25 Best Perfumes for Men in 2023


Are you looking for a new perfume to take with you through 2023? The perfume you use can make or break your appearance and mood. To help you with your search, we compiled a list of some of the best perfumes for men in 2023.

As we enter a brand new year, we have chosen fragrances to encourage men to make 2023 their year of bold courage. This list contains some of the most luxurious fragrances that will inspire you to take a leap of faith, defy the odds in front of you, and think outside the box. Come along on the adventure and find for yourself the perfect perfume to grace your year.

1. Atlantis by Blu Atlas

For a fresh, clean slate in the new year, we highly recommend Atlantis, the number #1 best perfume for men in 2023. This perfume provides a pleasurable aura of fresh and bright notes that lift the spirits.

Atlantis is designed with the goal of inspiring an adventurous spirit of curiosity and courage. It opens with a burst of crisp bergamot, lemon, and blackcurrant, evoking energy and focus. As the fragrance develops, it magnifies in power with the alluring scent of lavender, peach, and apricot. The perfume’s base gives off its character with a beautiful interplay of violet, sensual ambrette seed, and musk.

Even with Atlantis’ magical aroma, its formulation is the best in its class, using the highest industry standards for clean, cruelty-free, and sustainable production practices. The ingredients that make Atlantis a truly remarkable perfume are from clean, vegan sources. The perfume has no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, making it a safe perfume to enjoy for all.

2. Willow Woods by Skylar

If you’re a man who has a firm grasp on his values and goals, you will love Willow Woods by Skylar. This perfume is perfect for any occasion; whether it’s the daily commute to work or out to the park with the kids, it will accompany you and ground you in who you are.

Willow Woods is a refreshing fragrance that will immediately take your thoughts to the forest, where you’re surrounded by pine and willow trees. That reviving scent of balsam fir, pine, and willow will permeate your senses and help you feel like you’re one with the earth and its finest elements. Willow Woods is an extra dose of oxygen that will carry you feeling grounded and self-assured regardless of where you’re headed for the day. The earthy and woody scents are divine and have just enough masculine tones.

Willow Woods by Skylar is a very clean scent with clean ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free. Its hypoallergenic formulation provides a safe solution for every man who wants to smell amazing without risking his well-being and comfort. Overall, Willow Woods is artfully crafted with its whimsical aura and will be a fan-favorite of 2023.

3. North Atlantic Right Whale by Sanctuary

North Atlantic Right Whale is a perfume that is dedicated to the majestic right whales of the Atlantic Ocean. This perfume is made with a generous helping of aquatic and marine notes that will take you to the shore of the sea and breathe in the salty sea breeze. The beautiful sea green accord dances beautifully with a sparkling touch of mandarin, allowing you almost to hear the distant cry of a seagull and the crashing waves. As you feel the sand below and let the water gently caress your feet, you will inhale the aromatic blend of salted musk and white patchouli. The glorious perfume will wash over you and make you think about that right whale’s vast, oceanic home each time.

Sanctuary is a strong promoter of healthy, clean, and sustainable practices that preserve the ecosystem for each species. The North Atlantic Right Whale perfume accurately represents this commitment, formulated with clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this perfume goes to benefit the Center for Coastal Studies, an organization committed to preserving white whales and the ocean, which is their home and sanctuary.

4. Dirty Grass by Heretic Parfums

For the easygoing personality who is always down for an adventure, Dirty Grass will be the perfect perfume to complement his nature. Dirty Grass is a compilation of herbs and citrus that blend together to provide something refreshing, relaxing, and pleasing to the soul.

In the heart of Dirty Grass is a generous dose of hemp-derived CBD that gives the perfume that de-stressing vibe. This dose of CBD draws in the other notes of luscious vetiver, aromatic violet, and zesty lemon. This gorgeous perfume is a symphony of earth and fresh citrus that perfectly mimics the man’s kind disposition and masculinity.

Dirty Grass is a plant-based formula derived from clean, vegan sources that are cruelty-free and natural. This formulation has no harsh chemicals, making Dirty Grass a favorable choice for all.

5. Jade888 by Hermetica

Jade888 Eau de Parfum is a very unique and beautiful perfume that is impressive not just in terms of its scent but also with its formulation. Nothing is cleaner than a gloriously green scent like the one that emanates from Jade888.

This gorgeous fragrance is the product of the intertwining of ginger extract, green musk, and lily of the valley. The aroma of fresh and floral tones is accentuated by deep, green musk, adding an element of masculinity and sensuality to the glorious fragrance.

Jade888 is a genuinely luxurious fragrance that is different from all the others because of its moisturizing formula. The entire perfume is completely void of all alcohol and based on aromatic oils that make this exceptional fragrance.

In the design of Jade888, Hermetica uses a vegan, clean, and cruelty-free approach, providing an eco-friendly perfume without the cost of the planet’s health. Overall, Jade888 has blown us away with its formulation and quality.

6. Bijou Vert by Raw Spirit Fragrances

Bijou Vert is for the warm soul with a neverending amount of kind and encouraging words at his disposal. It opens with a gentle touch of citrus notes provided by mandarin and grapefruit. The citrus mingles beautifully with green, earthy vetiver. As the fragrance develops, it gives way to cedar’s warm heat, which gives off intensity and passion. These notes are reminiscent of Haiti’s hot summers, emulating its sunny warmth and exotic scenery.

Bijou Vert by Raw Spirit Fragrances is a composition of sustainably sourced ingredients that are clean and natural. It is an excellent option for those with skin sensitivities because that natural, gentle formulation will not create irritations.

7. Sage Supreme by Maison 21G

A successful date night requires a bit of fun, getting to know your partner, and making an intimate connection with them. Though this seems like a tall order, it is pretty easy to achieve when you have the attractively seductive power of Sage Supreme in your corner.

As you probably guessed, the star of the show in Sage Supreme is nature’s finest aphrodisiac, sage. The aromatic and woody herb is amplified wood and fresh mint that will work well to pull your partner in and evoke feelings of admiration and trust.

8. Eau des Delices by Le Jardin Retrouve

Eau des Delices is the way to go if you need a dose of positivity in life. This perfume is full of radiance and summery bliss that emanates from the bright lemony zest, ylang-ylang, and herby patchouli. The sunny perfume is deepened with the warmth of sandalwood and earthy oakmoss. Eau des Delices is a perfume that instantly transforms your mood and energizes you while presenting you as a refined and easygoing man.

This perfume is formulated with the finest ingredients from all over the world. They are derived from clean, vegan sources and are packaged in eco-friendly bottles. With the clean, bright tones of Eau de Delices and its sustainable formulation, you can be assured that this is one of the best perfumes for men of all time.

9. Cedar Wood + Vanilla by Brumee

When it is chilly outside, all you need is a thick blanket and a cup of cider to warm you up as you sit by a roaring fireplace. Brumee’s Cedar Wood + Vanilla Eau de Toilette is the emulation of the warm coziness we all yearn for during the winter months. Mixed together, cedar wood and vanilla take center stage in this perfume, creating that delightfully warm aroma.

As the fragrance evolves, it is gently accentuated with a floral bouquet of rose and jasmine, finishing with the gentle applause of woody patchouli and citrus complements. It is a deeply satisfying perfume, full of sensual warmth and comfort.

10. Dylan Perfume by Rosie Jane

The Dylan Perfume is Rosie Jane’s interpretation of freedom. It is a fine blend of warm woods, spice, and earth, thanks to the keynotes of cedar, frankincense, and musk. This aroma is powerfully clean and fresh, reminding you of everything good and pure in life. This perfume also has a touch of floral essence that is like a gentle breeze against your cheek, enchanting the senses and energizing the soul to embrace your newfound freedom.

Dylan Perfume is loved because of its liberating fragrance and earth-conscientious formulation. It is a clean perfume, free of harmful chemicals and alcohol, providing a safe product for many men around the world to enjoy.

11. H24 Eau de Toilette by Hermes

H24 Eau de Toilette by Hermes is for the go-getter who consistently aims higher to reach his goals. It is for the energetic, ambitious type who needs an extra dose of confidence to continue pushing boundaries and defying the odds.

This French perfume has taken our breath away with its delicate interplay of clary sage, the gentle sway of floral narcissus, and warming rosewood and scalarene. Thanks to the scalarene, there is a soft touch of metallic notes that electrify this perfume and evoke an energetic spirit. It will push you toward your goals and keep you going, even when you’ve reached them, to achieve greater heights of your success.

12. Forest Lungs by The Nue Co.

Forest Lungs is a unique perfume that is also an anti-stress supplement, making it a great option for those who like to smell good even in a high-stress job. This perfume is like walking through the depths of the evergreen forest, where you are one with the nature around you. It is like standing in the presence of those tall trees and breathing in the pungent aroma of cedar wood, pine, and slight touches of citrus. This green scent is wondrous, calming the soul.

What makes Forest Lungs unique is the dose of anxiety-relieving organic compounds found in trees known for their powerful, calming effect. With the help of this perfume, you will feel yourself letting go of those troubles and inhaling the deep, earthy aroma.

13. Musky Green Tea by Dossier

Musky Green Tea is like being greeted by a gust of cool air hitting your face after a session of cardio in the gym. The cool air is a welcomed contrast to your hot and sweaty state. Such are the effects of the cooling aroma of Musky Green Tea, which is a compilation of green tea, bergamot, and mandarin top notes. These opening notes are bright and fresh, and full of energy.

The middle and base notes provide beautiful complementing hints of neroli, blackcurrant, musk, and sandalwood. It is a beautiful aroma, allowing you to be that breath of fresh air and a welcomed addition to any meeting.

14. Concrete Rain Eau de Parfum by Allsaints

A pluviophile is a person who finds joy and peace in the sound of rain. The heavier the rain, the more tranquility they feel. Rainy seasons come and go, but with Concrete Rain Eau de Parfum by Allsaints, you can experience that tranquility with each spritz of this cologne.

This perfume is like the smell of ground washed out by rain, mixed with a touch of floral and musky tones. The keynotes of silver rain give off a beautiful earthy tone that is gently accentuated by black lily and intensified by musk. Concrete Rain is smooth, evoking feelings of peach and exuberant joy with each breath.

15. Eleventh Hour by Byredo

Eleventh Hour is a blend of earthy and citrusy notes that are warmed by rum, tonka beans, and smooth cashmere woods. It is a deeply satisfying perfume that produces a plush, luxurious feeling of softness. It’s like running your hand against velvet that’s so rich it’s addicting. The perfume’s elements of surprise, with soft touches of wild fig, give it an exotic presentation.

16. Blue Mark Eau de Parfum by Jack Black

If you’re looking for your next everyday signature scent, perhaps Blue Mark Eau de Parfum will be the perfect option for you. Blue Mark is a composition of the earth’s finest ingredients that will exhilarate you and revive the mind and senses, like a cool shower on a summer’s day.

The cooling top notes of watermint and cilantro give off energetic, sunny vibes. They are enhanced with fruit juniper, spicy ginger, and vetiver. This cologne’s fresh, clean wonder dries off gloriously with a deep, magnifying power of patchouli and white woods. It is masculine and sophisticated, fitting for any occasion to make a good impression on the people around you.

17. No. 04 Boid de Balincourt Perfume Oil by Maison Louis Marie

The No. 04 Boid de Balincourt Perfume Oil is one of the best perfumes for men who enjoy earthy and woody scents. This perfume is delicate botanical creation composed of warm sandalwood, earthy vetiver, and lustful amber. It is a sexy and deeply attractive fragrance that will captivate your lover’s attention with its mesmerizing, spicy tones of cinnamon and nutmeg that add curiosity and intrigue to the warm perfume.

No. 04 Boid de Balincourt Perfume Oil is a long-lasting fragrance because it is based on oils that stay on the skin longer. It is a clean, eco-friendly perfume formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Maison Louis Marie also takes extra care to ensure that the brand’s perfumes are all cruelty-free and vegan.

18. Earth Eau de Toilette by Zents

Earth Eau de Toilette by Zents is a dynamic perfume that is bold and clean but requires one last ingredient to make it perfect: YOU. Earth was designed with a unique blend of chemistry that is activated after blending with your natural body chemistry.

The woody, sweet aroma of sandalwood is gently contrasted by balmy fir needle and sharp bergamot. It blends beautifully together, and when it comes in contact with your own body, it produces a unique scent that can only be yours.

Nothing and no one is as unique and wonderful as you, and Earth Eau de Toilette punctuates that perfectly.

19. Bvlgari Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

Bvlgari Pour Home Eau de Toilette is like a cup of warm tea in the afternoon; refreshing yet warm and satisfying. Its floral tones are spiced by cardamom and amplified by sensual musk. It is a seductive perfume that will help you stand out and make a lasting impression on your partner, coworker, or friend. This perfume is elegantly blended with Darjeeling at the top, which is a type of tea that highlights citrusy undertones of bergamot and grapefruit. Its beauty is majestic on its own, but when accentuated by spices and musk, it becomes a tantalizing aroma that will awaken the senses.

20. Clean Eau de Parfum by Clean Pure Soap

Smelling clean is the goal of anybody who steps out of the shower and reaches for scent-enhancing products like perfumes, deodorants, and body lotions. Thus, there are many fans already of Clean Eau de Parfum by Clean Pure Soap. This perfume is clean and pleasing, like a fresh stack of clean laundry that just made it out of the dryer. Regardless of who you are, you will appreciate this clean soapy scent that is enveloped by a woody musk for a sexy, masculine touch.

21. Rose of No Man’s Land by Byredo

For a dose of elegance and sophistication, we invite you to take a whiff of Rose of No Man’s Land by Byredo. This Eau de Parfum stands out from any other perfume on the market with its tantalizing fragrance of Turkish Rose. Being nature’s most elegant flower, the Turkish rose melds together with spicy tones of pink pepper, sensual papyrus, and an intoxicating but gentle dose of white amber. This perfume is one of its kind, with its expertly blended essence that will embolden you and show off your refinement.

22. Fresh Life by Fresh

If you’re looking for something that is both fresh and sensual, Fresh Life by Fresh is an excellent choice. This perfume is designed with both men and women in mind and is reminiscent of clear, sparkling crystals. Its magnifying power of citrus is carefully balanced with earthy grass, oakmoss, and a slightly warm and woody cypress.

This clean perfume will put you in a trance-like state, remembering the dreams you had that you’ve since forgotten. It will make you revisit the ambition and drive you had in the past and force you to get a hold of it once more. You will find yourself with renewed determination and strength to go after those dreams and conquer your fears. With a clear mind and confidence brought on by Fresh Life, you will be in a fresh state of mind, passionate once again about your aspirations.

Fresh Life is a magical perfume that is an excellent option for those who love to layer fragrances as it is a light concentration. This is one of the best perfumes for men, with a clean scent and even cleaner formulation.

23. Amur Leopard by Sanctuary

For the fearless soul, we stumbled upon one of the finest fragrances by Sanctuary that is dedicated to another fearless creature, the amur leopard. The warm notes of rosemary, pine, and leather woods will remind you of the leopard’s rich orange coat, with it’s dark markings. The tonka bean adds a sweet and nutty texture to the perfume, making the softness of that coat almost palpable. But the crisp apple in the top notes will provide a sharp contrast to the entire fragrance, bringing to mind the piercing gaze of the leopard’s cool, blue eyes.

This perfume is the perfect representation of the gorgeous wild cat. You will be unstoppable like the leopard himself with a fragrance such as this one. It is a clean perfume with a just cause, benefiting the preservation efforts of amur leopards in Russia and China.

24. Source1 by Hermetica

Everyone has an element of unique mystery to them that makes them who they are, and Source1 by Hermetica is the perfect way to hint at that mysteriousness. This perfume features strong notes of fresh wood, dry amber, and bergamot essence that blend together to provide bold masculinity and warmth. This perfume is versatile and very moisturizing on the skin, providing a beautiful smell and a healthy way to stay fresh.

This perfume is best suited for men who enjoy using alcohol-free, clean formulations that are cruelty-free and vegan. It is a natural perfume that you can count on to deliver an amazing aroma each time.

25. Citadelle by Raw Spirit Fragrances

The last amazing perfume that we couldn’t help but include in our selection is Citadelle by Raw Spirit Fragrances. This perfume was inspired by the glorious fortress Citadelle Laferrière of Haiti. Though we can’t all visit this Haitian wonder, we can all bask in the fragrance that is characterized by its bold and magnificent beauty.

This premium perfume is as breathtaking as the famous Citadelle, featuring an exalting blend of bergamot, lemon, and pear in the top notes. As you envision Haiti in its splendor, your senses will slightly be warmed with the sweet touch of marigold and the spice of cinnamon and nutmeg. The entire fortress will come in full vision as the perfume boldens with a gust of amber, musk, and Haitian vetiver. It is fresh, warm, and musky, illuminating the strong presence of the grand fortress just as well as the man’s courageous masculinity.

This perfume is also sustainably sourced with natural ingredients and a clean formulation. It is one of the best perfumes for men to try in 2023.


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