CBD Cream For Pain 2022 – Natural & Easy-To-Use Pain Relief Topicals


Deep in the anthropological roots of the human race lies the fundamental desire to avoid pain. We’ve tried just about every solution under the sun to reduce, mitigate, and otherwise escape discomfort, from the physical to the psychological, to the pharmaceutical and beyond. Sometimes, however, nature reveals its secrets to us just enough to discover wonders such as CBD cream for pain. 

CBD cream has become a global phenomenon, with people using it for pain relief, skin issues, anxiety, and more. However, the quality of CBD cream and other CBD topicals at different stores varies greatly. But with all the options available, how does one even begin to parse through them to choose the one CBD cream for pain relief that will work best for you? We’ve solved that problem – and you’ve found the right place to read up on the best CBD cream options.

Top 8 CBD Cream for Pain Relief Products – Brand Summary

  1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Cream for Pain
  2. CBDistillery – Close Second
  3. Green Roads – Runner-Up
  4. Joy Organics – Worthy Mention
  5. Charlotte’s Web – Honorable Mention
  6. Batch CBD – Small Batches
  7. Fab CBD – Good Website
  8. Penguin CBD – Nice Design

Top 8 CBD Cream for Pain Relief Products – Reviews

1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Cream for Pain


  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Natural pain relievers white willow bark & caffeine
  • Menthol for cooling relief
  • Vegan, cruelty-free
  • 60-day guarantee


  • If you’re looking for a combination CBD/THC cream for pain relief, look elsewhere. As a broad-spectrum CBD product, it contains little to no THC. 

CBDfx Muscle & Joint Cream Cooling Formula

Of all our reviewed CBD products, CBDfx’s Muscle & Joint Cream Cooling Formula was the standout pick for CBD creams for pain. This CBD for pain relief cream has white willow bark, menthol, and caffeine: all potent, anti-inflammatory botanical extracts. This powerhouse combination treats aches, pain, and stressed joints with multiple levels of soothing relief unlike any other on this list. 

The CBDfx Muscle & Joint Cream Cooling Formula consists of organic broad-spectrum CBD mixed with the aforementioned white willow bark, caffeine, and menthol. Each has numerous benefits on its own, but within this muscle and joint CBD cream, they come together like a perfect symphony of pain reduction and soothing relief. 

Medically Reviewed

In addition, CBDfx has each of their CBD products medically reviewed and posts the full review along with each item. In this case, the reviewing doctor spoke directly about his own experience using the product, the aspects of it that he admired most (ingredient profile, application without mess, and of course effective pain relief), and he even dives deeper into the science behind how each ingredient interacts with the rest. 

Our review team felt that this additional level of expert perspective added an air of trustworthiness, especially since each medical review on the site is accompanied by the name, title, practice area, and even a photo of the reviewing doctor. These are the real deal and it shows. 

Finally, CBDfx tops our list of best CBD cream for pain products in part due to its generous 60-day guarantee. Within 60 days of purchase, any CBDfx product can be replaced, as long as they were only used minimally. For those seeking to try a CBD cream for pain for the first time, this feature makes the notion as risk-free as it gets. 

The Final Word

The CBDfx Muscle & Joint Cream Cooling Formula combines a variety of unique ingredients with broad-spectrum CBD to achieve a balanced, effective, soothing pain reliever that’s good for all seasons. The company’s commitment to third-party expert perspectives shows authority in the field. And the CBDfx 60-day guarantee is not only good customer service but is also aligned with the feel-good humanity of the CBDfx brand itself. 

Learn more at CBDfx.com


2. CBDistillery – Mr. Versatility


  • Versatile line of topical CBD products
  • Isolate, broad-, and full-spectrum options
  • Third-party tested lab results


  • CBDistillery’s website may not differentiate enough between topical CBD creams and those intended for daily skincare for all users. 

Versatile Product Line

Our review team was immediately struck by CBDistillery’s versatile approach to CBD topical product offerings. It appears the company has the market covered entirely, with a variety of topical CBD for pain creams in multiple formats. CBDistillery’s line includes creams, salves, sticks, toners, and oils. 

Isolate, Broad-Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum CBD

Beyond the variety of application options, CBDistillery also offers all three types of CBD in their topical CBD products: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD. The difference between isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD is simply a matter of ingredients. In order of most ingredients to least: 

  • Full-Spectrum CBD is a full extraction of the hemp plant and contains the most ingredients, including CBD, trace amounts of delta-9 THC, the cannabinoid in hemp that causes a “high”, as well as other cannabinoids, minerals, terpenes, vitamins, flavonoids, and plant proteins. Together, these ingredients may cause what is known as the “entourage effect”, which is the theory that treatments using the full set of natural ingredients from the hemp plant create extra benefits by virtue of being grouped together.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD includes all the same ingredients as full-spectrum CBD, with one key exception: the exclusion of THC. 
  • Isolate CBD consists strictly of CBD molecules only. 

CBDistillery demonstrates a commitment to locally produced products, in that their line consists of non-GMO industrial hemp grown exclusively in the United States. The company takes pride in this local production and CBDistillery’s commitment to quality goes even further by directly overseeing every aspect of their locally produced hemp, “from seed to shelf.” 

Third-Party Lab Testing

In fact, it is this commitment that resonated with our review team, as CBDistillery truly goes the extra mile. The company engages solely in natural farming practices and uses third-party laboratory testing to ensure top-notch quality. This is truly above and beyond, as this is not a requirement of the industry and speaks to CBDistillery’s integrity as a company.

CBDistillery takes transparency even further with readily available lab batch results available for every purchase by scanning the unique QR code on each product. This leads the customer to the company’s website, where they can view U.S. Hemp Authority-certified results specific to the product in their hands. 

The Final Word

CBDistillery’s versatile line of CBD products, paired with its attention to quality and commitment to transparency practices are some of the reasons the company is so high on our list. 

Learn more at TheCBDistillery.com


3. Green Roads – The Experienced Veteran


  • Unique “roll-on” applicator
  • Founded by a compounding pharmacist
  • Commitment to self-regulation and transparency 
  • Travel size product versions available


  • Consider another option on this list if opposed to roll-on applicator products

Roll-On Applicator

Green Roads immediately stood out to our review team with its unique roll-on applicator. This simple and accessible applicator tip means application to the skin is quick and easy. It also means using the product directly for relief of joint or muscle pain is a no-mess process, allowing users to engage with the product without needing to touch it with their hands, instead only applying the product where it is needed on the body. 

Led by Science

Our review team loved the built-in trustworthiness of a company founded by a compounding pharmacist. That means the entirety of the business is centered around the science of the product line. And that’s always a good thing. Founder Laura Fuentes was a hands-on compounding pharmacist for 25 years before starting Green Roads and views her users as “patients” instead of “customers”. This mindset is especially evident through the company’s industry-leading consumer advocacy efforts. Companies the world over spend millions of dollars to fight industry regulation and free their practices from oversight. Green Roads takes the opposite tack, calling for greater regulation and oversight throughout the industry, but standing as an example ready to lead the way by example. 

The Final Word

Good products, unique approaches, a great company story, and a CBD cream for pain provider with its heart in the right place makes Green Roads a winning combination. 

Learn more at GreenRoads.com


4. Joy Organics – Creativity Starts Here


  • Unique product types
  • Fully 0% THC product line
  • Lab reports available for each product


  • Limited product line, though versatile in its limitations 

Zero Tolerance 

Joy Organics stands out with a product line that is unique in two ways: its unique application types and the fact that the entire line of products is completely THC-free. Clear labeling on each package displays “0.0% THC” front and center. Our review team could tell that this is a point of pride for Joy Organics and it shows. Beyond pride, the company even offers a money-back guarantee, ensuring their product is fully THC-free. This money-where-their-mouth-is policy is a singular approach in this industry, even among Joy’s peers on this list. 

Creative Options

Joy Organics also takes a few unique approaches to the types of products they offer as well. The CBD Bath Bomb is a creative way to apply CBD treatments to the skin—in this case, all at once. Joy also offers a pump-top CBD Sports Cream in “cool menthol”. The company’s organic CBD salve is available in two versions: in a jar or in a “salve stick”, which means there are CBD cream for pain relief options for those who don’t wish to apply the formula with bare hands. Organic CBD Massage Oil is also unique to this list and is another admirably creative approach to the use and application of CBD to relieve acute or chronic pain that is exclusive to Joy Organics. 

Public Lab Results 

We also loved the commitment to transparent business practices by making full lab testing information fully available to anyone wishing to research their purchase decision. Third-party lab results are on full display, including a readily available certificate of quality assurance. And if there’s any doubt about the level of detail involved, our review team found these test results to be not only easily accessible via every product view page but also listed by individual testing lot number. That means you can view not only your product but also quality info about its specific production run. 

The Final Word

Joy Organics’ next-level transparency paired with its creative product design make it a welcome and exciting addition to our list of top CBD cream for pain options. 

Learn more at JoyOrganics.com


5. Charlotte’s Web  – Comprehensive Done Right


  • 22 different CBD cream options
  • Every pain type covered
  • Package deals
  • Polished brand


  • Some may find the plethora of options overwhelming

Expansive Options

From sports strain to Arthritis aches, to Eczema agony, Charlotte’s Web’s line of CBD topicals has you covered. It’s easy to see why Charlotte’s Web is our staff pick for most comprehensive, with 22 different topical CBD products in its lineup. This wide variety of topical CBD pain cream products comes in just as wide a variety of application types: 

  • CBD Creams
  • CBD Balms
  • CBD Cooling Gels
  • CBD Medicated Ointments
  • CBD Pain Relief Ointments

Rooted in Pain Reduction

The extensive list of Charlotte’s Web CBD pain cream options speaks to the many applications of CBD topicals as a pain reduction solution. Our review team loved Charlotte’s Web’s fearless embracing of the many ways pain can interrupt our lives. The multitude of resources to help alleviate these various forms of pain illustrates the passion the Charlotte’s Web team has for their products and for the cause of pain relief through natural remedies. 

Quiz Tool

Our review team loved the Charlotte’s Web Quiz, a two-minute questionnaire resulting in product recommendations based on your individual needs. This is an interactive, well-designed tool that takes the guesswork out of the brand’s potentially overwhelming catalog of products. 

Package Sets

Charlotte’s Web does a great job of making sets of products available in “packages” so users can shop based on an area of need instead of scrolling through pages of information. The Athlete Sport Collection, The Recovery Collection, and The Skincare Collection each consist of topical CBD cream for pain options, ointments, sticks, and oils to provide a unique, multifaceted solution to each problem area.

Every product in the Charlotte’s Web line of CBD topicals is displayed on the company’s website in an informative and aesthetically pleasing way. For example, the product page for the Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Cooling Gel with full-spectrum CBD includes tasteful imagery, an easy-to-scan “why we love it” section outlining both benefits and a lack of unnecessary chemicals, effective usage information, and an outline of ingredients. While this aspect may appear frivolous on the surface, this level of attention to detail and commitment to presenting a polished and consistent brand design is demonstrative of an established, professional brand that’s in it for the long haul. 

The Final Word

Charlotte’s Web shows how to take a comprehensive approach tastefully and effectively. If you can’t find what you need in their CBD cream for pain product lineup, it may not exist! 

Learn more at CharlottesWeb.com


6. Batch CBD – The Bold and the Bountiful


  • Flagship product upgraded with additional features 
  • Sampler Pack offering for those new to CBD
  • Organically grown and hand-harvested locally
  • 30-Day guarantee


  • Limited product line

Proof in the Pudding

The CBD Balm: Original may seem understated on the surface, but once you get past the simple, but well-designed packaging, you’ll find a beloved product made even greater through innovation. Originally based on the company’s WI Hemp Scientific CBD Body Balm product, the CBD Balm: Original is the unique “2.0” version, including a fully upgraded formulation. In this Batch CBD balm, you’ll find increased amounts of CBD to the tune of 1250 mg of Wisconsin-grown full-spectrum CBD. This CBD increase, paired with organic jojoba oil and a convenient twist-up stick applicator makes this Batch balm an easy CBD topical option for any need.

Starter Sampler

Beyond the standalone balm product, Batch also offers a very affordable CBD Sampler Pack. This pack includes CBD topical applications like Batch’s Fire & Ice CBD Relief Balm, as well as gummies, an oil tincture, and soft gel pills. This beginner-friendly pack is moderately priced, accessible, and provides a wide array of opportunities to dig into the product line before committing to larger quantities. 

Rooted in WI

Batch takes great pride in its Wisconsin roots and operations. The company devotes entire sections of its website to proudly herald its various local partnerships, locally sourced ingredients, and WI-based founders and staff. The multitude of smiling faces adorning the website makes Batch a friendly place to visit – so friendly that our review team quite enjoyed exploring the brand’s well-designed online presence. 

The team at Batch stands behind their product such that a 30-day guarantee is included with every purchase. They want you to enjoy your product and find the muscle and joint pain relief you’re seeking – and this level of commitment to quality is a welcome way to show it. 

The Final Word

Formulation upgrades are a tricky thing: on one hand, a company risks alienating existing customers by altering a familiar product. Batch CBD pulls this off with aplomb, however, coming out of the process with an even better CBD cream for pain product that’s a no-brainer addition to our best-of list. 

Learn more at HelloBatch.com


7. Fab CBD – Simple But Effective


  • Product design is simplicity done right 
  • Organically grown and farmed locally
  • 3x potency


  • Limited product line

Simple But Effective

Fab CBD makes our list as a prime example of simplicity done right. The company has two CBD topical pain relief creams: Topical CBD Cream and CBD Salve. 

The topical cream hints at the Mediterranean Sea with whispers of blood orange scent paired with what we could only describe as a cool oceanfront breeze. Fab’s Topical CBD Cream is simple and straightforward while packing a potent punch of 600 mg of CBD per 2 oz. jar. For those of you playing at home, this is roughly three times the potency of the average CBD pain reliever. Fab based its dosage on science, finding that many of their competitors under-delivered on the core ingredient, such that many others provide a sub-par product. 

The Fab CBD Salve carries the torch further with 1,000 mg of CBD in its 1 oz. version and a whopping 3,000 mg in its 2.5 oz. variant. Both the Topical CBD Cream and the CBD Salve from Fab include natural moisturizers to take the built-in CBD benefits to another level entirely. Notes of blood oranges, essential oils, and a proprietary calming scent complement both products, making either a welcome addition to any CBD lover’s journey. 

Denver Love

Fab is also quite proud of its roots in the Denver, Colorado area and it shows. Their entire product line is U.S.-based and locally harvested. 

The Final Word

“A finger tip’s worth goes a long way” is one of the company’s mantras, and it’s clear by its potent dosage and power-packed products that this is good advice. We recommend either the CBD salve or CBD cream for pain relief.


8. Penguin CBD – The Skincare All-Stars


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Bundled discounts
  • Promotes skin-cell rejuvenation 


  • Skincare-oriented product design may not be what every topical CBD user is seeking

Tried and True

Penguin CBD is committed to transparency and data-driven excellence. The company employs third-party laboratory testing to hold itself accountable and display specifics for its customers. Each product includes a full certificate of lab analysis standard, as part of the purchase. Full quantities, concentrations, and amounts are listed clearly on each product package and a variety of potencies are available to choose from. 

Bundled Breaks

From a purchasing perspective, our review team loved that Penguin offers a variety of ways to get your hands on their CBD cream for pain products. Individual jars are available, but price breaks can be found in both 2-pack and 4-pack bundles. Further, the company offers a subscribe-and-save program in which customers can save a flat percentage by signing up for monthly deliveries. 

The Experience

Penguin’s CBD-infused cream has a cooling effect and is terpene-rich, ensuring a comfortable application and effective skin absorption paired with natural moisturizers to promote skin-cell rejuvenation. The CBD itself is broad-spectrum, including all the goodness of the hemp plant, minus the THC. Upon application, you may note the airy peppermint-lavender scent, beloved by Penguin clients the world over. 

The Final Word

Penguin CBD knows they have something special and they aren’t shy about placing their best CBD cream for pain product front-and-center as the shining star it is. Penguin CBD rounds out our list of the top CBD cream for pain options with an authentic, data-driven formulation, customer-friendly bundling options, and a dreamy, enlightened topical experience unlike any other.


Why Did We Choose These 8 Brands?

Our review team placed the best CBD creams side by side and whittled down the list you’re reading from hundreds of competitors. Brands were considered for inclusion in this list based on a variety of factors including: 

  • Unique product features
  • Scientific and data-driven formulations 
  • Product variation and availability

What you’ve found here are our picks for the very best CBD cream for pain treatment available today. 

What is CBD Cream?

“CBD” stands for cannabidiol, which is a natural compound that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike its fellow chemical from the same plant, tetrahydrocannabinol (more commonly known by its abbreviation: THC), CBD does not cause psychoactive effects. 

Topical CBD creams are made by diluting CBD oil with a carrier element, such as coconut, olive or hemp seed oil. A CBD mixture can be formulated as a topical product to be rubbed on the skin, but CBD oil products are also made to be ingested orally. Pure CBD oil is the most potent form of this product, but it may cause irritation or other unpleasant reactions in some people. This is why it’s often mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil to allow for more consistent direct application to the skin.

CBD has been used for centuries to help with pain relief and other medical conditions, recorded by the Chinese as far back as 2900 B.C. Western medicine caught on around the mid-1800s. But it wasn’t until the research of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in the 1960s that cannabis and CBD each earned the research spotlight. Dr. Mechoulam is an Israeli organic chemist and is still an active researcher, as a professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. 

Today, CBD and CBD + THC combination treatments have regulatory medicinal approval in several European countries, with ongoing FDA studies currently underway in the United States as well. 

CBD is known to help with a variety of ailments including pain, inflammation, muscle and joint pain, soreness, anxiety, and extra effective pain relief in specific body parts, such as the lower back. Applications are currently in use, in testing, and in research stages for CBD products as treatment for a variety of chronic conditions, including: 

  • Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Seizure disorders (such as epilepsy) 
  • Skeletal muscle disorders (such as multiple sclerosis or MS) 

There are many benefits of using CBD topicals for various health conditions. They are easy to use, provide relief without the psychoactive effects of THC, and can be used on any area of the body.

What To Look for When Buying CBD Creams?

When considering CBD cream options for the treatment and reduction of pain, we recommend paying close attention to the following factors: product size, CBD concentration, additional ingredients, and whether the CBD cream is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD.

The size of the product itself and the corresponding concentration of CBD matter due to the nature of dilution and potency. The greater the ratio of CBD, the more potent the cream. You’ll want to pay close attention to accompanying ingredients as well, however, as there are a wide array of ways to formulate CBD creams. This part is a quick check though, as you just need to watch for aromas you don’t prefer and any moisturizers or side ingredients that may not agree with your physiology. 

Benefits of CBD Cream

The benefits of using CBD cream are numerous. It can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve sleep quality, and even help with anxiety disorders. In fact, while it has been used to treat pain for years, more formalized early research suggests that CBD can help reduce pain in more specific ways for more chronic pain sufferers. 

While pain reduction is generally regarded as the main benefit of CBD creams, CBD has also been known to: 

  • Help lower addictive cravings for heroin and tobacco
  • Treat insomnia by helping patients find sleep
  • Help treat anxiety 

How to Use CBD Cream for Pain?

The practical application of CBD cream is as straightforward as it gets: one simply applies the cream directly to the skin, much like using moisturizer. In fact, some of the brands that made this list of the top 8 CBD cream for pain options are here due to their inclusion of additional ingredients that benefit the skin. 

At the end of the day, the most important point is to ensure that CBD creams are used where the pain is present. Effects are likely to appear between the 15-minute and one-hour mark after application. 

What Dosage of CBD Cream Should I Use for Pain?

There is no singular “dosage” of CBD cream. Much like moisturizers or skin treatments, the amount that’s right for you depends largely on preference. In fact, the dosage for pain relief is likely to differ from the dosage for anxiety relief. As silly as this may sound, the best way to figure out what your optimal dosage is going to be is by starting with a small dose and then gradually increasing it until you find the right one that works best for you. If you’d like more of a structured approach, we recommend consulting your doctor and forming a dosage plan together that you both can feel good about.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of CBD?

The amount of time it takes for a CBD dose to kick in depends on a variety of factors, including dosage size, ingredients, and method of ingestion, among others. 

Inhalation is generally regarded as the fastest, most direct way to kick start CBD’s effects. Inhalation lets CBD molecules piggyback their way to your brain by riding along with the air in your bloodstream. This form of consumption can be felt in as little as five minutes, with effects reaching their peak around or before the 20-minute mark. 

Orally ingested forms of CBD, such as CBD capsules, take between half an hour to an hour to feel effects, as they enter the bloodstream by being processed along your natural digestive process. CBD oil or gum can be placed under the tongue for several minutes in order to hasten the effects. CBD generally lasts roughly 4-6 hours. 

Side Effects of CBD

Side effects of CBD are rare and tend only to appear when the user has an allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients. Side effects of CBD can vary from person to person and can depend on the intended use case. For example, if you’re using CBD for pain relief, you may experience sleepiness or drowsiness because CBD is a natural sedative. 

Though rare, potential side effects of CBD consumption can include: dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. 


Is the use of CBD creams or CBD topicals legal?

The short answer is yes: CBD is not a controlled substance and has never been one. Just the same, it is helpful—and easy—to check on the individual state regulations for the state in which you reside if this is a concern. Rest assured, however, that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clarified as part of the 2018 United States Farm Bill that CBD was not part of the Controlled Substances Act at all. Multiple state variations exist on the topic, however, most interpretations simply differ on the amount of CBD that a product should contain. By virtue of the overall state of CBD legality on the federal level, CBD creams and CBD topicals are generally regarded as legal and safe to use. 

How does CBD help relieve pain in the human body?

Within the human body, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) regulates a variety of bodily functions and is responsible for things like pain processing, sleep, mood, memory, appetite, and even reproduction and fertility. CBD is effective for humans because the cannabis plant from which it is derived contains something called phytocannabinoids. These phytocannabinoids are natural chemicals that, when introduced to the body via CBD cream, reduce pain for many chronic sufferers. The full story on how this works is still in progress, but we live in an exciting time of scientific discovery and innovation, including within the field of CBD topical treatments. 

The topical application of CBD oil is also quickly gaining popularity for its ability to provide localized relief from the pain and discomfort associated with muscle spasms and other related ailments. The main reason for this is because it penetrates deep into the skin to provide these localized effects, with users describing it as a safe and natural painkiller that can be used anywhere, anytime. 

CBD creams have been shown to be effective in relieving pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. Studies have also found CBD to be beneficial for improving the symptoms of certain neurological conditions. 

It also has anti-cancer properties, which means it is an exciting potential treatment for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Are there any “official” CBD-based drugs?

Yes. In 2018, the FDA approved a prescription-grade CBD-based drug called Epidiolex. This particular drug’s use is limited to seizure treatment in two childhood syndromes: Dravet & Lennox-Gastaut, but it is a sign of greater, more formalized things to come. 

Who should avoid using CBD products?

CBD is an effective pain treatment for many, but there are indeed some who should avoid its use: women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those suffering from Parkinson’s disease should avoid high doses, and those with liver diseases should consult their doctor before beginning CBD usage. 

Is CBD the same as marijuana? 

No. While both are derived from the hemp plant, the psychoactive-inducing marijuana “high” comes from the THC cannabinoid that is generally removed for CBD products. The only exception is full-spectrum CBD, which includes the core CBD molecule, but does not remove other parts of the plant such as its THC content.

How can I tell if my CBD has THC or not?

There are a few easy ways to tell whether the CBD product you are considering includes THC. 

First, if the product or package still retains its labeling, any THC content will be spelled out clearly. If THC content is of concern, look for “THC”, “delta-9 THC”, or variations of that nomenclature and any associated numbers indicating the amount present. 

The United States federal government strictly regulates THC levels, so every label will mention the acronym or phrase and indicate any amount included, even at a trace level. For example, the federally allowed level of THC is .3%, so most states allow CBD with up to 0.3% THC content, other states where higher levels of THC are legal regulate at the 0.5% level, and still others employ variations of this. There are scientific reasons for the inclusion of trace amounts of THC, as some studies have shown CBD to be even more effective when paired with THC. These tiny percentages are purposeful and are not simply an oversight. 

Another way to tell if your CBD has any significant amount of THC in it may also be the price! Remedies with high THC content will likely be significantly more expensive. Be on the lookout for exorbitantly high prices and you will likely find THC among the ingredients list. 

Is CBD addictive? 

CBD is a safe substance that does not become addictive or even produce a “tolerance” in most people. Such tolerance would be the catalyst for the physical “withdrawal” associated with addiction. Studies have shown that CBD does not produce the same effects as THC and consequently does not lead to addiction and dependence. In fact, there is initial evidence to suggest that CBD may be a potential treatment for addiction

Is it possible to take too much CBD or “overdose”?

There are no recorded cases of a CBD overdose. In fact, there are no recorded cases of marijuana overdoses, either. The worst that may happen upon too much CBD consumption would be heavy drowsiness. Other potential side effects can include some of the classic effects that are more commonly associated with marijuana usage: dry mouth, hunger, or “the munchies”, or a potential lowering of blood pressure, but only in the rarest of cases. 

What are terpenes and what role do they play in CBD treatment?

Terpenes are the natural oils found in many plants. This natural oil can be extracted and used to create medicine for various purposes. Terpenes are used in the production of cannabis products, which is what creates its different flavors, but they can also be extracted from other plants such as lavender, citrus peels, peppermint leaves, and of course CBD. Terpenes in the hemp plant can offer their own benefits in terms of therapy, which provides a broader range of medicinal effects for the plant as a whole. Some terpenes can help increase the number of other molecules absorbed by our digestive tract.


The best CBD cream options are an effective and natural way to deal with various kinds of pain. CBD has been proven to be a successful treatment for people who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, and other conditions.

In this article, we’ve discussed what CBD is and how it can be used in the form of CBD cream for pain relief. We reviewed the top options for pain-reducing CBD creams and also touched on the benefits that CBD topical creams can provide for pain, such as reducing inflammation and providing a soothing sensation. Here’s hoping this guide helps you find the pain relief you’re seeking.


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