My LA to Z: Stan Lee

Comic book writer Stan Lee watches movies, shops online, and finds inspiration at his Hollywood Hills home. He also enjoys the VIP treatment at The Beverly Hills Hotel and stopping by a corner market


Stan Lee has created an estimated 90% of Marvel Comics characters since starting his career in 1939, so it makes sense that he’s first to launch a digital comic book, Time Jumper, with Disney this month. 



Madeo Restaurant

We don’t go out to eat that often, although we used to. I’m so busy writing now, and I do most of my writing at night, but when we have a free evening we go out. We usually order the steak and it’s so large we cut it in half and eat it with spaghetti and Caesar salad and red wine.




Dan Tana’s

We’ve gone there for years and years and years. It’s a very warm and friendly place. It’s cozy, not too big. In New York we had a favorite Italian restaurant, Gino’s, and it reminds me of Gino’s.

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My Gloom Room

On Saturday mornings I wake up, have breakfast with my wife, read the paper, and head into my office. My wife calls it “the gloom room.” She’s decorated the whole house but it’s the one room where I have my way. Company isn’t allowed to see it, so we close the door when people come over.





The Beverly Hills Hotel

My wife likes to dress up and go to The Beverly Hills Hotel for dinner. I love that hotel. When we first moved out here I went a few times, and after a few times the manager got to know me and he said, “Your usual table, Mr. Lee?” I felt I had arrived! I never could have imagined the day would come when the captain at the Polo Lounge would say that. It’s a booth now, and I do get it occasionally. The parking attendants know me and keep my car out front. I can’t tell you how that impresses me.

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Beverly Hills Market

Our office is right in the middle of Beverly Hills. There’s a little grocery store, and it’s like an old-fashioned grocery store and very often if we need milk or bananas or oranges, I stop there on the way home. It’s wonderful because there’s never a long line.

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I buy my trousers mail order from Sheplers. I like a nice fitting trouser. These are cut like cowboy pants and they look exactly like the pants that Johnny Carson used to wear. They are 100% polyester and no one wants polyester today, but they are terrific. You can spill gravy on them or ketchup, take a little rag to wipe it up, and they are clean as new. They keep their shape and I love them.

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The Grill On The Alley

I love the grill, especially for a business meeting. The booths are very comfortable, the food is great, the service is great, and it’s convenient. It’s dependable, and it’s a man’s kind of place. You can sit there as long as you have to and talk about everything you need to talk about.

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Golden Apple Comics

I’m lucky everyone sends me things to read. When we do go to a bookstore, I go to the Golden Apple bookstore. I’ve known those people for a long time and they have a lot of functions with guest artists and programs with comic book publishers. It’s a great comic book store.

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Nate’n Al

I very often go to lunch with my business partner Gill Champion and Nate’n Al is just a few steps from our office. I like the bacon and eggs over light. We always end up back there.

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Disney Studios

At least once a week I drive to Burbank and visit the Walt Disney Company offices. I always joke that I don’t know why they don’t move their whole establishment to Beverly Hills. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be on the lot because when I was a kid, Disney was the greatest company in the world. I loved Snow White and Bambi, all those films. To have a relationship years and years later is really very thrilling.

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