42 Best Men’s Grooming Products in 2022


Want to up your grooming game this year? Whether you want to look your best at work or make a great impression on a first date, one thing is certain: The right grooming products make all the difference.

That’s why today we’re going to share the 42 best men’s grooming products in 2022 to enhance your grooming arsenal so you can look and feel your best.

1. Blu Atlas Shave Cream & Aftershave

Whether you go with the bare face look or just trim down to your stubble, one thing is for sure: The right pre-shave and post-shave products can make all the difference. That’s why we want to start things off by highlighting Blu Atlas shave cream and aftershave.

This tandem will transform the shave you’re capable of attaining. By using the shaving cream, you can reduce inflammation and the likelihood of nicks and cuts. This soothing cream belongs in any well-groomed man’s arsenal. But you can really set yourself apart from the rest of the field by following up with the aftershave. This highly fragrant post-shave treatment will have you smelling incredible all day long. It also soothes and hydrates that delicate face skin with shea butter and aloe leaf, alleviating any post-shave irritation.

Blu Atlas offers 100% natural, vegan products that can take your grooming game to the next level. The best part? You can try their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Manscaped Lawn Mower

Speaking of shaving, let’s talk about the #1 below-the-belt grooming essential, the Manscaped Lawn Mower. This product is a must for any man who needs to tame their mane…downstairs.

This third-generation model features a waterproof, ergonomic design that makes shaving a breeze. It uses skin-safe technology that protects you from nicks and cuts. You can’t put a price tag on that.

3. Oars + Alps Natural Face Moisturizer + Eye Cream

There is nothing more uncomfortable—and unsightly—than dry, irritating facial skin. That’s why you need to make moisturizing a part of your daily grooming routine. And that starts with the right moisturizer. For that, we recommend the Oars + Alps Natural Face Moisturizer + Eye Cream.

This brand is all about producing quality, safe, natural products. This lotion is free of alcohol, artificial fragrance, parabens, phthalates, and parabens, opting for natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe, and alpine caribou moss. These work together to promote skin elasticity and guard against environmental stressors while locking in essential moisture. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly and never leaves you feeling greasy. It’s unscented too, which is our personal preference when it comes to moisturizers.

4. Byrd Hydrating Body Wash

Cleaning your body is important, but most men’s body washes are too harsh, containing ingredients nobody can pronounce. That’s why we love Byrd Hydrating Body Wash. This product is gentle, sulfate-free, and effectively cleanses away dirt and grime. But unlike most body washes, it does this without stripping away essential, natural oils from the skin.

The formula is powered by sea kelp, green tea, aloe vera, red algae, and more. All of these natural, plant-based ingredients work wonders to not just clean but also hydrate and protect your skin. With a refreshing out-of-the-ocean feel and a salty coconut scent, this is a perfect choice for the tropical man.

5. Hims Hair Kit

For many of us men, our pride and joy is our hair. Some of us even consider our hair to be our most defining characteristic. So it’s not surprising that we are going to put the Hims Hair Kit near the top of our list of grooming essentials. If you care about your hair, then you need to work hard to keep it. Just shampooing and conditioning won’t cut it, especially as you age.

To prevent hair loss and encourage a thick, full mane, you need medicated treatments like finasteride, minoxidil, a medicated shampoo, and vitamins. If you notice that your hairline is receding, your crown looks a bit thin, or your shower and sink are filled with more hair than usual, add this personalized kit to your grooming routine.

6. Layrite Cement Clay

Speaking of hair, if you aren’t using a quality styling clay, chances are you are in dire need of a hairstyle overhaul. That’s why we love Layrite Cement Clay. It makes styling your hair easy and safe with healthy, natural ingredients derived from plants. But what makes it so special? How is it different from other styling clays or gels?

It’s the strength. This formula delivers a clean matte finish that lasts the entirety of your day. Your hair will still be looking sharp at the end. Unlike other clays, it won’t weigh you down or dry your hair, causing flaking. And, the mild cream scent is amazing.

7. Every Man Jack Shave Gel

Every Man Jack’s Shave Gel is another great choice for your shaving regimen. This formula is fragrance-free and made with aloe to lubricate and protect your face. Also, Vitamin E and soothing chamomile help to attain a perfect, close shave without any irritation.

It’s made ethically here in the US and is free of harmful chemicals like parabens, dyes, and phthalates. And at just $10, it’s a great budget buy.

8. Cremo Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

How you smell is perhaps more important than how you look. And if you’re still using your drug store Old Spice or Axe deodorant, it’s time for a serious upgrade.

Opt for a more masculine, natural scent by Cremo. Their Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant collection features a wide range of pleasant fragrances. These deodorants and antiperspirants work well to protect against both odor and sweat, keeping you fresh all day long.

9. 18.21 Man Made Beard, Hair, and Skin Oil

Want a product that does it all in terms of moisturization? Look no further than 18.21 Man Made Beard, Hair, and Skin Oil. One of the most versatile grooming products on our list, it helps hydrate and nourish your beard, hair, and skin, all in one formula!

It’s powered by ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and essential oils that deliver a remarkable fragrance. With hints of oud, spiced vanilla, and mahogany, this masculine-scented oil nourishes and hydrates you from head to toe.

10. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Chapped, cracking lips don’t just hurt—they’re ugly, too. That’s why you need to make lip care part of your grooming regimen. Just any old chapstick won’t suffice, though. We prefer Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm.

This natural formula features mint and shea butter to gently moisturize your delicate lip skin. It also protects against the sun with an SPF rating of 25. Powerful antioxidants help guard against other stressors like wind and cold. Keep a few of these around and you’ll never worry about cracked lips again!

11. Claus Porto Alface Bar Soap

This relatively underground men’s grooming brand has been quietly producing some of the finest grooming essentials for over 130 years, and their bar soap is changing the game.

Even if you prefer gels and liquid soaps, this bar soap is worth a look. It helps awaken your senses and brighten up your mornings with a joyful, invigorating cleanse. The scent is incredibly natural and masculine, with notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, green leaf, cedar, musk, amber, and more. And the shea oil will leave your skin nourished and hydrated.

12. Harry’s Post-Shave Balm

After shaving, your face needs a little bit of help. Harry’s Post-Shave Balm calms everything back down and soothes your irritated skin after you shave. It features natural aloe vera and cucumber extract that leave behind a cooling effect on your skin. It’s quick-drying and never leaves your skin looking or feeling shiny.

13. NIVEA MEN Breathable Body Lotion

Make dry, flaking skin a thing of the past with NIVEA MEN Breathable Body Lotion. This body lotion is a thing of beauty, formulated with powerhouse ingredients such as shea butter and vitamins C & E. Together, these nourish and hydrate your skin all day long without feeling heavy or greasy.

It’s specifically formulated for men who live an active lifestyle but want to stay fresh and flake-free. With a 4.6-star rating across over 3,700 reviews, this is a well-respected product to add to your roster.

14. Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub

Not nearly enough men recognize the importance of a proper exfoliant. If you don’t use one, you’re letting your pores sit clogged with dry, dead skin and other impurities. That’s why we highly encourage every man to pick up a small tub of Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub.

It will help eradicate built-up impurities with natural ingredients including hibiscus, jojoba, and bamboo stem. Blu Atlas considers this product to be a natural, gentle powerwash for your face, and once you make it part of your regular routine, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

15. Olivina Men Hand Rescue

Active men struggle with dry, cracking hands, especially during those colder times of the year. You can make this uncomfortable, unsightly issue a thing of the past with Olivina Men Hand Rescue. It is certified organic and offers complete relief for tired, weathered hands. It uses organic olive oil and leaves behind a delicious cedar and bergamot scent. You’ll finally be able to shake hands with confidence!

16. New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask

We know a lot of men are probably scoffing at the idea of doing a face mask, but if you want to reduce pore size and eliminate acne, blackheads, and oily skin, New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask is a must-see. This grooming essential tightens your skin and leaves behind a healthier complexion with ingredients like Dead Sea mineral mud, aloe vera, calendula oil, jojoba oil, and more. This detoxifying, purifying face mask is a must-try.

17. Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Intense Serum

Aesop is one of the leading men’s grooming brands. Their products aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. And today, we want to specifically highlight the Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Intense Serum.

Formulated with panthenol, niacinamide, and bisabolol, this serum offers remarkable hydration and replenishment for your skin. It works great even on sensitive skin and will leave you more moisturized and guarded against airborne particulates.

18. Imperial Barber Pre-Shave Oil

You’ve likely tried shaving cream, but have you ever tried shaving oil? If not, you are missing out! Imperial Barber Pre-Shave Oil is a conditioning protectant that helps you get that perfect shave without the risk of irritation. It offers a wide array of antioxidants to leave your skin healthier with each application. And, it helps you achieve an effortless shave as your blade glides across your face with ease.

19. Pacific Shaving Company Clean Facial Wash

When you hear the name Pacific Shaving Company, you might assume we’re going to showcase another shaving essential. Instead, we want to talk about their Facial Wash. Perfect for sensitive skin, this gentle and soothing formula features sea salt, aloe vera, glycerin, and more.

It is 100% fragrance-free, perfect for the man who wants to apply his own fragrance after washing his face or prefers to go all-natural. At just under $10, this vegan, USA-made formula is among the best face washes on the market.

20. Armani Code

Earlier, we stated that the way you smell is perhaps more important than how you look. And if you want to smell your best and make a statement in every room you enter, Armani Code is the cologne for you. This Eau de Toilette is widely considered among the top fragrances on the market. It features seductive notes of bergamot, citrus, and wood. This is an excellent choice for the sophisticated man who appreciates the timeless things in life.

21. Bulldog Original Beard Balm

It’s not enough to just put some oil in your beard and call it a day. To smooth everything out and help cover up patchy areas, you need Bulldog Original Beard Balm. This balm can help soften and style even the most unruly beard.

It features aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea to help make itchy, untamed beards a thing of the past. And at just $10, this tub is a great bargain buy. It will last you a long while even with daily use.

22. Bulk Homme The Face Wash

Yes, it comes in a bag which might lead you to believe this is a cheap face wash. But make no mistake. Bulk Homme The Face Wash is among the best on the market. It’s won countless awards and boasts an impressive repertoire of reviews. Bulk Homme has perfected this formula with balanced and nourishing ingredients that work together to eliminate dirt and unnecessary oil, leaving your face feeling soft and poreless.

23. Blu Atlas Restorative Eye Stick

So few men pay attention to the health of their delicate under-eye skin. This is the area where you’ll start to show the signs of aging first. As such, we just had to feature the Blu Atlas Anti-Aging Eye Stick as one of our 42 best men’s grooming products in 2022.

And once you see the results it offers your skin firsthand, you’ll understand why. It eradicates dark circles and puffy, tired eyes with ease using algae extract, vitamin C, and caffeine. These ingredients also stimulate collagen production, helping increase skin elasticity and youthful glow.

24. Brickell Resurfacing Anti-Aging Cream

While the Blu Atlas Eye Stick is the best for anti-aging results on your under-eye skin, the Brickell Resurfacing Anti-Aging Cream is perhaps the best for the rest of your skin. This cream is a potent approach to reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and brightening skin tone.

You can use it daily to keep your skin looking young and healthy. That’s because it’s gentle, despite being very potent and effective. It’s clinically proven to work, so despite the $50 price tag, this cream is well worth the money.

25. MARLOWE Original Water Pomade

Do you feel like your hair styling game could use a little help? If so, the MARLOWE Original Water Pomade is a must-try. This paraben and phthalate-free product is cruelty-free and made right here in the USA under strict standards.

All of this helps ensure an effective, gentle, and safe formula. It works well for just about any hair type and offers a medium to strong hold. With a slick finish, you’ll have all eyes on you as you step into any room.

26. Sauvage by Dior

Sauvage by Dior is widely considered among the top men’s fragrances each and every year, which is an impressive feat. At $160 for a small 2.0 oz bottle, this may be out of some men’s price range, but what price tag can you put on being the best smelling man in any room?

Plus, it’s highly concentrated, so you can stretch that bottle over a long time. With a grapefruit note and heart of spices, we consider this to be the best cologne for men if money is no object.

27. Hawthorne Face Cleanser

If you find that most face cleansers leave you feeling tight and dry, this Hawthorne Face Cleanser is a great choice. It’s incredibly gentle and fragrance-free. With natural, calming ingredients like aloe vera and Centella Asiatica, you’ll enjoy a clean that doesn’t irritate your skin at all.

This non-drying formula is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, and it’s also cruelty-free. With a satisfaction guarantee, this product is 100% risk-free.

28. Versace Pour Homme

Another remarkable fragrance you can consider is Versace Pour Homme. With a slightly less unaffordable price tag of $70, this pick is great for those ballin on a budget. It still offers an incredibly aromatic scent that will have people getting closer to you to get another whiff.

The woody fragrance also features notes of geranium, sage, musk, amber, rose, bergamot, lemon, and more. The goal of this cologne was to craft a representation of the knowledgeable, self-confident man. If that sounds like you, this fragrance is a no-brainer.

29. Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

This is the second appearance on our list of the 42 best men’s grooming products in 2022. This time, we want to showcase the Double-Duty Face Moisturizer (SPF 20) they’ve crafted. This is a must-have for the man who spends his days outside. It will protect you from harsh elements, like the wind, sun, and pollutants.

The formula has been meticulously crafted with ingredients like blue algae extract, sea parsley, vitamins A & E, and phospholipids. These all work together to improve your skin’s overall appearance while providing lasting hydration without greasiness or weight.

30. Hardworking Gentlemen Sea Salt Spray

Are you a hard worker? Then you need a hair spray that works as hard as you do. And that’s exactly what the Hardworking Gentlemen Sea Salt Spray does. This texturizing sea salt spray is perfect for adding volume and grit to your hair with a unique pinewood scent that you’re sure to love. Featuring natural ingredients, this spray is a great addition to your grooming ritual.

31. Lumin After Hours Recovery Oil

Lumin After Hours Recovery Oil offers intensive, necessary TLC for lackluster skin. You can apply it at night and  wake up to a completely transformed skin state. It offers deep hydration and maximum skin repair featuring argan oil, squalene, and other anti-aging essentials. This product was rated as a top choice by GQ, and we agree. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their skin elasticity, soften fine lines, and boost collagen production.

32. Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Let’s take a break from the cosmetic products for a minute. We want to talk about bringing your essentials on the go with you. This toiletry bag by Topo Designs is a true work of art. It features a unique design that keeps your products upright to prevent tipping. It’s lightweight for easy transportation and will become your new go-to travel companion. Getting your grooming products around the globe with you has never been this easy!

33. Blu Atlas Shampoo

One thing we haven’t really talked about yet on this list is shampoo. And that’s because we’re really picky about the products we use on our hair in particular. Only the best will suffice. And for the best, look no further than Blu Atlas Shampoo.

This natural formula consists of potent hair straightening ingredients like jojoba protein, aloe vera, and gentle coconut surfactants. These ingredients offer plenty of antioxidants, fatty acids, and other essential vitamins to nourish, strengthen, and hydrate your hair. And it smells great, too!

34. Byrd Lightweight Conditioner

Earlier, we showcased the Byrd hydrating body wash. Now, we want to talk about their lightweight conditioner. This is one of the best approaches to nourishing and moisturizing your hair and scalp out there. It can even be used as a daily detangler.

The formula consists of a patented blend of sea kelp, green tea, aloe vera, proteins, and glycerin. These ingredients work their magic to repair and protect your hair, leaving it more nourished and hydrated than ever before.

35. Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

Looking to supercharge your skin’s moisture content? If so, Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil is an excellent contender. This marine-based, seaweed-infused elixir offers a potent dose of antioxidants that soften, nourish, and firm up your skin.

The formula is rich but never greasy, so you can wear it in your daily life without feeling weighed down or slimy. With uplifting notes of grapefruit, lime, and cypress, this is a very inviting scent that you’ll be proud to sport.

36. Duke Cannon Lip Protectant

The Jack Black Lip Treatment we shared earlier is our personal favorite. But if you’re looking for a more traditional style chapstick lip protectant, you cannot go wrong with Duke Cannon Lip Protectant. This is a huge product and will last you an incredibly long time.

It’s actually four times as large as the stuff you buy at your local supermarket or gas station. With premium, natural, and organic ingredients, you can rest assured this formula works wonders at protecting your lips from wind, sun, and harsh temperatures.

37. Meridian Trimmer

Manscaped is the name you think of when it comes to body hair trimming. But it’s time to put some respect on the Meridian Trimmer. This beast is another great choice for waterproof trimming while diminishing the risk of nicks and cuts. Kiss razor burn goodbye forever with this grooming routine essential!

38. The Nue Co Forest Lungs

We can’t get enough of fragrances. In fact, we wholeheartedly recommend adding a few to your grooming arsenal so you can lean on a variety of scents for a variety of situations. And for a delicious, unisex scent, The Nue Co Forest Lungs is our pick. At just $30, this product is as affordable a fragrance as you’ll find. And it uses a unique formulation that is proven to help support your physiological and psychological health. Name another cologne that can do that!

39. Honest Amish Beard Balm

Perhaps the most natural, effective beard balm on this list is by Honest Amish. Their products range from heavy-duty beard balm to a leave-in beard conditioner balm and even an unscented, pure balm. You have so many styles to choose from that finding the perfect formula for your unique beard is easy. And it’s infused with over 15 hair enhancing and strengthening ingredients.

40. Brickell Toner

Brickell Balancing Toner is a refreshing solution that offers antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal your skin and help you balance your tone. It can be used by men with any skin type to remove excess oil, unclog and minimize pores, and reduce the appearance of imperfections. Use it to perk up dull skin and reduce shine, leaving you with your best-looking skin ever.

41. Manscaped Crop Cleanser

Just as their Lawnmower Trimmer is the best for body hair removal, their Crop Cleanser is the best for washing your groin region. Manscaped has done it again with this clean, prebiotic-infused formula. It offers vitamin E, aloe, and menthol to keep your lads feeling soft, supple, well-hydrated, and most importantly, smelling nice and clean!

42. Blu Atlas Vitamin C Serum

We want to finish this list of the 42 best men’s grooming products in 2022 how we started it—with Blu Atlas. Their Vitamin C Serum  is one of the most powerful beauty ingredients for men on the market. It helps tone your skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots and other imperfections, leaving you with smoother, more even-toned skin.



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