24 Best Shampoos for Men in 2022


For many of us men, our hair is our pride and joy. And as such, you need the right products to properly care for it. Using any old shampoo or conditioner might work for some men – but if you’re like us, you want to use quality products that will help you enjoy healthier, stronger hair for years to come. Does this sound like you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Because today, we’re going to unveil our list of the 24 best shampoos for men in 2022.

We take hair care seriously – and we’ve carefully vetted the top contenders on the market to help you make the right choice. The answers may surprise you – as we’ve taken a peek behind the veil to see who is legit and who is not. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which shampoo is worth your money – and which shampoos you should avoid like the plague.

We will kick things off by explaining our criteria for choosing the 24 best shampoos for men in 2022. First, though, here is a quick look at our 24 picks (in order):

The 24 Best Shampoos For Men in 2022 – Quick Look

  1. Blu Atlas (Our Pick)
  2. Ishga
  3. Urtekram
  4. Object
  5. Olaplex No 4.
  6. Nioxin
  7. Oribe
  8. Redken Brews
  9. Every Man Jack
  10. Head & Shoulders
  11. Living Proof
  12. Keihls
  13. Woody’s
  14. TIGI
  15. Aesop
  16. Krieger + Söhne
  17. Nizoral
  18. Lipogaine
  19. Baxter Of California
  20. Malin + Goetz
  21. WOW
  22. Jack Black
  23. American Crew
  24. Pura D’or

How We Selected The 24 Best Shampoos For Men In 2022

We take hair care seriously. We know you probably do too – or you wouldn’t be here reading out list. That’s why we’re going to quickly go over our criteria in selecting these 24 best shampoos for men like you in 2022. There were a variety of factors we weighed, including:

  • Ingredients
  • Who does it work for?
  • Cost
  • Brand reputation

Shampoo Ingredients

The specific ingredients in a given shampoo will dictate the effects it offers. We can more or less make our decisions based solely on the ingredient label. When we talk about shampoo ingredients, we aren’t just looking at what the bottle contains – it’s also what the bottle doesn’t contain. There are amazing ingredients every shampoo should be formulated with, and there are harmful ingredients that you should avoid. Here are some ingredients that you should look for in finding a quality shampoo:

  • Natural Oils – They provide nutrition to your scalp that leads to stronger, healthier, more hydrated hair. Natural oils can range from jojoba (our personal favorite) to coconut, argan, and avocado.
  • Shea Butter – This powerful moisturizer is a must-have for those with dry hair types (curly or coily). It rectifies a frizzy head of hair and creates a stunning shine that will have you looking and feeling your best. But, shea butter also helps with hair health by eliminating scalp inflammation (which can lead to hair loss)
  • Glycerin – Any quality shampoo will contain glycerin. This powerful compound does wonders to hydrate not just your hair follicles but also your scalp. It locks in moisture for the long haul, getting you further between washes. It also strengthens hair to prevent fall and breakage.
  • Sulfate-Free Surfactants – these are what clean your hair. They remove dirt and sebum buildup to allow for new hair to grow in. These surfactants also increase your hair follicles’ ability to uptake nutrients essential to hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera – while you may use this compound for treating sunburns, it can also help strengthen and soothe your hair. If you suffer from excess hair breakage or hair fall, look for a product containing aloe.

Finding these ingredients on your shampoo label is a great start – but you should check that the label is free of harmful ingredients. Here are a few nonstarters that we recommend you avoid at all costs:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Triclosan
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Who Does The Shampoo Work For

We know that this list will be read by a variety of men with varying hair types. As such, we made an effort to pick shampoos that work for all hair types. Sure, you may want a particular shampoo for your hair type – but these are hard to come by. To us, the best shampoos are as diverse as they are quality. They will work for anyone.


These days, the cost of quality shampoo has gotten out of control. Sure – you get what you pay for to a certain extent. If you seek out the cheapest products, you typically end up underwhelmed with a low-quality shampoo bottle containing synthetic ingredients. You’ll save money but pay for it when your hair starts to lose its shine and falls out.

With that said – you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to shampoo your hair with quality products. We’ve worked hard to find shampoos that offer incredible value – at a fair price. The products we’re going to share with you today are worth every penny – and then some.

Brand Reputation

We took a hard look at brand reputation in building this list. What do the experts think about a particular brand or product? Better yet, what do real people that have actually used the shampoo think about it? We didn’t factor in the reviews on a brand’s site. Instead, we sought out verified reviews and unbiased opinions. While many of the household names might appear to have a great reputation, the truth was buried deep in the internet – and surprised us. With that said, all of the products below have stellar reputations.

Other Factors We Considered

The four criteria above made up the majority of our decision. However, a few other things set certain shampoo brands apart from the rest. For example – do they offer other products to compliment your skincare routine? Or, do they offer a subscribe and save program to help you save money? What about satisfaction guarantees, free shipping, etc.?

These little details add up and help us navigate the wide world of shampoos to land at the best of the best.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Specific Hair

Before we get into our list, we want to talk about why choosing the right shampoo for your unique head of hair is so important. As you probably already know, there are all kinds of different hair types out there. Some of us have very thin, straight hair – while others have bouncy, curly locks. There are a few main categories your hair probably falls under:

  • Curly – because curly hair dries quicker than straight hair, your ideal shampoo will offer plenty of moisturizing capabilities.
  • Coily – those with coily hair recognize the importance of moisture and frizz control. Find a formula containing plenty of natural oils or butters to keep your mane tame.
  • Wavy – because wavy hair isn’t quite as dry as coily or curly hair, you won’t need as much moisture in your formula. This is arguably the toughest hair type to shop for – but a good bet is to find a product with coconut oil or glycerin.
  • Straight – if you find that most products leave your straight hair looking and feeling greasy, you’re not alone. You need a shampoo specifically for straight hair that promotes natural fullness (proteins and vitamins) and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil helps moisturize without resulting in excess oils.

As you can see, not all hair types are created equal. The best shampoo for men with curly hair may not be the best shampoo for men with straight hair. However, we’ve got an option for every man on this list. Let’s not waste any more time!

Best Shampoos for Men in 2022? Our Picks Reviewed

If we said all 24 of these shampoos are created equal, we’d be lying. While they’re all great options, one of these shampoos stands alone as our #1 recommendation: Blu Atlas.

1. Blu Atlas Shampoo

Blue Atlas Shampoo is the best choice for men in 2022. This premium skincare brand offers a variety of products for the modern man. Their formulas are science-backed and chock-full of holistic, natural ingredients, which originally drew us to the brand. A few highlights of this brand are:

  • 100% vegan
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No artificial fragrances
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Their shampoo features a unique ingredient profile that helps strengthen hair and prevent oil build-up. Jojoba oil helps provide maximum nourishment, aloe adds necessary moisturization, and sodium methyl cocoyl taurate acts as a mild surfactant to create a cleansing foam.

For a good reason, this brand has been featured in Forbes, Men’s Journal, and more. And at just over $20 ($17 with a subscription to regular reorders) this isn’t just the best shampoo for men in 2022 – it’s also one of the most affordable. Plus, you’ll enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75 – so fill that cart up with all your men’s personal hygiene necessities and start looking and feeling your best ever.

2. Ishga

It’s tough for any brand to follow up Blu Atlas – because they are the best of the best, without question. However, Ishga’s organic seaweed shampoo is pretty great in its own regard. As the name suggests, this detoxifying formula is plant-based.

It works wonders to cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp using seawater, spring water, and seaweed. You’ll also find all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to detoxify, refresh, and restore your hair’s supple, shiny appearance. This luxury shampoo is a bit more expensive than Blu Atlas and doesn’t have as impressive of a reputation.

3. Urtekram

Are you looking for a shampoo for a very specific type of hair? Urtekram might be your best bet. Maybe you want to help increase the shine of your hair. Or, maybe you’re looking to preserve color. Perhaps you need a product that offers intense moisturization or even repairs damaged hair. There are even fragrance-free shampoos, and shampoos with probiotics.

The point is, if you need an ultra-targeted shampoo for your specific hair type, Urtekram has a product for you. They offer a full catalog of options, each serving a particular purpose. While all this variety is excellent, we must admit – it can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why Urtekram offers a two-in-one men’s hair and body wash. It’s highly affordable and filled with all sorts of good ingredients. And at just $5, this tiny little bottle might be the perfect travel option!

4. Object

Ok, washing your hair with a bar of soap sounds weird. This seems like something you’d do if you didn’t care about your hair whatsoever – but hear us out. The Object shampoo bar is really unique and highly effective. This brand does their part in preserving our planet by eliminating all plastic – which is why this shampoo comes in bar form rather than in a bottle.

And it’s not just a gimmick – the shampoo works. It provides a lovely lather formulated for any hair type. Plus, a little bit goes a long way, making this a really cost-effective choice. With that said, the bar style isn’t for everyone – and we totally get that. But if you’re feeling adventurous, it may be worth a shot for you!

5. Olaplex No 4.

Many of us could benefit from a shampoo that repairs bonds within our hair. This would help eliminate breakage and increase hair growth – as hair follicles are stronger. And the Olaplex No. 4 shampoo does just that – it revitalizes and repairs hair for more robust, shinier, and healthier hair. It also helps eliminate frizziness and flyaway hairs that get in the way and irritate you.

No matter your hair type, this is a good choice. It is free of all the harmful ingredients we mentioned earlier, too. It’s good for color care, damage control/repair, and comes with a deliciously fresh scent for men. It costs around $30 – making it a bit more expensive than some men care to pay for shampoo.

6. Nioxin

If you’re suffering from hair loss, the shampoo you choose becomes even more important. Some products can help you eliminate your hair loss woes and start to experience regrowth. Nioxin is one such product.

This cleansing shampoo is great for all types of thinning hair, and helps provide the moisture you need to eliminate further hair fall and breakage – while offering the nourishment your follicles need to jumpstart regrowth. With consistent use, you may enjoy thicker, healthier-looking hair. This shampoo works by eliminating follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, and environmental residues from your scalp to make room for new hair to grow through. And, the product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

7. Oribe

We said that most shampoos on this list work for all hair types. Well, Oribe is one of the few we’re going to share that is best used for just curly and coily hair. These hair types (curl types 2-4) need extra hydration compared to wavy and straight hair. Oribe’s formula consists of an amino acid complex, a microemulsion soothing system, and other extracts and complexes to supercharge the scalp and hair.

This shampoo will leave your hair conditioned, smooth, and polished. It also helps improve the manageability of your hair. If your mane ends up tangled and messy, this shampoo is a great choice. Keep in mind, though, it’s not cheap – at $46 a bottle, you’ll have to consider how much your hair matters to you.

8. Redken Brews

This daily shampoo by Redken Brews is a top choice for men of all hair types. It cleanses your hair without stripping the scalp of important oils or leaving it feeling “tight”. If you live an extremely active lifestyle where you sweat a ton, you’ll need to wash your hair frequently. But this frequency can cause damage – unless you use a carefully crafted daily formula like this one from Redken Brews. The science behind this formula is in the malt. Malt strengthens and nourishes hair with the necessary compounds for shine and growth.

9. Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack offers a wide range of products for men. When it comes to shampoo, they offer quite a few different formulas. There are plenty of options on their site, from natural hemp to sandalwood, citrus, tea tree, activated charcoal, and natural menthol. The right pick for you will depend on what you need help with.

These shampoos check off all the boxes on our list, with coconut-derived surfactants to cleanse your hair gently while softening with shea butter. The hemp formula helps strengthen hair fibers with natural hemp seed oil, with soy protein fortifying your hair from root to end. It’s free of parabens and dyes, and is 100% vegan. Plus, it’s highly affordable at just under $15 per bottle.

10. Head & Shoulders Dandruff Control

While Head & Shoulders is certainly a household name, it’s not necessarily our favorite. It contains coloring (blue 1 and red 33), which we don’t love. Nevertheless, this is one of the premier choices for men with dandruff. It works wonders at eliminating flakiness and restoring moisture to your scalp. It’s clinically proven to offer up to 100% dandruff protection. And because it is infused with caffeine, it helps nourish and invigorate your hair.

11. Living Proof

Are you struggling with frizz control? If so, Living Proof is a great choice for you. The formula is incredibly lightweight and helps eliminate flyaways and frizz once and for all by blocking humidity. And while the formula is light, it still offers enough cleaning power to remove dirt and oil with ease.

The fragrance is gentle and fruity, great for men who are sick of the typical musky-smelling shampoos. It’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free – this is a product you can feel good about using.

12. Kiehls

Why do we love Kiehl’s? Simple. This 2-in-1 men’s shampoo and conditioner is cost-effective and offers incredible results for frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. It helps remove buildup that could prevent new hair growth. After washing your hair with Kiehls, you’ll find that your hair is fuller, softer, and healthier than before. Your scalp is left hydrated and refreshed. The woodsy fragrance is right up our alley, too.

The product is formulated from an essential oil blend to provide nourishment and fragrance and pracaxi oil to offer a smooth, conditioned look. The best part? Kiehls emphasizes responsible formulation and sustainable sourcing.

13. Woody’s

Woody’s daily shampoo is a simple, effective formula. It helps cleanse your hair and maintain the proper moisture balance for thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. It’s composed of tea tree oil – one of our very favorite shampoo ingredients. It also leverages the help of jojoba, eucalyptus, keratin, peppermint, and more. These ingredients work to provide nourishment that your hair needs for quicker growth and enhanced strength. And because Woody’s starts at just $7, we couldn’t leave it off this list!

14. TIGI

Tigi by Bed Head is a great choice for men. This shampoo features incredible natural ingredients like Saw palmetto, lemongrass, sunflower seed, and more. These ingredients work to clean your hair and invigorate your scalp, contributing to faster growth and stronger strands. It’s available on Amazon with free shipping and costs under $15 – a great bargain buy.

15. Aesop

This luxury shampoo for men is a classic choice for those who are ultra-conscious of what they put on their bodies. It features a mild formulation of oils like Cedarwood, Juniper Berry, and Rosemary. The lather results in a deliciously minty, herbaceous scent that we cannot get enough of. It also offers hydrolyzed vegetable protein – which helps hydrate the scalp and soften hair.

We recommend this product for men with normal hair who have to wash it frequently – 3-5 times a week. By looking at the bottle, you can tell this is a luxury product and priced accordingly. Some men may not be able to justify the $45 price point.

16. Krieger + Söhne

Krieger + Söhne is a highly invigorating tea tree oil-based shampoo for men. This helps achieve a thorough cleansing that penetrates the hair shaft and the scalp while providing a relaxing, cooling effect to heal and refresh. The healing peppermint helps stimulate hair growth while repairing damaged scalp and eliminating dandruff.

This shampoo is paraben free, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s available for less than $20 with a subscription, too. With a 4.5 star rating across 2,600 reviews, this is undoubtedly a great choice.

17. Nizoral

Looking for a clinically proven anti-dandruff shampoo without some questionable ingredients that most are formulated with? Nizoral might be your best bet. This anti-dandruff shampoo for men will help you eliminate dandruff from your head and shoulders.

It is formulated with Ketoconazole – a compound that binds to your hair’s natural protein to kill dandruff. After consistent, regular use of this shampoo, you’ll be delighted with an itch-free, flake-free scalp. It also leaves your hair soft, clean, and smelling fresh – what more could you ask for?

18. Lipogaine

The Lipogaine big 3 shampoo is a great choice for those suffering from hair breakage and hair loss. Not only does it contain ingredients proven to stop hair loss, these ingredients may reverse the course of time – helping you regrow your hairline quickly. It’s fortified with biotin, ketoconazole, niacin, and copper tripeptides.

Plus, emu oil will help moisturize your scalp and eliminate inflammation that causes hair loss and prevents regrowth. You can even try a free sample, and you’ll enjoy free delivery for over $35. If you’re ready to say goodbye to hair loss and regain confidence when you look in the mirror, this dermatologist-recommended shampoo may be your perfect pick.

19. Baxter Of California

Baxter of California has two shampoos for men – the daily fortifying shampoo and their deep clean shampoo. We’re going to highlight the daily shampoo because it blew us away. It’s great for all hair types, and promotes healthy hair growth by repairing and cleansing without drying.

It’s filled with essential nutrients like Coconut extract and leaves your scalp with a refreshing, tingling feeling after use – with a fresh, clean smell that you’re sure to love. When paired with their conditioner, you’ll enjoy your healthiest hair in years. While it’s on the pricier end at $50 a bottle, you can save by subscribing to regular reorders, referring a friend, or signing up to an email list.

20. Malin + Goetz

This peppermint shampoo is a superb choice for all hair types. It can be used frequently without the risk of damaging your scalp or hair through a gentle formulation. Make no mistake, though – while it’s very gentle, it’s still effective at removing impurities and leaving your hair clean, conditioned, and shiny.

It contains natural peppermint to refresh and invigorate your scalp and hair. And, peppermint may even help with hair loss and regrowth. It’s a vegan and cruelty-free choice. It’s also highly affordable at just over $22, you can enjoy 15% off your first bottle. Malin + Goetz has all your other skin, hair, and wellness products covered.

21. WOW

This apple cider vinegar shampoo by WOW is unique. It’s unlike any other formula out there, so we wanted to highlight it today. The apple cider vinegar plays a key role in storing your skin’s natural pH level. When paired with WOW’s conditioner, it offers a nourishing detox treatment – opening clogged hair follicles by breaking down itchy, flakey build-up.

This plant-powered protein is free of all the nasty stuff we’ve talked about avoiding and is safe for all hair types. Instead, it features powerful ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado, etc. You can get the set at amazon to see what the hype is all about.

22. Jack Black

Jack Black’s thickening shampoo is a must try for those sick of thin, wispy hair. It will add some volume to your head through expansion technology, basil, and white lupine.  It also contains creatine, wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender, sage leaf extract, nettle leaf extract, and sunflower seed oil – among other superfood ingredients.

It’s free of sulfates and helps remove oils, dity, and product buildup so your hair can grow uninhibited – unlocking your volume goals.

23. American Crew

American Crew’s daily cleansing shampoo for men is a rarity. This is one of the few household names that we would recommend. This silicone-free formula has been enriched with vitamin B to help wash away excess oil, dirt, and skin-blocking sebum. It’s a great daily cleanser, as it is non-drying.

It keeps your hair looking healthy and feeling soft, and smells delicious with the addition of the American Crew citrus mint fragrance. Plus, it is available in a range of sizes so you can start small and give it a try yourself before committing to larger bottles. You even get 15% off your first order.

24. Pura D’or

This highly rated anti-thinning shampoo rounds off our list today. Pura D’or is fortified with essential ingredients like biotin, argan oil, nettle, saw palmetto, red seaweed, and 17 additional DHT herbal actives. It’s entirely free of sulfates or natural preservatives and is clinically proven to reduce hair thinning through an 8-week study.

We highly recommend this as an option for men who want to regain their confidence and enjoy thicker, more voluminous hair. You can take advantage of a satisfaction guarantee and try this shampoo risk-free.

Wrapping Up Our List Of The 24 Best Shampoos For Men in 2022

There you have it – the 24 best shampoos for men in 2022. We’ve shared a lot of incredible products for a variety of hair types. If you still aren’t quite sure which one is right for you, let us clear the air: stick with Blu Atlas. We would recommend this particular product to any man who isn’t sure what his next shampoo should be. You can’t go wrong with this formulation – try it yourself and see the results firsthand. You’ll thank us later!


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