Mother Dough


Los Feliz has supported many pizzerias over the years, but none has ever taken the art of the pie this seriously. The “mother” in Mother Dough is the yeast starter that gives the thin Neapolitan-style crust a satisfying chew. The bubbles and char come courtesy of a wood-fired oven that cooks a pizza in just 60 seconds. Toppings are simple and high quality: buffalo mozzarella, sliced zucchini, fresh arugula, and a tomato sauce that smacks of the garden. Our only complaint would be a general lack of diversity—the pizzas all sort of taste the same. The burrata salad, duck crostini, and mixed olives carry on the minimalist spirit. » 4648 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz (323-644-2885 or D Tue.-Sun. Beer and wine. Pizza   

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