Best CBD Vape Juice: Top 5 Brands for Pain and Anxiety

One of the more popular and efficient forms of this expansion of CBD enriched products is found in the form of CBD Vape Juice. Also known as CBD Vape Oil, CBD E-Liquid, and CBD Vape Liquid, this form of CBD functions as effectively as other CBD products such as CBD Isolate. CBD Vape Juice is available in the three primary forms of CBD forms. It is easily absorbed through the lungs allowing customers a quick and easy way to benefit from the advantages such a CBD-rich product could provide.

To make the search for the best CBD Vape Juice as effortless as possible, we have compiled a list of the top 5 providers. We’ve trawled various organizations and the Internet so that you won’t have to.

CBD Vape Juices – Top 5 Shortlist

  1. CBDFx – Editor’s Choice
  2. CBDistillery – Most Transparent Brand
  3. JustCBD – Most Unique And Potent Flavor Options
  4. – Most Options Available
  5. Extract Labs – Best Loyalty Program

Factors Considered for Each Brand

To ensure that our reviews are as impartial as possible, we have highlighted any pros and cons of a CBD Vape Oil provider. We have also examined vital factors that we look for when purchasing CBD Vape Juices. These factors are:

  1. Company Background Understanding a company’s aim is one of the easiest ways to identify which business is more likely to care about its customers and if it is worth spending money on. As such, we carefully researched each Vape Juice provider we have listed to ensure that they are worthy of a customer’s cash and loyalty.
  2. Ingredients For a product to be effective, it must be created from the best quality ingredients. This is why we have carefully reviewed where each CBD Vape Juice company obtains its product’s components. We also paid close attention to the processing procedure and emphasis that each company places on staying within the CBD legal borderlines outlined by the law.
  3. Price While quality and underlying aims are critical, another factor that we have examined is the product’s price. Products whose price surpasses their quality will not be included on our list. We delved into the costs of the product and any shipping costs and discounts applied to each purchase.
  4. Customer And Industry Reviews Utilizing the past experiences of not only customers but also industry professionals with expertise judging the efficiency of hemp-derived products will also form a part of our review. This is because the very best way to know if a product works is to have experienced that product for yourself.

Brand Analysis & Important Information

1.  CBDFx – Editor’s Choice of CBD Vape Juice Brand


  • Affordable Prices
  • Best Customer Guarantee
  • Multiple Discount Offers Available
  • Multiple Flavor Options

Created in 2014, CBDFx has garnered a prolific following as a brilliant provider of CBD Vape Juices despite being one of the younger brands in the business. CBDFx’s aim is simply to provide the best quality CBD products to both experienced users and novices in the CBD world. A promise that the company has delivered on given the more than twenty-three thousand 5-star reviews that it boasts on its site.

CBDFx holds the idea of high-quality products in great esteem, and as such, they have endeavored to ensure that the ingredients used to produce their products are top-notch at all times. CBDFx boasts that their ingredients are gathered from carefully selected crops that are:

  • Pesticide-Free
  • Organically Grown
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty-Free

CBDFx also claims that all its products are USA-made and solvent-free. In addition to top-quality ingredients, the company processes its products in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facilities. These facilities ensure that every step of the process is supervised and that the CBD end products are of the highest specificity possible.

CBDFx utilizes a specialized version of the CO2 extraction process to obtain the purified CBD and other cannabinoids that it uses in its vape liquids and other CBD products. These end products are then subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that any impurities are removed long before the product is allowed to hit the shelves.

The vape section of the CBDFx site contains not only juice options but also vape liquids, vape kits, and vape additives, providing users with a one-stop-shop experience. There are six CBD Vape Juice options currently in stock on the CBDFx site, these are:

  • Strawberry-Kiwi
  • Spearmint-Gum
  • Strawberry-Milk
  • Blue-Raspberry
  • Wild-Watermelon

The unique flavor choices have drawn the interest and admiration of clients and industry professionals who have described the CBD Vape Juices as rich in taste and quality. A 500mg container of juice will cost a customer only $39.99, whereas a 1000mg bottle costs $69.99, and a 2000mg option costs $99.99.

Uniquely, CBDFx allows customers the option of paying for their products through a payment plan via Sezzle, which would cost only $10 per payment in four installments for the smallest option. Unfortunately, CBDFx does not currently offer a vape bundle option where customers can save money as they do with the site’s other bundle options. However, there are still numerous discounts available.

Customers can also take advantage of the Wellness offers on the site, where they can achieve various discounts simply by inputting a code:

  • 1 Item – 15% Off
  • 2 Items – 20% Off
  • 3 And More Items – 25% Off

CBDFx is so assured of its products’ quality that it allows customers to take full advantage of one of the most extended guarantees in the CBD field. Unlike other CBD product providers, CBDFx offers a 60-day guarantee, during which if a customer is not completely satisfied with the product, they can return it free of any hassle.

An unopened product will receive a full refund, and any opened product can be discussed with the CBDFx customer service team to reach an agreeable solution to the problem. And with operatives available via phone, chat, or email, resolving any issue should take very little time.

With its affordable prices, tasty products, and long-lasting guarantee, it should come as no shock that we have chosen CBDFx as our Editor’s choice for this list.

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2. CBDistillery – Most Transparent CBD Vape Juice Brand


  • Affordable Prices
  • Numerous Flavor And Strength Options
  • Certified By The US Hemp Authority
  • Free Shipping


  • Products Not Available On All Versions Of The Site

CBDistillery was created in 2016 with the express aim to provide its customers with CBD-enriched products that were not only of the highest quality but that would remain affordable, allowing anyone to access the products. In particular, the brand sought to ensure that its customers would have a viable alternative to traditional medicinal choices. To promote this goal, CBDistillery created the CBDMovement Blog where new and existing customers could find a wide variety of information, including:

  • The Health Benefits Of Daily CBD Use
  • How CBD Hemp Oil Is Made And Used
  • How To Choose The Best CBD Product
  • What CBD Receptors Are

CBDistillery’s sharing of this wealth of information is not limited to general CBD topics. In fact, the company is one of the most transparent with its practices and its qualifications. Currently, CBDistillery is one of the few CBD providers that has endeavored to achieve certification by the US Hemp Authority. This certification indicates that the company has been subject to the Us Hemp Authority’s audit and that it has met the stringent guidelines laid out by the Authority.

The ingredients used in CBDistillery’s Vaping CBD products are said to be obtained from farms located within the United States that focus on the production of pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp. All CBDistillery’s products are processed in facilities that adhere to the cGMP guidelines. In these facilities, CBD is extracted via the CO2 extraction process. Lab reports for each product can be obtained by scanning the end product’s QR code.

CBDistillery has amassed more than thirty-one thousand 5-star reviews, indicating that not only has the company stunned industry professionals but that it has also cemented its place among its customers.

CBDistillery is one of the few providers of CBD Vape Juice that currently offers more than one strength option. In addition, the company allows for the purchase of both extra strength and regular strength Vape Juice products with several flavors:

  • Grape
  • Mint
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Mango

The cheapest of these products stands at $20 for a 500mg container with a PG:VG ratio of 85:15, making the product one of the most affordable on our list. Yet despite its inexpensiveness, customers have left glowing reviews about the flavor and the strength of the CBD Vape Juice provided by CBDistillery.

One of the only disadvantages of buying from the CBDistillery site is that the site will automatically redirect to the country of origin when traveling. In most cases, this blocks certain products from the user’s view, making it difficult to obtain information about a specific product. However, this can be overlooked by visiting one of the company’s stores in person.

CBDistillery even offers free shipping on orders that surpass $75. It is important to note, however, that company will only ship within the United States.

With its transparent and gimmick-free approach to the production and sale of CBD products, it should come as no surprise that we have chosen CBDistillery as the most transparent brand on our list.

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3. JustCBD – Most Unique And Potent Flavor CBD Vape Oil Options


  • Unique Flavors
  • Inexpensive Products
  • Easy-To-Use Site
  • Wealth Of Information
  • Returns Policy Available


  • Slightly New Company

Unlike the other brands on our CBD Vape Oils list, JustCBD has a unique aim to ensure that the company’s customers are able to use its products to unwind both mind and body. In particular, the company aims to utilize its CBD-enriched products to improve its customers’ sleep patterns and habits. Established in 2017, the company currently has two main offices in Coral Springs, Florida, and the other in London, United Kingdom. Even though JustCBD can be seen as a relatively new company amongst the others on our list, it has already garnered more than twenty-six thousand 5-star reviews. A fact that is no wonder given the high standard of products that the company has consistently produced.

JustCBD boasts not only that their ingredients are obtained from farms that follow the strictest protocols to ensure product quality. The company has even gone as far as to provide the GMP certification and FDA Registration of several of the farms and facilities that the company partners with. All of these certifications are available for customers to browse under the ‘Our Hemp And GMP’ tab on the site.

JustCBD also allows customers to search for the lab reports of each product by either using the batch or lot number. In addition, customers who have misplaced their batch number can search by category type, using product type and flavor to narrow the search results.

The layout of the JustCBD site is yet another advantage that its customers can look forward to using. Easy-to-navigate tabs and pages that are appropriately designed and spaced make shopping at JustCBD a quick in and out experience.

New customers are even given snapshots of information at the top of each product page to help them navigate the buying process and learn more about the products they are viewing.

JustCBD offers nine options of the most unique flavors of CBD Vape Oils on our list. The products include:

  • Pineapple Express
  • Blue Razz
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Vape Cookies
  • Mango Ice
  • Blue Dream

All of these CBD Vape Oil flavors have received raving commendations from customers and other expert reviewers who have noted the lingering, refreshing, fruity taste experienced with each exhale. Along with producing an authentic taste, the vaping CBD products presented by JustCBD are very inexpensive, with a 100mg container costing as little as $12.00. In comparison, a 1000mg product can be purchased for $29.99.

In the unlikely case that the CBD Vape Oil does not suit the customer’s needs, they can return it within 30 days, unopened. After the returned product is received, JustCBD will process and ensure that the customer receives their refund.

The uniqueness and authenticity of the taste of vape juices provided by JustCBD have rocketed the brand to the top of many customers’ wishlists. Thus, we have chosen it for the same award on our list.

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4. – Most CBD Vape Juice Options Available


  • Numerous CBD Brands In One Place
  • Cheapest Options
  • Multiple Discounts
  • Free Shipping


  • Not Individually Processed Products

Of all the brands on our list, is the only CBD Vape Oil and Vape Juices provider that functions as an online marketplace for several different brands. aims to provide the customer with an avenue to obtain different brands of CBD-enriched products from a single site, an objective that they have clearly achieved if the more than eleven thousand 5-star reviews are to be believed.

At present, hosts products from more than one hundred and eighty leading Vaping CBD Brands, including:

  • Lazarus Naturals
  • CBDistillery
  • CBDFx
  • Social CBD
  • Root Wellness

Along with the Vape Juice providers currently on the site, makes allowances for brands customers would like to see, allowing customers to put in requests that could potentially lead to their favorite brands being added to the site. In addition, the providers themselves are also welcome to approach for the opportunity of posting their CBD Vape Juices and CBD Vape Oil products on the site.

Along with numerous brands, there is also the option of speaking with a trained medical professional by video call or over the phone when taking advantage of the ReadyMD tab present on the site. For as little as $40 for 15 minutes, new and existing customers can have any questions about the effects of CBD and the best product for them answered by a healthcare professional. Customers need only to book a timeslot and a doctor to get started with the service.

For a more specialized session to investigate how CBD will react with the customer’s body, users can take advantage of the Strain Genie plan. Using DNA testing, experts can ‘see’ how certain CBD strains will interact with the customer’s body, providing the information needed to choose the perfect CBD Vape Juice product or strain for any user. The Strain Genie Cannabinoid DNA Test Kit required to start this process will cost $149.99. currently hosts more than one hundred choices of Vaping CBD products. With various options and flavors to choose from, the best selling of those found on the site include:

  • Koi CBD – Tropical Popsicle
  • CBDFx- CBD Terpenes Oil
  • Erth Hemp – Lemon Lime
  • Air Factory CBD – Berry Rush

The Vape Oil and Vape Juice choices on the site also mean that customers can find the cheapest options within the hundreds of products available. The most inexpensive CBD Vape Juice on the site is offered by Koi CBD for as little as $9.99 for a 100mg container. Customers can also take advantage of summer discounts where various savings are available. Discounts such as:

  • 20% Off When Spending $75.00
  • 25% Off When Spending $100
  • 30% Off When Spending $150 also offers free shipping on orders over $50. When using the site, the main disadvantage is the need to research some of the brands they cater to, as the site only provides lab reports and not brand certifications. However, if the customer is worried, they can check the brand’s original website to obtain any information needed.

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5. Extract Labs – Best Loyalty Program


  • Most Unique Loyalty System
  • Multiple Discount Opportunities
  • Numerous Flavors To Choose From
  • Free Shipping Opportunities


  • International Customers May Face Shipping Fees

Established by military veteran Craig Henderson in 2016, Extract Labs was created with the aim to develop CBD-rich products that would be accessible to everyone. A goal that the company not only achieved but also surpassed, as the more than four hundred 5-star reviews on the site can attest.

Extract Labs claims that its hemp-based products are created from organic hemp that has been carefully checked to ensure not only the potency of the product but also to ascertain if there are any levels of pesticide or heavy metals present in the ingredient. Extract Lab’s approach to the obtaining and processing of the components utilized in its products has led to several awards, such as:

  • Indo Expo – Best Extractor 2018
  • Indo Expo – Best Extractor 2019

Extract Labs is also ISO accredited, proving the efficiency of its laboratory systems. Lab reports for all of the products sold by Extract Labs can be found on the site and navigated using either the product’s batch ID or product name.

To facilitate the company’s aim to provide CBD-enriched products to all, Extract Labs has provided one of the best discount programs in its field. Extract Labs offers a 50% discount to any qualifying member. At the moment, the list of those able to access this program include:

  • Active Military
  • Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Teachers
  • Healthcare Workers

Extract Labs also makes allowances for those who are on low-income and members with a disability. Another unique aspect of Extract Labs’ discount program is that it allows international customers to apply, unlike many other discount programs that only American citizens are eligible for. Individuals who do not qualify for the program can still save by signing up for an Extract Labs account, saving them 15% upon verification via an email address.

Further savings can be achieved by signing up to Extract Labs’ loyalty program, where customers can complete small tasks to earn points. For example, customers can earn points for:

  • Creating An Account – 50 points
  • Following The Company On Facebook – 50 points
  • Posting A Video Review – 15 points

Accumulation of these points can be converted into cash savings, with the most awarded being 500 points, saving a customer $50.

Instead of the traditionally named CBD Vape Juice, Extract Labs offers Extract Tanks, full spectrum hemp-derived vape products. In addition, the company provides seven options of flavors, including:

  • Blue Dream
  • Sour Ghost
  • El Jefe
  • Martian Candy

Extract Tanks contain 500mg of CBD Vape Oil product, and the cheapest of the seven costs only $29.00, with the other options costing $39.00. In addition, purchasing any four Extract Tanks will provide customers with a further 20% discount at checkout.

Extract Labs offers free shipping on domestic orders that reach or surpass $50. However, international customers will face shipping charges, but given the amount of overall savings available on the site, such costs may seem negligible at best.

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Is CBD Oil The Same As CBD Vape Juice?

To understand the difference between CBD Oil and CBD Vape Juice, one must first understand what each product actually is and its use.

  • CBD Oil – CBD Oil is a cannabis-derived product that comes in three main types. These types are Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate. Depending on the type of CBD Oil chosen, customers may only experience the advantages of CBD, in the case of CBD Isolate, or have the opportunity to partake in the benefits of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Usually found as tinctures, the CBD in these products is typically transported via an oil or water-base. The consistency of CBD Oil lends itself to oral consumption. Customers can ingest the product by placing it under their tongue and allowing it to soak into their capillaries, or the CBD Oils can be added to drinks and balms. It is not recommended that customers attempt to use these CBD Oils as e-liquids as, unlike CBD Vape Oils, the CBD Oil’s consistency can lead to blocked vape pens and damaged coils.

  • CBD Vape Juice – CBD Vape Oils and Vape Juices are simply that, a designed e-liquid that has been saturated with the properties and the benefits of CBD Oils. In order to ensure that the fluid does not damage the customer’s vape pens as the oils would, CBD Vape Juice includes a thinning agent added to the CBD extract to ensure that it works as it should. The common thinning agents used are PG, VG, and MCT.

Unlike CBD Oils, Vape CBD is consumed via the lungs during the process of using the vape. And while there is no actual danger to be found in consuming the Vape CBD orally, it should be recalled that it has been formulated for a specific use. Therefore, customers should always follow the instructions given to them by their brand.

What To Look For In Quality CBD E-Liquid?

There are numerous factors that a customer should examine when trying to find the Best CBD Vape Juices. These are as follows:

  1. Content While most forms of CBD Vape Oil will provide a customer with the benefits they require, it should be remembered that not all vape juices are created equal. Some products will contain THC, while others, such as CBD Isolate, will not. Legally, products should only contain up to 0.3% of THC, a level too low to affect an adult. However, the product may still cause problems. Trace levels of THC can show up on drug tests. Therefore to obtain the best CBD Vape Juice, a customer should be careful about which form of vape fluid they purchase.
  2. CBD Vape Oil Equipment The type of CBD Vape Oil purchased should be compatible with the customer’s vaping equipment. In the case of vape fluids that utilize VG, these can often negatively impact vaporizer tanks that use cotton wicks. In such cases, the oil usually leads to the wicks hardening over time, eventually leading to the tank’s destruction.
  3. CBD Vape Oil Brand As the popularity of CBD-enriched products has grown, so have the number of brands providing said products. Brands should be carefully researched before a purchase is made to ensure that the customer isn’t receiving substandard products that might be outside the legal limits of what is expected in their area. Thankfully our article has made this even easier by already listing the top five brands.
  4. Best CBD Vape Ingredients – The cannabis plant is susceptible to the influence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other substances that may prove harmful if consumed. Therefore, to ensure that the customer is getting the best product possible, they must only purchase from providers willing to provide lab reports and authentication of the facilities they are receiving their ingredients from.

Benefits Of CBD Vape Juice

One of the main advantages of using CBD-rich vape juices is that vaping allows users one of the fastest ways to consume the product. This is because vape juices do not need to be digested, and thus they will be absorbed much quicker than their counterparts. The product is allowed to filter into the bloodstream through the simple act of inhaling, allowing the customer to reap the full benefit much quicker than usual.

Much like other CBD products on the market, CBD Vape Juice targets several ailments. These include:

  • Mood Disorders The CBD in the product is thought to be able to influence the serotonin receptors in the body that control emotions, ensuring that the customer’s mood remains more balanced throughout the day.
  • Inflammation Studies into cannabinoids have found that THC functions as an anti-inflammatory agent capable of lowering pain levels throughout the day. This property can also aid in skin breakouts by reducing the likelihood of the inflammations that may sometimes become infected and damage the skin.
  • Insomnia CBD has often been reported to induce drowsiness in consumers. The product is particularly effective in cases where insomnia is caused by stress.

Along with these traditional benefits, CBD Vape Liquid can be used discreetly. Not only does vaping not attract as much attention as holding a tincture beneath your tongue, but in cases where smoking is frowned upon, the product does not leave the same lingering smell associated with using tobacco.


In the growing world of CBD Vape, clients have numerous opportunities to get the best experience of a CBD vaping product. With our article, customers no longer need to comb through hundreds of brands to find the one that best suits them. Instead, all it will take is the click of a button, and you can start your best CBD Vaping Experience today.