Crush Hour: Getting Seductive Behind The Wheel

For a healthy dose of fleeting flirtation, your car is better than any bar. We tapped a team of social scientists to help us figure out how to turn a daily commute into a four-wheel, ego-fueling machine

Body Language
Turns out, assessing people by the car they drive isn’t shallow; it’s semiotics. How we treat our rides is how others suspect we treat our bodies—which means a shiny car that’s well maintained (though not necessarily expensive) is instantly alluring.

Perfect View
The 18-by-24-inch span of driver’s-side glass brings focus to the face like a rolling television. The car window “cropping” at around the mid-arm area showcases toned pecs or cleavage but leaves the bottom half to the imagination of other drivers.

Flex Appeal
Resting a forearm on top of the steering wheel makes deltoids and biceps appear more defined. Flashing a ring-free left hand telegraphs availability. (Or if the driver is married, this is probably a meaningless, three-second fling.)

Face time
Symmetrical features are a hallmark of genetic health. Looking to the left, with a slight tilt of the head, helps bone structure look more balanced.

Bonus Features
Humans look for visual cues (like a smokin’-hot surfboard) to determine a social connection, which helps stoke initial attraction.

Hold Tight
Raising an eyebrow for less than a second shows interest. At a stoplight, seven seconds of eye contact is just long enough to engage before the light changes and it’s time to pull over or speed off.