LA Magazine

Wishing you a warm welcome to our experiential dinner in partnership with Cadillac. We are here tonight to celebrate the idea behind Never Stop Arriving. Cadillac coined this term with the mindset of fearless evolution. Not defining ourselves by what we used to be. Or by what others thought we were. But evolving to lead the future we see ahead of us. The evening is curated around this mentality.

This very restaurant, The Beach Club Santa Monica at the Victorian, is the heart and soul of Never Stop Arriving. Originally built in 1892 (near Hotel Miramar) and then moved to this current location in 1973. 128 years later, the foundation remains firm, the architecture defined and distinguished but it has continually evolved as we sit here enjoying it’s most recent reimagined design, menu and atmosphere.

Los Angeles magazine, on the eve of our 60th anniversary, has seen many renditions to the city, to the media landscape, to the brand itself. We boldly document the evolution of this city, always looking to the future on what local journalism means, constantly pushing progressive and innovative ways to engage with the City of Angel residents. Over the past 60 years, we have seen many changes in print, digital, and this year, with how we host events, but we will continue to transform and adapt. We will never stop arriving.

The Escalade, the bold and sophisticated trailblazer in Cadillac’s repertoire, is the keystone to Never Stop Arriving. The 2021 model is the largest and longest Escalade to date with an unmistakable style that stands out from the pack, making it an iconic statement of arrival. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, with eyes on the future, this Escalade has the world’s first truly hands-free driver-assistance feature for compatible highways, augmented reality navigation, curved OLED touchscreen and a AKG Studio 36-speaker. The Cadillac Escalade defines your arrival and fearlessly leads you to your next tier of success.

And finally, the non-profit beneficiary of the evening, LA’s BEST. Since established in 1988, LA’s BEST has been evolving and expanding to provide safe and supervised afterschool education, enrichment and recreation programming for 25,000 elementary school students across Los Angeles neighborhoods with the highest needs and fewest resources. In these times of COVID-19, LA’s BEST has shown resiliency and overcome many obstacles to help students in need, from providing critical support at the LAUSD Grab and Go food program to virtual engagement with staff and kids. LA’s BEST never stops supporting their students’ holistic development, inspiring them to achieve, dream, and thrive now and as they grow.

We all have our own definition of Never Stop Arriving but the notion of always looking ahead, towards a brighter future, adapting and progressing yourself, your brand, your goals is communal and worthy of recognition.

Thank you for being a part of this special evening,
Josef Vann and Maer Roshan