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Andre Guerrero, who brought Oinkster to Eagle Rock, is investing further in his Eastside hometown with Maximiliano. The valet sticks out like a sore thumb along this dingy stretch of York Boulevard, but the service hints at the flashy red wall and green glowing neon inside (a nod to the Italian flag). The food, by contrast, is Guerrero’s take on humble red-sauce Italian American fare. Dishes such as mild pork meatballs, crispy-crust pizzas, and clunky pastas like tagliatelle with bolognese sauce are just OK. Meatier offerings—a giant pork chop, a superjuicy chicken marsala—give us hope. Thus far there’s enough to satisfy neighborhood foodies while the kinks are being ironed out. » 5930 York Blvd., 323-739-6125.