Petty Cash Taqueria

[Beverly Grove]

What do you do when you’re Walter Manzke, your upcoming fine-dining restaurant has yet to open, and you have a killer recipe for nachos lying around? You open Petty Cash Taqueria, a stoner food-meets-Baja restaurant that hits L.A.’s current culinary sweet spot. Cheese-filled churros with green mole dip, peanut and mango-peppered squid ink ceviche, grilled octopus and duck gizzard tacos plus those pig ear nachos—all get gobbled up by that most elite group of diners: the under-35-and-flush set. Julian Cox’s libations range from tiki to tequila, some made with spirits seldom found north of the border. » 7360 Beverly Blvd., 323-933-5300 or