Announcing #OpenForBusiness

Los Angeles magazine is pleased to participate in #OpenForBusiness, a promotional initiative designed to support local businesses as they safely re-open across the country.

Supporting the businesses in our local community is a vital first step toward getting our economy going again. Each dollar spent locally will have a multiplier effect, helping open doors of local businesses and supporting jobs in our community.

The #OpenForBusiness campaign encourages consumers to:

  • Seek out local businesses for their services first
  • Order products and meals online
  • Take advantage of curbside pick-up at local shops and restaurants
  • Schedule virtual telemedicine appointments
  • Do what they can to invest in the L.A. economy – all while following local health guidelines and respecting others

The initiative also urges businesses to share their best practices for safely reopening and serving their customers via the hashtag #OpenForBusiness.

Participation is free. Fill out the form below to receive assets and to be listed in the “Participating Local Businesses” section.
You will be redirected to download the assets:

  • #OpenForBusiness badge for in-store display and use on websites and social media
  • #OpenForBusiness toolkit outlining easy ways local businesses can leverage the campaign

Let’s all do our part to remain vigilant to safety protocols, out of respect for those around us, and to support the reopening of local businesses for they truly are our cherished neighbors, friends and family.