After Glow

Film shoots that happen when the sun goes down turn Los Angeles into a hypersaturated wonderland
After Glow

Photograph by Gregg Segal

It’s a classic L.A. moment. Driving home late, you turn a corner and come upon the glow of a film or TV shoot. The brightness can be almost blinding, but it’s impossible to look away. Photographer Gregg Segal remembers discovering his first night shoot in 2003. “The light was just stunning,” he says, “so I pulled off the freeway and went searching for it.” The pictures he took that night in Hollenbeck Park in East L.A. sparked the otherworldly series of images on these pages. Luridly amber palm trees and stark, noirish blue oaks, backlit rooftops casting long, eerie shadows across a gleaming emerald lawn—the scenes appear illuminated “by a moon on steroids, evoking the magic we once associated with Hollywood,” says Segal. There’s another payoff to night shoots: He doesn’t need to haul in equipment. “This is one of the rare times that I don’t have to set up lights. Because the subject is the light.”

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