12 New Ways to Feel Great this Fall

Why wait for the holidays to practice a little self love

Tru Niagen

Backed by 11 published human studies and world-renowned scientists, Tru Niagen® is a supernutrient for your cells that boosts your NAD+ levels. Discover the benefits of cellular energy, defense, repair, and vitality. Tru Niagen® (300mg) nourishes your cells with a single, daily capsule.

Moustache Coffee Club

Explore the world of premium coffee by joining Moustache Coffee Club. Delicious single-origin coffees roasted in the Nordic style and delivered fresh in recyclable packaging – brewing incredible coffee couldn’t be easier.


Beachly delivers the best in beach style to your doorstep every season for half the price! This Fall, Beachly has teamed up with some of our favorite brands from Hawaii, Australia, Bali and California to bring you coastal, casual vibes as you transition from warm Summer days to cool Fall nights. Our Fall box is now shipping and each box benefits Heal The Bay! Join the tribe and take $20 OFF your first box with code LAMAG.


Women’s Activewear Has Now Become Women’s Everyday Wear! Belcorva is the women’s activewear brand that combines fitness fashion with function answering the needs of the modern woman with an affordable price point, everything is under $50. All styles of shorts, pants, and capris have four different pockets that securely hold your essentials. Belcorva, founded in 2017, is one of the first brands to have pockets in all their bottoms. When not in use, the pockets remain a slimming design feature. Belcorva has developed a loyal and growing following because of its attention to the details that are important to women.  Their bold and modern clothing is designed by women for women, all the leggings and shorts pass the “bend” test with no see-through. As a woman-owned business, the brand knows that women want athletic styles in great fabrics with cute and unique designs. This brand is dedicated to a love of the outdoors and moving forward that’s proudly presented within the logo: a picture of the sun rising over the mountains that symbolizes health, a new day, moving forward, and a sign of hope. Belcorva clothing empowers women to be the best they can be by offering premium leggings with amazing fit, soft fabric, and design.


CUDDLY is the only dedicated crowdfunding platform built specifically for animal welfare organizations worldwide. Donate a product or send money to help an animal heal and find their forever home.


TONIC’s CBD + botanical blends are designed to restore your essential mind-body balance while improving your ability to cope with stress, helping you cultivate a low-resistance existence one Dose at a time. Shop with code LAMAG for 15% off.

Mikel Kristi

It’s about confidence.It’s about truth in beauty. It’s about you. Designed for intense rejuvenation & repair, the Mikel Kristi Touch-Up My Appearance Set encourages collagen production, cellular turnover, minimized pores, and texture enhancement. You’re left with beautifully restored, hydrated skin that looks flawless and feels soft to the touch. Try this game changing set with guaranteed results for 20% off with code MKLA102020.


Are you ready for fuller, thicker, sexier hair?! blowmei’s hair texture blast gives any type of hair big time volume, a clean all-natural fragrance, and a proprietary blend of polymers to keep your style fresh for 24 hours! Never hard and crunchy, always soft n silky leaving your hair looking effortlessly flawless. Head on over to their website www.blowmei.com with promo code Torcher15 and get 15% off the entire month of September. You’re already famous. Your hair should be, too.


Scars CAN Fade Away! Now is the time to do something about that scar! Flatten, soften, and fade scars caused by surgery, injury, c-section, or cosmetic procedure with NewGel+ silicone products.

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Hempmeh.shop – Join the CBDivulged Club and receive 2 free daily doses for answering 6 questions in our CBD Participation Mystique Questionnaire! Enjoy different brands of CBD and find the right fit for you – Complimentary Samples Available. 30% off with code: LAMAGHEMP!


A candle with intention.  Allow Love Notes Scented Soy Candles  to leave you with an aroma, mood, and emotion that will be Unforgettable.  These candles will bring you to your past, present, or future of giving or receiving a love note through candles and fragrance. Seen in People, Forbes, and Marie Claire. Please visit www.lovenoteafragrances.com and receive 10% off your first order.