Melon Prosciutto and Burrata Salad

Chef Pascal Lorange shares his recipe

Did you know that August is National Olive Oil Month? (And do we get time off for that?) Well, it is! And it can’t be pure coincidence that this also happens to be the month when summer melons are at their peak. Fig & Olive restaurant on Melrose agrees, and has created a special salad that celebrates both of August’s stars along with salty prosciutto and cool, creamy burrata. The assembly couldn’t be easier so long as you know how to stack things, but the result speaks for itself. It’s a dish that clings tightly to the last remaining days of summer. We know—we don’t want to think about it either, so, eat up!



1 medium cantaloupe

1 tablespoon pesto

2 cups arugula

2 cherry tomatoes

1.5 ounces burrata

Olive oil

Micro basil



1. Peel and cut a cantaloupe into small slices.

2. Place one slice in the center of the plate.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of pesto into the center of the slice of cantaloupe

4. Layer with arugula and then with a layer of one piece of prosciutto

5. Layer with another slice of cantaloupe, pesto, arugula and prosciutto (repeat this step four times)

6. Finally, slice two cherry tomatoes and place in the center of the dish

7. Cover with 1.5 oz of fresh burrata

8.  Season with FIG & OLIVE Picholine olive oil and micro basil