My LA to Z: Tony Hawk

The skateboarding superstar just opened a skate park in Long Beach, but Culver City is his favorite spot to hang


Culver City Skate Park

Yes, I get recognized every time I go, but there isn’t usually an overwhelming amount of people there. My favorite trick is a backside smith grind in the clover bowl. It’s a blast to watch the kids because they’re so hungry to learn new tricks.


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Umami Burger

I eat anything, so I guess I’m an adventurous guy, but for hamburgers I love Umami. I go once a week, unless I have a craving for In-N-Out.


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Mammoth Mountain

I love going fast on a snowboard. I get enough “trick” satisfaction while skating, so when I’m on the snow I just want to speed down the mountain.


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I like to take my kids during certain exhibitions. We went to see Tim Burton’s work, and they loved it.


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My daughter’s face lights up at the sight of princesses. My boys love it there too, but they won’t admit to liking the princesses—though I know they do.


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I usually go for their specials and grab something to heat up at home. Their frozen goods are awesome.


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Chateau Marmont

The courtyard is generally quiet, and their bruschetta with burrata is amazing. I never thought I would sound so Hollywood.


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John Varvatos

It’s where I buy my rarely-used formal wear and nice shoes. The last time I got really dressed up was for the Laureus Awards in London. I had to tour Australia for three weeks prior while lugging a garment bag around just for that occasion.


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