Honey Sriracha Wings

Chef Sascha Lyon shares his recipe

If you’re like us, the return of football season has triggered a Pavlovian craving for that classic bar food staple: hot wings. While you might be inclined to dash off to your nearest sports bar or (heaven forbid) Hooters, we recommend checking out Delphine’s “Wing Nite” where, every Tuesday, chef Sascha Lyon will be serving up eight different flavors of wings made to order. The one problem, of course, is that there aren’t any football games on Tuesday. That’s why we asked Lyon if he might share a recipe for one of his most popular flavors—the sweet-spicy Honey Sriracha glazed—that makes for the perfect half-time snack. A lengthy brine session is key, so make sure to let your chicken soak at least a day in advance to ensure a moist and tender wing.

Honey Sriracha Wings

Yields 4 servings


48 chicken wings – drumettes or flats or a combination of both

1/4 cup cracked pink and black peppercorns

2 pounds sugar
1 pound salt
1 orange
1 lemon
6 sprigs thyme
3 gallons cold water

Combine all brine ingredients. Reserve for chicken.

2 cups honey
1/2 cup Siracha
1/4 pound butter

Heat up honey. Remove from heat. Whisk in sriracha. Whisk in cold butter a little at a time. Reserve at room temperature until needed. Can be cooled and stored up to 2 weeks.

Completely submerge wings in brine for 24 hours. Remove wings from brine and rinse briefly. Dry well and fry at 325 degrees until crispy and completely cooked. Toss in sauce. Sprinkle with cracked pink and black peppercorns.