My LA to Z: Valerie Harper

The TV and Broadway star–whose memoir, “I, Rhoda,” hit stores last month–enjoys the natural side of L.A.

Inn of The Seventh Ray

You’ve emerged into the ‘60s here. It’s built into a hillside and it’s mostly outdoors and has wonderful, tinkly glass chimes everywhere. It’s upscale hippie bohemian and they bring you elderberry wine and bits of sherbet between courses. There’s also an interesting and fun gift shop filled with inner eyes and pyramids and candles and incense… so much incense.

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Palisades Park

There’s a little skinny park there with a totem pole, and lovely sculpture, and Russian immigrants, and me trying to run every day. Sometimes it’s misty and you can see forever and sometimes it’s bright and the mist is on the sea. It’s different every day and gorgeous.

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Kreation Kafe

It’s a wonderful juice bar and café. My husband Tony goes there often for hummus. They have great hummus and little bread things and they’re trying for health. It’s quite nice and has wonderful green drinks that taste good and let’s do this instead of a candy bar.

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Blue Plate Oysterette

This is a small little place right on the ocean. It’s on a little bluff and it’s tiny. They don’t do reservations, so you can’t get there after six. It’s like a New England-y fish spot. There are tables and a counter and hey have great little fish tacos.

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Virginia Robinson Gardens

This was an old estate with acres and acres of plants and flowers and groves of trees. It is a massive thing no one knows about right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

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Vicente Foods

This is a fabulous old-fashioned market with the most wonderful food. When I say old-fashioned I mean the carts are too big for the aisles. It’s an old market but they are very up-to-date and the prices are incredible. They have big, beautiful green olives from Graber Olive House that are very sweet, and they have red rose tea, and a little bakery in back—the famous one—with tons of lovely pastries that I don’t eat.

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Pizzeria Mozza

I have a friend who lives at Fremont Place that does a movie night and every time we go they have great, great pizza from Mario Batali. This place is famous for pizza and spaghetti. It’s fabulous and the people come from the restaurant and serve it before we watch the movie.

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Café Gratitude

Very current delicious vegan food with names like “I Am Glorious” and “I Am Deep.” It’s fun and light and there’s a great joy to it. You jump in and the girls and boys are incredible looking with a lot of tattoos, but tattoos that are more esoteric. The food is great and casual and beautifully designed. The desserts are crazy:  blueberry crumble pie with not an ounce of sugar.

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The Fitting Room

Santiago is a fabulous master tailor. He’s a lovely guy and he’s great at his work. They’ve done so many things for me, and my friend that wears fabulous couture clothes. It’s not huge and people come in and get up on the thing. It’s not like a factory, he’s an individual guy who is kind and I like it.



Aero Theater

They show old movies like Dracula and Frankenstein on Halloween and they have people from the movie come and speak. It’s not all monster flicks. They also show new movies and foreign films and it’s a lovely place inside and out. There’s even an old neon clock on the wall inside.

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Lloyd Windsor

It’s a small little studio run by a mother and daughter. They have saved my hair—and I had stripes and everything. Francesca is just fabulous with color. I don’t know about men and barbers, but it gets real personal with a hairdresser. It’s such a part of my life.

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