Recipe: Blood Orange Margarita from The Church Key

Shake it up!

Mixologist Devon Espinosa has dressed the bar at West Hollywood’s The Church Key with vintage Pan Am airline drink carts, cocktail pops frozen tableside with liquid nitrogen, and pre-canned drinks ready to pour over ice. The restaurant’s new happy hour takes these novel bar tricks to a new level: DIY. Shake your own margarita and you get it half-off. Your stewardess-cum-cocktail waitress pours the juice, tequila, and ice into a mason jar, twists on the lid, and hands it to you for mixing. We scored Espinosa’s margarita recipe so you can make it at home before citrus season ends. The easy mix of pert blood orange juice and smooth white tequila make this recipe an easy cocktail to prep and hold until your guests arrive. All you’ll need is a little shaking to get the party started.

Blood Orange Margarita from The Church Key

2 blood orange slices

1.5oz tequila blanco (they use Alto Blanco)
1oz fresh lime juice
.75oz simple syrup (1:1 by volume, sugar to water)
.5oz triple sec (they use Combier)


  1.  Pre-muddle blood oranges in Mason jar.
  2.  Add rest of ingredients and top with ice.
  3. Cover with Mason jar lid and shake roughly 10 times.
  4. Enjoy!