Stumbling Cowboy Cocktail

David Fleisher shares his recipe

This New Year’s Eve, save the champagne for the stroke of midnight and serve a few Stumbling Cowboys instead. The herbaceous concoction is from local barman and Seven Grand alum David Fleischer, who is currently mixing drinks at the new Pico Boulevard restaurant Freddy Smalls. Aside from having top-notch drinks, the pub’s menu got some help from Bay-area bigwigs Jeremy Fox and Charlie Parker. The rye-based Stumbling Cowboy is light enough for extended sipping but burly enough for true boozers. Plus, it’s easy to make at home (sarsaparilla syrup can be found at most fine beverage stores). You have more important things to do than mix complicated cocktails all night, like celebrate. Happy New Year everyone! From, the Digest. Get the Recipe.

The Stumbling Cowboy

1.5 part rye whiskey
1 part sarsaparilla syrup
1 part club soda

Combine all ingredients in chilled collins or old fashioned glass.
Serve with lemon wedge and candied ginger for garnish.