Getting Saucy: Make Fishing with Dynamite’s Saffron Aioli

Chef David Lefevre shares his seafaring recipe

We’ve never understood it, but it often seems like the closer you get to the shore in L.A. the harder it is to find great seafood. Lately, however, this has been changing with the arrival of places like BP Oysterette, the upcoming Santa Monica branch of Water Grill, and chef David LeFevre’s brand new Manhattan Beach seafood shack, Fishing with Dynamite. Open for lunch starting tomorrow, LeFevre’s tiny spot has been packed to the “gills” with people hungry for fish-focused standards such as clam chowder, raw oysters, poached Atlantic lobster, as well as some Asian-inflected takes on salmon, octopus, cod, and more. The stars, though, are the tiered trays of chilled oceanic delights ranging from Dungeness crab legs to raw Peruvian scallops to local sea urchin, all served with a bevy of house-made sauces including a heady—but not overwhelming—saffron aioli. LeFevre uses it to accompany his raw bar, but you can whip up a batch as a dip for fresh spring asparagus, as a sandwich spread, or to add a little something extra to deviled eggs.

Saffron Aioli


10 1/2 ounces Mayonaise

A pinch of Saffron
1 ounce water
1 teaspoon finely minced garlic
salt to taste
juice from a quarter of a lemon

Chop Saffron, add saffron to hot water to bloom the saffron for 10 minutes. Add saffron water, chopped saffron and lemon juice to the mayonnaise.  Stir to combine. Season to taste, and serve with any shellfish selections.