A Voice for Regeneration

Equinox’s new meditation podcasts help you unplug and get your mind in shape

Equinox’s HeadStrong™ Meditation Podcast is an absolute game changer. Sure, I held a healthy dose of skepticism the first time I tried the regenerating experiences. But starting my day with a calm and soothing voice telling me to “get comfier in the sheets” and “wake up slowly” (that’s Equinox instructor Amber Voiles) was all the proof I needed that this was going to be pretty cool. And that was just the beginning.

HeadStrong™ is broken up into four phases: Rise, Recharge, Unwind, and Sleep.

I start my day with Rise to “awaken with purpose,” hit Recharge on my lunch hour to reset my senses, decompress with Unwind after the gym, and end with Sleep to power down at lights out. At every step of the way, HeadStrong™ helps me slow down when I need to most, giving me the energy to power through whatever’s next.

Lately I’ve felt way too attached to my phone. It gets the worst right around when it’s almost time to go to lunch. Recharge helps me put my phone away, clear my mind of needless distractions, and return to work with a renewed sense of focus. An added bonus is that the mediation takes just long enough to let the groggy-after-lunch feeling wear off.

Unwind was the most difficult for me. By the time I’m home from work, I usually rush straight to the gym or feel the pressure of my never ending to-do lists. I thought pausing at this time of day would only add more stress by taking time away from tasks that needed finishing. I was surprised to find that when I forced myself to stop, take some deep breaths, and focus on what matters most, it was way easier to prioritize my busy evenings.

Bad habits die hard. At first, it was not easy to choose meditation over TV. So after sneaking in one show, I put my headphones in, hit the lights, and started Sleep. I’ve been falling asleep faster, sleeping better, and waking up with all the energy I need to Rise again.

HeadStrong™ Meditation Podcasts include multiple experiences, with varying lengths, so the meditations stay fresh, challenge different parts of you, and adapt to your routine. The podcast will be available through the app and on the website.