Rubber Necking: A Roundup Of The Latest In Latex


Most Kanye
Knockoff Louis Vuitton condoms

Most Wallet Blowing
One Tantric Pleasures 12-pack ($197,505.91 via Amazon)

Most Grammy Worthy
Daft Punk-designed “Get Lucky” condoms

Most Au Naturel
Sheep intestine

Most Delicious/Gross
Bacon-flavored condoms by J&D’s

Most Jelly Belly
Condom Country’s 72-flavor sampler

Most Anatomically Confusing
MyFace custom condoms

Most Uncomfortable Sounding
Origami condoms

Most Likely in Need of an Intervention
McCondom’s whiskey-flavored condoms

Most Likely to Develop Superhuman Intelligence
Trojan’s vibrating condom rings with variable speed settings

Most Unintentional Reference to a Robert Frost Poem
Trojan’s “Fire & Ice” condoms