The crew behind the Kogi food truck phenomenon (and L.A.’s food truck craze, for that matter) has gone brick-and- mortar with Chego! It’s not much fancier than the curbside operation, with everything served on compostable dishware and a DIY condiment-utensil-beverage station in the back. The cuisine is as kick-you-in-the-teeth flavorful, though here it comes in a bowl, not a tortilla. Riffs on the Korean rice specialty bibimbap are served with bits of moist dark-meat chicken or pork belly, Chinese broccoli or water spinach, and always a fried egg with a salty sesame sprinkle on top. For sides, try a tangy pickle assortment or charred asparagus doused with a spicy Caesar-like dressing. » 3300 Overland Ave., West L.A. (310-287-0337). D Tue.-Sat. No alcohol. Korean $
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