My LA to Z: Vivica A. Fox

The Granada Hills resident and star of the new film In the Hive lists her favorite spot for chili, where she goes to bowl and the restaurant that feels like home.


They have the best cracked crab that’s finger-licking good and served with garlic noodles. It’s a great family establishment that serves a sexy dinner. The lighting is lovely and the band plays some nights and the walkway is a fish tank, which is really cool. I would take out-of-towners here to give them a taste of L.A.

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Mr. Chow

The lemon pepper lobster is sinful. It’s a hot spot in L.A. that I’ve been going to for years. Whether I’m celebrating a birthday or premiere, we always go there.

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California Pizza Kitchen

I love food but I have to watch my diet and this is a great place to go and cheat ’cause I can have salads or pizza. I’ve always been a lover of great salads and they have really great salads. I hate deep dish and since I’m usually on a low-carb/low- sugar diet I don’t feel as bad having their thin crust pizza, which is bomb.

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Jerry’s Deli

I love their chicken soup. It’s my go-to soup whenever I’m sick. It’s open 24 hours and there aren’t that many spots in L.A. that are, so we went there after a late night at the club and that’s how I discovered it.

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I’ve got a pretty good game. I’ve been going there for 15 years, ever since some friends threw a party there. I like it ’cause on some days they have disco bowling and that’s what makes it fun. They light up the lanes and play music; it’s like a club and bowling at the same time. It’s just fun and a good release.

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Arclight Cinemas

I like to escape and watch movies. I love that you can pre-book your seats so you don’t have to fight and get there early to get a good seat. If I really want to see something I’ll go to the movies by myself, but mostly I go with my girlfriends.

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Beverly Hot Springs

It’s a great place to dip in natural alkaline waters and they have excellent massages. My acting coach introduced me to it 20 years ago and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. This is where I would go for a relaxing weekend getaway.  

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The Castaway

It’s an excellent place to have brunch overlooking Burbank. It’s really family-oriented; I go and hang out with the family after church.

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Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills 

When I want to be really hoity-toity I go there. The location is fantastic, the food is beautiful, and it’s just fabulous. I’m not a big breakfast person but their waffles are the bomb as well as their fresh omelets. I like to get with the girls and be fabulous and have a champagne brunch.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

It’s everything that gets me in trouble some days. I’m a shoe ho and I’ll send my personal shopper pictures and she always hooks me up. I’ve been going there for 15 years. The moment I could afford it, I was there.  

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Neiman Marcus

I like to go and get my Jo Malone fragrance, which is my favorite, and they have a fabulous shoe collection. I also love their famous chili, which is delicious. I’ve been having it for 15 years. I discovered it after experiencing some shopping fatigue and the employees recommended I try it.

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Casa Vega

When I’m in the mood for good Mexican food that feels like mama is in the kitchen, Casa Vega is the spot. They have the best margaritas, so I like going there for girl’s night. It’s good home cooking that you can watch Sunday football with and just chill out. It’s been there for 56 years and I know all the employees, they’re like family. It’s a little hole in the wall in the Valley and it’s very sentimental to me.

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