Don’t Be A Weiner: Safeguarding Your Sexy Pics, E-Mails, And Videos


Danger may be your middle name, but don’t let it become an Internet punch line. Deploy a few of these digital tricks to keep any raunchy pics (or texts, e-mails, videos) safe:

  • Take the risk of racy iPhone snapshots out of the equation with Secret Calculator, an app that looks like a boring number cruncher but is really a portable top-secret vault, accessible only by you with a custom code.
  • Illicit e-mails between the head of the CIA and his mistress were tracked via an IP address. You, however, can use a program from Hamachi, which creates a peep-free virtual private network.
  • If you’re worried that all those late-night X-rated texts may fall into the wrong hands, check out iCrypt. The app encodes your naughty messages, making them inaccessible to anyone without your password.
  • In case the affair flames out and you need to disappear, download Burner, a smartphone app that allows you to have unlimited phone numbers for calls and texts. When done, just dump it all and restart.