My LA to Z: Skyler Page

Page, whose new animated comedy “Clarence” premieres on Cartoon Network today, finds adventure in the mundane and magnificent corners of the city. Here he tells us where he finds secret sandwiches, books on science, and great people watching (served up alongside great pie)
1 El Floradita 

Ye Rustic Inn

Hands down, the best Tuesday night of my life was spent here singing All She Wants by Ace of Base to a crowd of ten random strangers. I’ve made some lasting friendships there and eaten a whole lot of hot wings.

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2 901 Salon 

Venice Ranch Market

They are mostly a convenience store, but if you ask nicely the guy in the back will make you a deli sandwich. The parking lot is a nice place to eat it and drink your ginger beer and think about what you’ve done. They also have chips and soda and great bologna.

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Moksha Yoga


House Of Pies

The pie is admittedly better than some of the other things they have, like the muffins. But my favorite part is watching all the interesting people that go in there. I’ve seen thin young girls to fat old men—all kinds of good-looking people. I like to sit and draw them or sculpt them out of a tiny piece of clay I keep in my pocket. They don’t seem to mind.

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Abbot's Habit



The cool thing is they let you make up your own kind of burrito. I like carne asada, guacamole, sour cream and French fries. You have to ask for the fries, though. They don’t want to do that. They should name that one after me.

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5 Hal's 

Edgemont Street, North of Santa Monica Boulevard

This is a strange one. It’s just a real weird place. It’s a stretch of road, but every time I walk or ride my bike through here I get a strange and peaceful feeling. I think it has to do with the geography; it feels like you’re on a very subtle hill. The road is very wide so you can see a lot of sky, but it feels like some kind of twilight zone. Like a good type of haunted; like a pleasant haunted.

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6 Cafe Gratitude 

Skylight Books

I bought a science book here one time and I learned a lot about science. They’ve got a cat in the store that roams around, but I’m allergic to cats so he leaves me alone. They have a huge tree inside there and a big skylight and it’s cool.

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7 Cerveteca 

Griffith Park

I really like the spot at the top of the hill above Griffith Observatory. I never knew that crows play catch with one another until I saw them do it there. One of the crows will get a good-looking stick and plummet down and at the last second ride an updraft and drop the stick. All the other crows dive after it. It reminds me of surfer dudes in Santa Monica, except the crows all seem to get along with each other.

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8 Venice Beach 


This is kind of a guilty pleasure, it’s the biggest candy store I’ve ever seen. It’s insane! There’s so much candy, it’s bonkers. If there’s one place I could be locked in L.A. this would be it. There’s enough for everybody, I think. I just imagine myself doing horrible things with all that candy.

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9 Venice Beach 

The Old L.A. Zoo

I just sort of bum around there and waste time. Not only are there animal cages you can climb around in and have fun, but there’s a really nice storm drain. If you get in there it’s a fun challenge to get out, but it’s a lot easier if you bring a friend. It’s about ten feet deep—not too hard, it’s kind of an intermediate exploring challenge.

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10 Venice Beach 

Samy’s Camera

I love seeing the cameras, and they’ve got a lot of them, and they do a good job developing. I take pictures on a plastic Holga camera and they do an especially good job on the film. They make it look like art.

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10 Venice Beach 

USC Cinematic Arts Library

They have every book ever written about movies and a lot of movies you can watch there. There are two ways to access it, you can either pay the $40,000 tuition or buy a $25 library card. I’ll take choice number two.

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10 Venice Beach 

Hill Street

I like to drive up and down Hill Street for no good reason. There’s a Mayan temple, the world’s biggest chair, and a Fred Flintstone statue in between. That’s a good street.

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