Know Thy Selfie

Renowned photographer Gabriela Herman shares her three key selfie rules

An intimate self-portrait is an instant come-hither. But beware the dreaded “duck face” or cringe-worthy crotch shot. Renowned photographer Gabriela Herman shares her three key rules:

Steer Clear of Commodes
“Stay away from bathrooms! They have the least flattering light in the house. Softer lighting is sexier; harsh, bright lighting will make too many shadows. Bright, sunny light by a window is perfect. If you’re outside, find shade close to a light source.”

Know Your Face Value
“For a less clichéd selfie, hide parts of your face with hair or other objects. Don’t smile. Too much smiling looks like a dating profile. Express personality with your eyes: Deep, intense stares into the camera or looking down and away from the lens can be very seductive.”

Show a Little Leg
“Legs are really sexy to shoot—and not just with women. Try using a reflective surface so you can see what you’re doing. If you’re walking on a street with storefronts, use the windows as a mirror. Or get a shot in bed, making use of the crumpled sheets.”