Tujunga Village

A single block of indie boutiques, gourmet shops, and restaurants anchors a genial hood

Photograph by Mindee Choi


The Brady Bunch lived in the vicinity of Tujunga Village, and in some ways that quaint TV fiction still holds. This Studio City enclave is only a block long and offers leafy trees, friendly shopkeeps, and the requisite yoga studio, coffeehouse, and day spa that make the good life convenient. Block parties are common in the surrounding residential neighborhood of mostly million-dollar-plus homes, and a well-maintained local park called Woodbridge serves as the village green. Once families settle here, they rarely leave. No wonder. 


Photograph by Mindee Choi

1. Paper Goose
Stonewall Kitchen baking mixes, dripless taper candles in a rich palette, and stuffed animals make this more than a stationery store. Nonetheless, the paper goods dazzle: Mix-and-match sheets from companies like Rossler and Envelopments make us yearn for a world without Evites. » 4397 Tujunga Ave., 818-760-0621.


2. Caioti Pizza Café
Vitello’s, the old-school Italian restaurant across the street, has a deserved following. But we like the relaxed vibe at Caioti, founded by pizza innovator Ed LaDou (he conceived the BBQ chicken pie). Bonus: paging through the journals on the counter. In them, expectant moms record their thoughts after eating the fabled salad whose dressing is said to induce labor. » 4346 Tujunga Ave., 818-761-3588.

3. Diana’s Boutique Clothing
It’s not a surprise that this eight-year-old store has plenty of fans, including Desperate Housewives costume designer Cate Adair. The fashions look like they came from Neiman’s, but the prices are more in line with Target. Chances are you won’t recognize any of the labels, though that $36 oxford shirt with ribbed cotton detailing is a ringer for a James Perse. It doesn’t get much prettier than a gauzy silk—OK, poly—crepe top in black, navy, or fuchsia with ruffle trim that goes for $29. » 4334 Tujunga Ave., 818-752-9144.

4. Village Gourmet
You won’t find a market in the village, just this fancy shop with a cheese counter where sandwiches are prepared. Between the truffle salts, pastas from Italy, and petite pails of Dijon mustard, foodies could do some damage. » 4357 Tujunga Ave., 818-487-3807.

5. Aroma Coffee and Tea
This rambling café is the unofficial neighborhood HQ, and there’s frequently a line out the door. Coffee drinks, baked goods, egg dishes, and sandwiches are the draw, along with an efficient and slightly sassy staff who call patrons “sweetheart.” Portrait of a Bookstore, the pint-size book and gift shop that shares the address, is worth a visit. » 4360 Tujunga Ave., 818-508-0677.

6. Spoiled, A Day Spa
Heather Thorn is reason enough to visit this frills-free spa, especially for those who like their massages deep. We swear there must be a huge Russian guy inside the svelte Thorn. Although there’s no sauna or Jacuzzi and no apples to munch, a 60-minute deep-tissue massage is $40 less than most around town. We’ll buy our own apples, thank you. » 4338 Tujunga Ave., 818-508-9772.



Photograph by Mindee Choi

7. Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga
The focus is on the workout. Instructors call for poses and make only minimal adjustments. Mark Blanchard teaches a half-dozen classes; we’re partial to his wife Elizabeth’s sessions. » 4344 Tujunga Ave., 818-769-6427.


8. Vintage at Heart
Under the same roof as Bailey’s Bedding & Bone, a pooch accessories shop, this store carries items like sachets made by owner Tiffany Newman, who uses vintage linens. Prices are reasonable, but hours can be spotty. » 4379 Tujunga Ave., 818-506-4495.

9. Gelato Bar
An antidote to those modern gelaterias, this after-school favorite features an indoor fountain and an Italian-tile floor. Yes, owners Gail Silverton and Joel Gutman recently invested in a Synesso espresso machine, and they even make a simple cup of joe to order. But here it’s all about the gelati. The pistachio is revelatory: Creamy, rich, and not too sweet, it tastes like pistachios, unlike the green stuff so many places serve. The ricotta gelato, ribboned with berries, recalls a classic New York cheesecake. » 4342 1/2 Tujunga Ave., 818-487-1717.