[Silver Lake]

Photography courtesy of blogs.kcrw.com

Emerging from little more than a take-out window—and made with rudimentary ingredients (brown rice, bread)—are some of the most nimble and devilishly complex creations served in Los Angeles. Jessica Koslow runs Sqirl, the boutique preserves enterprise, and her minuscule kitchen is the company’s next evolution. With the superprimo (and a bit persnickety) coffee café G&B providing the drinks, Sqirl’s chalkboard menu builds on brioche, baguettes, and brown rice with such highfalutin fixings as preserved Meyer lemon, sorrel pesto, French feta, organic duck eggs, and local sardines. The result is a robust rotating menu of stunning breakfast and lunch dishes that will set you reeling. » 720 N. Virgil Ave., Ste. 4, 213-394-6526 or sqirlla.com.