The June Gloom Cocktail

Julian Cox shares his Los Angeles magazine-commissioned recipe

It’s summer in L.A.—so why is the weather so crummy? We shed some light on June Gloom in “Fifty Thousand Shades of Gray.” Read up, then wash down what you’ve learned with this foggy cocktail created specially for us by Short Order’s Julian Cox. “Cherries are a summer fruit, and the drink is cloudy from the orgeat, ” he says, “just like a cloudy summer day.”

2 rye whiskey
3/4 lemon
3/4 orgeat
1 dsh plum tincture
3 cherries muddled

Shake double strain up in cocktail glass

The June Gloom will be served at Short Order during the month of June. » 6333 West 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 

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