Avocado Green Mattresses Offer Locally Made Luxury

Shop sustainably—and then settle in for a good night’s sleep

If the words “mattress store” bring to mind a warehouse-like space with endless rows of mattresses, a visit to Avocado Green Mattress in Santa Monica will be a pleasant surprise. The atmosphere is welcoming and peaceful, with an airy, modern design.

I try to shop sustainably and locally whenever possible, so Avocado’s tag line “organic mattresses handmade in Los Angeles” really spoke to me. The company makes it easy to order a mattress online, but they also have a few stores in Southern California. I visited the Santa Monica location to discover the most comfortable mattresses, as well as learn how an organic luxury mattress is made.

While some competitors use synthetic latex made from petrochemicals, Avocado uses organic, 100% natural latex made from rubber tree sap. The company’s organic wool is sustainably harvested from farms they co-own in India, and their products are cut and sewn by hand in their Los Angeles factory.

Avocado is a Certified B Corporation, blending purpose with profit, and they donate 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits. In addition to mattresses, the company sells pillows, bedding, adjustables, and furniture, all of which reflect their commitment to elegance and sustainability.

Buying an organic, locally made, carbon-negative mattress from a socially minded company sounds like a great idea, but with a mattress, the number one factor is comfort. At the Santa Monica store, I tested the classic Avocado Green Mattress, as well as the vegan and luxury plush options, and resting on all of them was a pleasure. Avocado Green Mattresses are backed by a 25-year warranty, and I’m excited to know I’ll be sleeping this well for decades to come.

Learn more on the Avocado website.