Bed, Wrath, and Beyond


Now that S&M has gone mainstream, the truly kinky require more extreme playthings. The Stockroom—a Silver Lake-based design house and retail shop that’s been giving sex the Willy Wonka treatment since 1988—reveals the next generation of fetish.

Ruff Stuff 
Now that “furries” are mainstream, animal fetishists need an outlet with more bite. The Two-Toned Dog Hood ($299) is cut from pettable black leather and brown suede and outfitted with an internal gag to keep the wearer safely muzzled.

Extra Charge
Kinksters can give their sex lives a jolt with the Kink-Lab Neon Wand ($150), a high-voltage transformer modeled after an early-1900s medical device. The Power Tripper attachment ($45) adds zing to fingers, tongue, and other bits.

The Big One
Americans love to super-size, which may explain the Swelled Head Vinyl Dildo ($160), a hand-poured vinyl phallus that measures a whopping 11 inches long and has an impossibly wide (or so it seems) 12.5-inch circumference.

Doctor No
For medical fetishists there’s the Tooling Sounds kit ($94), a set of seven-inch metal probes used to dilate the urethra for passing kidney stones. Here it’s employed for off-label uses, including male penetration. Probably best just to Google it.

Back Away
Some submissives require truly diabolical punishments. The Ultimate Asslock ($415), a grenade-shaped steel butt plug, is modeled after the medieval torture device “the pear of anguish.” We’ll never look at a Bartlett the same way again