My LA to Z: Tim Heidecker

When the Atwater Village resident and star of The Comedy isn’t lounging at home or sitting by the pool, he ventures to a museum about museums, to see magic, or to meet his Tim and Eric Awesome Show partner Eric Wareheim for lunch at a local noodle bar



The guys who run it catered my wedding. It was one off the few times that people said that the food was good at a wedding. They really didn’t disappoint when they moved from catering. At Animal I usually get the rabbit.

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Commonwealth Canyon Dr., Griffith Park

I have dogs and a really regular big activity for us is to go hiking. Coming from the East Coast it was such a cool thing to be living in a city where in five minutes you can be in nature. It’s just like a really adult thing to do, except we break the law and take the dogs off the leash. My wife and I and our friends were doing it almost every day and we kind of ran out of things to talk about, so we turned it into a lecture series where everyone has to contribute and teach something to the group. It’s funny, but at the same time exciting.

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Atwater Village Farmers Market

This has become a type of Sunday ritual that we’ve gotten into. You can almost get everything there—a good lunch, fish, produce, bread. You kind of feel like you live in a small town for a while. 

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The Museum of Jurassic Technology

It’s my favorite place to take friends or people who are visiting L.A. for the first time. I never give them any introduction or warning. I took my sister there and she was walking around for 20 minutes before she burst out laughing, and that was when she got that it was a joke. It’s this idea of a museum about museums, and it’s so smart and unique. There probably aren’t many places like it in the world.

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The Magic Castle

Over the past couple of years I’ve been going a lot. A friend of mine became a member and that’s a game changer. We don’t go to dinner or make it a big night out anymore; we’ll go for a drink or two and to see one show. We do still wear suits though, because it’s practically the only place we have to dress up anymore. You really feel special seeing magic up close. 

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Viet Noodle Bar

I live five blocks from here and could eat the pho everyday. The people who run it are super nice. If there’s ever a meeting I need to have or lunch with Eric, that’s where we go. It’s our Cheers.

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Best ice cream around. You feel like you’re doing something really healthy. It’s all dairy-free and fresh, but at the same time you know your eating a big honking scoop of sugar. 



Neptune’s Net

It’s way up PCH right past Malibu. You order at the counter, get a big thing of fried shrimp or whatever. We’ll go there on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, take our friends and just watch the ocean. It’s a great destination to combine with going to the beach. The only problem is there are all the bikers on Harleys, but I think it’s kind of cool and just adds to the aesthetics of the place.

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Boo’s Philly Cheesesteaks and Hoagies

It’s a new place with perfect cheesesteak: they import Amoroso’s rolls from Philly. It’s terrible for you and you feel like shit afterwards, but it is so good in your mouth.

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The best breakfast in L.A. I’m hesitant to recommend it because it’ll start getting too crowded. One of the women who runs it is married to a guy in The Wire. So as an added benefit, you get The Wire vibe. 


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The Satellite

There’s an old Neil Hamburger show there, it’s the only show I ever go to, and it’s the best comedy show in L.A. It’s at a rock club so everyone is drinking, and sometimes feels more like a rock show than a comedy show, which can be hard for the performers, but it’s fun. I did something last night, and me and John Berry got in a fight on stage and people thought it was real. I hurt my shoulder. If you were there that’s the only time you’ll see it, and that’s the kind of place this is.


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The Cinefamily

This is a great little theater and the guys put on amazing movies that you can’t see anywhere else. People need to go out and see challenging movies sometimes. Usually I only really want to go to the theater to see the big blockbuster and see as many explosions as possible, but I hope people can go out and support the Cinefamily. I saw The Trip here and it’s so hard to understand and so dry. If I was at home chances are I would have paused it a hundred times to look at my phone. Being in the theater forces you to support the arts. Go. 

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