At TBô, Community Comes First

When was the last time you had a say in how your clothes were made?

Every year, large retail brands push billions of fast fashion clothing items upon us without any direct input or feedback.

The reality is that consumers—such as you and I—have surprisingly little say in what they actually want to wear and buy. The relationship between big retailer brands and their consumers only goes one way.

But…what if there was a way to truly give consumers a voice in how their products are made?

This is the mission of TBô. As a premier menswear brand, TBô uniquely puts its community at the center of everything it does. The core of its product innovation is the Tribe: a 400,000-strong global consumer community consisting of purchasers, testers, and advocates.

Since the initial launch of its men’s underwear line, consumer demand for TBô has spurred new product innovations—co-created with its community—to cover a wider range of men’s wardrobes worldwide, including shorts, t-shirts, long johns, and pajamas.

All of this co-creative innovation happens on TBô’s online community platform, a central forum for Tribe members to discuss what they want to see in new products. The platform consists of “rooms” covering a wide range of discussion topics—from new features and colors to entirely new product categories—all aimed at giving consumers a voice for what they want to see and wear.

TBô recently collaborated with Los Angeles magazine staffers to co-create the best-designed Lounge Pants, the winner of which (VP Mitch Getz!) was voted upon by the community. This partnership is a prime example of why co-creation is so vital to retail product development: customers and community members are involved at a level unlike any other, and the wide range of voices and feedback only strengthen the product development process, with the end result being a product that customers actually want.

This collaborative process also makes a difference in the amount of waste the retail industry produces. Each year billions of clothing items are incinerated or landfilled due to inaccurate forecasting and mass manufacturing to market to fast fashion trends. By using customer feedback and pre-order targets to bring the ideal product to market, only the exact amount of items are manufactured—no more, no less.

TBô’s co-creation strategy meshes with its choice in clothing fabrics to create a truly sustainable product. Its signature environmentally-friendly bamboo viscose fabric is biodegradable, requires less water to produce, and needs no pesticides to grow, making it the ideal eco-friendly material. Plus, it looks and feels great!

As the only Community-Led brand, TBô puts the power of collaborative product design into the hands of its customers and community. Each new product involves the Tribe at every stage of the development process, ensuring the perfect product with little waste. Co-creation gives product power to the people while making a positive impact on the planet.

So, isn’t it time you finally had a say?

To learn more about how you can join TBô’s Community-Led movement, visit us at