Recipe: Yellow Cauliflower with Sultanas, Mint, and Caper Berries


Photography by Rick Poon 

Just bring wine,” they said. Sure, that’d be fine. But how much better would you look also toting a surprise side to complement your gracious host’s savory spread. Chef David Lefevre of M.B. Post shared with us a speedy, flavorful showstopper of a vegetable dish that you can whip up in time for dinner. Sultanas, a fancy Turkish variety of golden raisins (you can sub in regular golden raisins), add a tangy sweetness to roasted cauliflower with capers and herbs. Unless you have a head of cauliflower sitting around this might mean braving the grocery store. (We saw a woman break into tears yesterday when Whole Foods was out of cloves.) But with a little gumption you should make it out alive. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Yellow Cauliflower with sultanas, mint, and caper berries


Recipe Courtesy Manhattan Beach Post


  • 1 large head cauliflower, or two small to medium, in florets             
  • Olive oil – 4oz 
  • Shallot, minced – 2oz 
  • Garlic, minced – 1oz   
  • Sultanas, or golden raisins (soaked in warm white wine) – 2.5oz         
  • White wine (use to soak the sultanas) – 8oz 
  • Capers, chopped – 2oz          
  • Parsley, chopped -2tb
  • Mint, chopped – 2tb    
  • Cilantro, chopped – 2tb          
  • Salt to taste                             

For Cauliflower:                            
In a shallow roasting pan, combine the cauliflower, salt, pepper and Olive oil and roast at 400 degrees until just tender. 


For Sultanas Caper Sauce: 

  • makes 2 cups                                  
  • While roasting the cauliflower:                                    
  • Sweat the shallots and garlic in the olive oil add the sultanas, white wine, and capers                                
  • Cook until the wine is reduced by half                                    
  • Cool the liquid to room temperature                           
  • Add the chopped parsley, mint, cilantro and salt to season                           

To plate:                                 
Place warm cauliflower in serving bowl/platter. Spoon the sultanas caper sauce over the cauliflower. Garnish with caper berries, pine nuts, and herbs. Drizzle the verjus over the dish to finish.