My LA to Z: Thomas Jane

The actor, who nabbed a Golden Globe nom for his turn as school teacher-turned male prostitute Ray Drecker on Hung, tells us where he goes on a date, shops for brain food, and where to find the best ceviche in town


Ostioneria Colima No. 2

It’s one of the great Mexican seafood stands. Their shrimp cocktail is incredible. They’ve got this really unique Mexican shellfish dish, and a great ceviche. It’s just cheap and great. 




LA Opera

The LA Opera does great opera. We usually get season passes, have a little meal at Patina, and then walk over to the Dorothy Chandler [Pavilion].  I mean me and a date, me and my daughter, me and a friend—anyone I can rope into going to the opera with me. Julie Taymor put on a pretty amazing production of Grendel

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Secret Headquarters

It’s a little bit offbeat. They have a lot of underground stuff and high-end graphic novels. They deal with the literary side of comic books, but they have super hero stuff, too. I’m there a couple of times a month. I have a number in my phone where whatever city I’m in I call it and it tells me what the nearest comic book shop is, and that’s a good thing to have. This is my favorite over here. 

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Vacation Vinyl

I like the way vinyl smells, like teenage sex. I’m always picking up new music. I keep my ears open, and I’ve got Shazam, so if I hear something I like I can usually dial it in. The last thing I picked up is The Revolution & Rich File. There’s a song called “In Time.” That’s a great record. 

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Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute

Where I shop is classified information. But I like a hat company called Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute. I own around twenty or thirty different hats. I am a man of many hats.

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The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

I used to live down there on skid row when I first came to town. I didn’t have any money, so I stayed in welfare hotels, and I used to walk by the Biltmore and watch people drink tea. I’ve gone back and had a nice afternoon tea myself and watched the bums walk by the window. 

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Trader Joe’s

I always try to explore and find something different to bring home. I rarely bring home the same stuff, although you do have your staples. Right now I’m a big fan of dried blueberries mixed with walnuts and some almonds. That makes a great snack and it’s brain food.

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Griffith Observatory

It’s got a lot of history, it’s where they shot Rebel Without a Cause, and it’s got one of the greatest light shows. If you asked the guard he’ll turn on the Tesla Coil for you, and that’s amazing. I’m in love with space and space travel, so the observatory is where I send people.

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I train with Christine Hazelton at Kor. She’s actually starting her own gym, so I’ll go there next. I train three times a week. As I get older, I’ve started enjoying it more than I used to. It becomes a way of life. I feel better when I work out than when I don’t, so that hour of pain is an amazing trade off. 

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