My LA To Z: Zak Waters

The L.A. native and pop singer/songwriter (who has collaborated with Benny Benassi, and David Guetta, to name a few) is taking up residence at The Satellite every Monday this month. Here he gives voice to his favorite hangouts, including a “vibey” jazz bar and “the best sushi place ever”

El Sauz Tacos

It’s an incredible little Mexican place in Glendale. A friend of mine lives right down the street, and I record at his house, so we’d go all the time. It’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall, not really sit down. I mean, you can sit down, but it’s not great for sitting. There’s always a line out the door, but that’s ok because it’s also open really late. I love their asada burrito—it’s just cheese, carne asada, and beans with this garlicky hot sauce that they put inside of it. It’s all about the sauce.

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Dinah’s Fried Chicken

Conveniently located right next door to El Sauz! They’re known for their fried chicken, and it’s so, so good. They have a bunch of different sides—biscuits, green beans, French fries, macaroni, coleslaw. The apple butter on the table is incredible on the roles that they give you.

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I found out about this place when I first got out of high school; I was interning at Pulse Recording, which is right next door. Usually we go there to get drinks because they have a really rustic ‘20s or ‘30s vibe there. It’s a great date spot as well—cool string lights on the patio. Really homey.

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Melrose Trading Post

It’s a rad flea market that they have every Sunday. I always go right before it closes—vendors are shutting down, but it’s way less crowded. There’s this one person who sells really old books from the 1800s; I have a couple from 1840, and they’re probably the coolest things I got from there. It’s also great for gifts—an ex-girlfriend once bought me these awesome crates, but when we broke up, I moved out and had to leave them at her place.

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This is a great little spot in Echo park where they only serve craft beers and wine. It’s very unassuming—you walk in and it’s this really warm, vibey place. The owner is the bartender. She’s always there, and her cat chills on the bar. On Tuesdays there’s a jazz pianist who plays on an upright piano in the corner, and they have a jazz trio there on Wednesdays.

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery

For the movie nights! I’ve only done it once, but it is one of my favorite things. When I went I saw an Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Man Who Knew Too Much. And you don’t feel trapped there. You can get up, stretch your legs, have a drink. You can bring everything with you—bottles of whiskey, wine, beer, cheese, crackers. A whole rack of lamb if you want to!

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Little Brother Sushi

It’s the best place ever. I’m pretty careful when it comes to sushi—I feel like I know good fish, and theirs is incredible. The quality is insane; a lot of times the owner will go back to the fish market between lunch and dinner because the restaurant closes from 2p.m. to 6p.m. I don’t usually get rolls anywhere, but the ones at Little Brother are really good. The Linda roll is amazing—it’s a cut roll, and the outside of it is seared tuna and then the inside has crab and all kinds of other crazy shit. So good.

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101 Coffee Shop

We frequent 101 Coffee Shop a lot after shows because it’s open really late. It’s a diner vibe, and I love diners. It’s cool because you’ll go in at 2a.m. and there will be a ton of people there. I always get the Mikey Fitz, which is named after Mike Fitzpatrick from Fitz and the Tantrums. It’s two eggs, bacon or sausage, and pancakes or french toast. I’m like, dude, what more could I want at 2:30 in the morning?

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Handy Market

It’s a very ‘50s style market in Burbank that’s walking distance from where I live, and they have this butcher in the back that makes the most incredible sandwiches. And they’re so cheap! I always get the Italian, and they stack it so high you can hardly get your mouth around it. And it’s only six bucks! It just feels like this very neighborhoody, homey vibe. On Saturdays, they have a big smoker and BBQ in the parking lot. It gets crazy—the line is down the street.

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It’s a really rad store that I work at owned by a couple from Vancouver. They cast 19th century wax seals in silver, bronze, and gold, and they do a lot of wholesale business. You walk in and it looks like a gallery—we have an 18th century dollhouse in the window that we put all of the jewelry in. All the wax seals have certain meanings that are explained on a card. I have a necklace that says, “Courage Without Fear” in French.

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