintenance records.

Always ask which discounts are available. Most likely, you can qualify for a lower price if you pay your plan’s annual cost in full.

The most common way you’ll start your warranty claims process is either by submitting a claim online or calling the company.

Many of the top-rated companies have a straightforward claim process that you start online. Keep in mind that the usual waiting period is 30 days.

When it comes to service request limits, compare companies since some might also limit the number of service requests.

There are situations when even a leading residential warranty company can’t send in an approved contractor to look at your items. Instead, it will be up to you to contact the contractor that diagnosed the issue.

For this, you must be approved first. Otherwise, you most likely won’t be reimbursed for paying the service. Still, the reimbursement options depend on the company.

The service fee is another factor to consider when you compare warranty companies. This is a flat rate that you’ll pay to the contractor to come and run diagnostics. Usually, this fee ranges from $60 to $100.

Finally, you should know that each plan has specific exclusions. These exclusions are usually related to things that don’t affect the essential function of the item, like hinges, lights, or food spoilage.

Read the limitations and carefully compare home warranty providers before purchasing a plan.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

The following items will most likely be covered in your plan:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating systems
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical components
  • Plumbing system
  • Water heater
  • Garbage disposals
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Clothes washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers

Some companies might also cover ceiling fans, built-in microwaves, and garage door openers. However, even some of the top home warranty companies list these systems in exclusions.

Home warranties won’t cover:

  • Normal wear and tear damage
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Improper installation
  • Poor maintenance
  • Items covered by home insurance
  • Appliances with manufacturer’s warranty

Your contract will also list when your warranty becomes effective. The usual waiting period is 30 days.

Regarding the repair guarantee you’ll usually enjoy 30 days. A company will rarely offer a lifetime guarantee.


Is it worth it to get a home warranty?

Absolutely yes home warranties are worth it. Fixing your home appliances is expensive and replacing them is even worse.

However, you can save money with the right coverage when sudden issues with your home systems and technology arise.

This is why it’s worth going through the reviews to make sure you find a trusted company.

How does a home warranty work?

Absolutely, as long as you compare home warranties and select the ideal one for your needs, it can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Once your appliances or home system components stop working and you have a home warranty, you can contact the company. Then the company will reach out to the provider that will call you to schedule a visit.

The provider will then fix the issue. If you’ve chosen a quality service, they will pay for replacement costs and installations if your appliances can’t be fixed.

What’s the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance?

Home insurance policies serve to insure your home structure, liability, and personal belongings.

The top home warranties will help you repair or replace home systems and appliances. You can purchase both of these policies separately or together for complete coverage.

Do I need to get a warranty if I already have a manufacturer’s warranty?

If you already own a manufacturer’s warranty for your items, chances are you won’t need to purchase the home warranty service.

Some companies even state that items already covered with a manufacturer’s warranty won’t be included in the plan.

Do home warranties replace appliances?

Many companies include both repairs and replacements in their plans.

However, keep in mind that these companies list specific exclusions. Sometimes, your item won’t be eligible for the service. This is why research and reading home warranties reviews are crucial.

Still, they can also provide an allowance to help you pay for replacements.


The benefits of home warranty programs are tenfold.

It can help you save money for repairs, replace broken items, and keep home systems healthy. Plus, it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ll always have access to legitimate experts to repair your home system components or appliances.

Overall, investing in a residential warranty from one of the best home warranty companies is among the smartest moves a homeowner can make.